Jumper EZBook 2

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Jumper EZBook 2 Laptop Unboxing & First Impressions.

Jumper EZBook 2

My first Chinese laptop for review, the Jumper EZBook 2 from Jumper. I’ve had a few people asking me to review the Pipo W9S laptop, but I was put off it with its 1366 x 768 TN Panel. This one at least has a 1920 x 1080 IPS screen. This one is $189 for GearBest. Unboxing and first impressions below:


02:28 – Weight and thickness
03:32 – Ports and walkaround
06:09 – Will a 128GB MicroSD work?
07:04 – Trackpad and gestures
08:33 – Speaker test
09:20 – Windows, activation, and system info
10:20 – Screen
11:20 – Will it power a 2.5″ HDD?
12:25 – First impressions of the EZBook 2

First impressions:

  • It’s boxed up well to prevent damage.
  • Screen is actually quite good, an anti-glare panel but much better than I expected
  • Totally plastic apart from the top lid which is alloy.
  • The hinge feels good and it closes down even
  • Build seems okay even if it’s mostly plastic.
  • NCard (BWIN) 64GB eMMC. Will be benchmarked soon. Froexperiencece, they are okay but have slow write speeds
  • Broadcom Wireless N and BT 4.0
  • 42GB free space.
  • Windows 10 Home 64bit, activated without any issues
  • Booted up nice and quick (See video)
  • Feels fast enough
  • No bloatware
  • Touchpad is large and seems usable.
  • Same issue is the EZPad 5S I reviewed, USB ports don’t output enough power to run 2.5″ HDD’s. Not good!

Jumper EZBook 2 photos:

Of course, early days for the EZBook.  I will test out thermals in the review, run some benchmarks, check the battery is the claimed 10,000 mAh and just how long it will last.

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  1. This or Voyo vBook V3?

    • Having seen both, I say this EZbook 2. I should have my second unit of the Jumper EZbook 2. I’m keen to see if it has the USB port issue fixed, it should be the second batch according to Banggood.

  2. Can it be charged with an external battery (like a poewerbank)?

    • No, not the normal power banks, unless it’s 12volts/3A and you have the correct plug.

  3. Is it overheats ?, How long the battery ?. regards

    • 85 degrees the CPU, 47 the outer case and the battery is good for about 6 to 6 1/2 hours web use.

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