Updated: Voyo vBook Skylake Core M3-6Y30 Yogo 2 Pro Clone for $415

Updated: Voyo vBook Skylake Core M3-6Y30 Yogo 2 Pro Clone for $415

Update: 1st of April. Banggood now has this in stock and it’s selling for $415. BG’s listing: http://www.banggood.com/VOYO-VBook-V3-Ultimate-Stylus-64G-Intel-Core-M3-6Y30-13_3-Inch-Windows-10-Tablet-p-1033679.html

Update: 2nd Feb. The official Voyo page is live: http://www.myvoyo.com/chanpin/pingban/559.shtml Interesting to note that 4G is mentioned and there is a sim read slot on all models? So even if the base model doesn’t have 4G, we might be able to add a Mini PCI-E LTE card? I’ll do my best to order and review this one once released. As it is my Atom X5 X8300+4GB version should arrive on Friday.

Spotted this today when looking for the Cube i9. My search of Core M3-6Y30 brought up the Voyo vBook V3 Ultimate Stylus M3-6Y30, 64GB and 128GB SSD versions. So it would seem that Banggood.com has accidently leaked a new version of the Voyo vBook V3? The vBook v3 is a 13.3″ version of the Onda oBook 11 I reviewed. Like the oBook 11 the vBook is a similar clone to the Lenovo Yogo 2, down to even that horrible orange color, but has the cool 360-degree hinge that can turn it from a laptop into a bulky tablet or let you use it in presentation mode.

My Onda oBook 11 review brought up the usual Onda issues, bad battery life, among troubles like faulty USB ports and high pitched noises. But the design itself and build was good, so the ODM that makes this shell or base model did a good job, Onda just completely botched it up with thier own internals. But it left me thinking a Core M version of this design would be great. And well, here is.

The listing on BG says it will have stylus support too like the vBook V3 Atom X5 Z8300 + 4GB Cherry Trail model. 4GB of RAM, 64 or 128GB SSD. It’s priced at $415 which makes for an interesting Cube i9 alternative. Hopefully, we’ll see more Intel Core M Skylake tablets and hybrids soon, Teclast, Chuwi?

I’ve already ordered the Cherry Trail version of this notebook, to review it’s $279 so almost half the price of this spec, but it’s only running the lower end Atom X5 Z8300 and 4GB of RAM.

The Voyo vBook Skylake Core M3-6Y30 Specs:

 Model   VOYO VBook V3 Ultimate Stylus Tablet    
 CPU   Intel Core M3-6Y30 64Bit, 14nm, up to 2.2GHz
 GPU   Intel HD Graphics 515
 System   Windows 10
 RAM   4GB
 Capacity   64GB
 Screen   13.3 inch IPS Screen
 Resolution   1920*1080
 Extend  Card   Support TF card up to 128GB
 Camera   Front is 0.3MP,Rear is 2.0 MP
 WIFI   Support WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
 Bluetooth   Support Bluetooth 4.0
   3G   Not built in, support external 3G
 Audio   WMA, AAC, MP3, OGG, WAV
 Ebook   PDF, TXT
 Picture   BMP, PNG, JPEG, GIF
 Video   WMV, AVI, 1080P, 3GP, MP4, RMVB
 I/O Port   1* Micro HDMI port
  2*USB 3.0 port
  1*3.5mm Headphone port
  1*TF card slot
  1*Micro USB slot
 Battery   10000 mAh
 Weight   1500g
 Size  320*220*16mm
  1 x Tablet PC
  1 x Charger
  1 x Adapter (the adapter depend on the country of the buyer.)


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  1. 4G Modem info please:
    Does anyone have the 4G modem model?
    What Make/model is the modem in Device Manager?
    Is there a Com port for the GPS? see in Device Manger/Com ports
    I assume the modem goes into the suspected M2 connector?
    Which driver?
    I plan to upgrade my V1 to a V1 with 4G LTE if possible.
    Thanks for any info.

  2. Hi there – Does anyone know how to disable pinch zoom in the touchpad – Its driving me mad. Many Win 10 forums advise to go to Mouse settings -> Devise Settings yet this tab is not available. Please help.


  3. @Chris, between this and the Teclast X3 Pro, which one would you recommend?

    • I would go for the X3 Pro having used the X2 Pro. The Voyo while it has a nice build could have issues. I’ll review both if I can.

  4. Ugh, torn between this and cubes i9, the i9 is more expensive but its much better looking, not a fan of the bezels.

    I can’t wait to see gaming videos, comparisons and reviews, keep up the good work Chris 🙂

    • I’m having the same dilemma too, I was sure on the Cube i9 until I saw the price- hopefully it doesn’t take too long for it to go on sale or for cube to lower the price.
      Also I hope the keyboard is around $50 (that seller on aliexpress is just taking advantage of the fact that its new).

      At least it gives us time to see if Cube will release a ‘cube i9 stylus’ or if Teclast or Chuwi will release something similar.

      • I might go for this one mate 🙂 it’s not as pretty, putting the price aside, on the first and third image, it looks like it has an air vent (which would be covered if you completely fold it 🙁 ) so assuming it has a fan, which is a huge plus, I’m planning on gaming (depending on what it can handle) so imma need it to stay cool!

        • Unless its a speaker grill but if that’s the case, it again wouldn’t make sense folding the keyboard as it’d ruin the sound :/

        • Speaker grills on my X5 Z8300 version.

          • Does it not ruin the sound completely folding over the keyboard!

            I’ve been trying to find gaming videos on other devices with the same specs, I’ve seen laptops with the same GPU but 8gb of ram play GTA V 🙂

    • Massive bezels I also hate coming from my SP4, it’s okay so far. But I have a feeling the Cube i9 will be better in the end.

  5. Wi-Fi is only b/g/n? Sorry, not for me, ‘ac’ makes a big difference. They put such a high end CPU capable of quite a lot, what’s with these folks?

    Hope Teclast can come up with

  6. Does anyone know what kind of stylus support comes with this – Wacom or N-trig? Hopefully not Synaptics.

    A 13.3 inch screen, Skylake processor,128gb ssd drive and USB 3/HDMI ports looks like a good form factor to me. I’ll look forward to Tech Tablets review to see if it really stacks up to the impressive specs?

    • It’s probably the same inaccurate Goodix GT9110P touchcontroller they are using on most of the chinese Active Stylus compatible Tablets.

      • It’s a non-pressure sensitive “dumb” stylus I call them. Goodix by the looks of it. It works better than a fake rubber tip stylus. It’s accurate, but the complete lack of pressure levels render it useless for artists.

        • Thanks for the info on the stylus. I want to use it for artwork so the lack of pressure sensitivity is a deal breaker for me. Let’s hope the potential future Cube i9 Stylus does better with pressure sensitivity. The search goes on….

  7. you sure it’s a ssd? I couldn’t find that on description page nor did banggood replied to my question.

    • Yes being an Intel Core M3-6Y30 it would be an SSD, not a bottleneck eMMC.

        • It’s ssd. Banggood staff at times are clueless about technical specs and are generally copy-pasting specs all the time without knowing the right specs.

          • yep, they have written in the thread, that they have mixed up the ultimate version with the normal one

          • Then I’m a bit confused. The official site appears to list only 128gb version. When I click through on the official site to add it to the cart, it takes me to another site with the price listed at 2999 yuan. That means the $415 listing means it’s a mistake right?

            At approx. 550-600 dollars, I think I’d rather save more and just get an Asus Zenbook for 699.

      • Yes you’re right, it’s indeed ssd (also got the reply from banggood confirming that).

        Any idea on how far are you from receiving and reviewing the voyo vbook v3 x8300 version?

        • Think I answered you on the YouTube channel? Should have it by Friday.

          • Thanks, Yes you did. Also am facing problem with the profile pic, can’t crop it in right way?.. any solution?

  8. I wish the $599 one had 8 gigs of ram, but otherwise these could be really nice.

  9. What’s Voyo’s reputation?

    • Mini PC’s okay, Tablets average. Still better than Onda I believe. Someone in China could shed more light on this. But this isn’t their design, some ODM that sells this to Onda and Vido too.

  10. I think this just shows how overpriced the Cube i9 really is (for now anyway).

    • Yes and no, because it’s the 64GB SSD Model, the Cube i9 has a 128GB SSD and is selling for $509. The 128GB version of this vBook Core M3 sells for $599. But also factor in the extra $70-80 estimated for the i9 keyboard does raise the price. Once more 6th gen Core M3 tablets and ultrabooks are released Cube will be forced to lower their price.

  11. I think this just shows how overpriced the C

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