Chuwi Vi10 Plus

First Remix OS 3:2 ratio tablet.
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Chuwi Vi10 Plus & Keyboard Unboxing

Chuwi Vi10 Plus & Keyboard Unboxing

The Chuwi Vi10 Plus is here, it’s the Remix OS 2.0 only version. Which is the only one out at the moment, so it has 2GB of RAM, 32GB eMMC, Wireless N, Bt 4.0. The screen is the Surface 3 one, 1920 x 1280 with an aspect ratio of 3:2. The keyboard dock is just like the Vi10’s, well very similar, just the way it folds up to hold the tablet up is different. Here’s my unboxing video:

First impressions:

  • Good build quality, very similar to the HiBook and Hi12 style.
  • 3:2 screen looks bright and has vibrate colors. especially with that very colourful Remix OS wallpaper
  • Good amount of free space, 23GB
  • Play store is included (Some were worried it wouldn’t be)
  • The keyboard is okay to type on and the trackpad is usable.
  • Speakers seem average, similar to the HiBook? Maybe using the same hardware?
  • The HiPen doesn’t work, might be an OS or drivers issue? Or does it only work in Windows?
  • Screen seems accurate and responsive
  • No full sized USB port.
  • Adapter for OTG not included.

This tablet is currently on selling for $132.

More on the Remix version of the Vi10 Plus coming asap. I’ll start to work on it benchmarks and more info as soon as I can.

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  1. I’m still waiting for the dual boot to see how it stacks up.

    • Isn’t the remix os capable of running windows based programms? Personally I don’t see much use for windows on mobile devices. I may be wrong though ☺
      Any idea when the review will be ready?

      • I aim to have some videos up soon about the battery life, benchmarks, and OS. The review I hope to have in a week or so.

  2. Thanks Chris, looking forward to hearing more. My old Cube i6 Remix (OS1) is still my daily driver, super happy with it.
    I have Remix 2 on a Mini box and it’s just about the same as 1 but don’t know how 2 would be different on tablet.
    With the Cube it has great built in features like automatically turning off wi-fi to save battery. Also, no problem downloading alternate source apks to deal with DNLA play store problem on chinese tablets. Can set apps to open in phone size windows or full screen.
    So that would be important to check on the Chuwi, the auto shut off wifi feature and whatever it does to make that battery last and last.
    And most wonderful is it’s ability to resize and wordwrap the text on web pages to fit screen. It’s so brilliant and useful! If I spread fingers to enlarge a page, the text will get larger and re-fit itself to screen (no constant scrolling to the side to finish sentence) and be very readable.
    I’m not a tablet gamer but read a whole lot of info very quickly and this feature in the i6 Remix is glorious.

  3. Hi Chris. This one looks really nice. The new format seems to be good too. Any chance you can put it aside a 9.7 tablet? I really think about buying the tablet. Getting one from the first batch is risky?

    • Hi, I’ll try and remember to do a size comparison with my X98 Plus (9.7″), first batches are risky as sometimes I encounter problems and later they are fixed and people say for example this review is wrong, my 0% brightness is very dim. But on my unit it wasn’t…

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