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Cube i7 Stylus 2.0 Coming. Core M3, Wacom And New Transformer Dock

Cube i7 Stylus 2.0 Coming. Core M3, Wacom And New Transformer Dock

Update: The i7 Stylus 2.0 will be called the i7 Book outside of China. More on that here.

Cube’s official website has just been updated with a new updated version of the Wacom-enabled i7 Stylus, the new model. Called the Cube i7 Stylus 2.0 has an updated Intel Core M3-6Y30, it retains the same screen a 10.6″ Wacom enabled panel and it features a new transformer stylus keyboard, replacing the old fixed position one.

From the press images we can see it looks similar to the first i7 Stylus, but the style of it has changed a little. Unfortunately, still both of the speakers are on the right-hand side of the tablet, the left looks to have a Type-c or is that a MicroUSB 3.0 port again?

Anyone understand Chinese ? Please translate and let us know the ports on the dock are the USB 3 or USB 2? What’s the RAM configuration 4GB or 8GB, SSD size, and type-c support? Looking at the docking connector it looks like it might have a battery in the dock as it’s a 10 pin pogo port?

Edit: Specs are 4GB of RAM and 64GB SSD with USB 3.1 Type-C. Price around $350 USD.

Cube i7 Stylus 2.0 (version 2)

Source: 51Cube

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  1. Its is annoying, I just want the cube i9 with a stylus! 8gb of ram would be a bonus

    Sure theres the cube i7 v2.0, but not only has it just got 64gb of memory but its ugly! The cube I9 is a beautiful looking kit! I just want it to have a stylus :'(

  2. Someone posted the photos inside Cube i7 Book.

  3. How is the Cube i9 when using stylus pen?

    • It doesn’t support a stylus the i9. But this Cube i7 Stylus V2.0 does.

  4. With WiFi ac and good cooling = the perfect tablet. And the next step would be 8gb ram and 128 ssd.

    Hope it will have WiFi ac.

  5. Is this tablet worth it to buy? The only thing turns me off is the fact it is 16:9 screen, which is quite small, compared to the current 16:10. Also the price is quite high, since it is 2199 RMB, not including the keyboard. If you buy the keyboard, I guess it will add another 300-500RMB because of possibility battery is included on the dock. Also the Wacom pen is around 140 RMB. The Cube i9 is 2999 RMB with the keyboard. So, it is only differs around ~250 RMB to get a very good 12″ screen, surface grade keyboard, and double the storage (128G), full size USB port.

    • Which is why I think this will appeal only to those that must have a stylus, otherwise stick with the Cube i9. Mine’s going great, apart from MicroSD compatibility issues (Not all MicroSD’s work for some reason)

  6. Seems the new keyboard won’t be compatible with the older i7 Stlyus…
    I wish I had a kickstand solution while connected to the keyboard.

  7. I’m not sure but it seem new keyboard docking doesn’t has pen silo like the previous i7 stylus.

  8. Chris, to translate to Chinese you should instal Google Translator, chose Chinese to EN and touch on Camera icon on left side. This App will turn on the camera and translate immediately chinese to EN or another languages avaliable 🙂
    This is really useful… If you don’t know it of course

    • Thanks. Yes, but it’s not always perfect 🙂 I used it for some of the text.

      • Which part u would like to translate? I can help

        • Just wanted to find out if it has a battery in that keyboard dock or wireless ac. But can’t see it mentioned anywhere.

          • sorry, doesn’t mention anything about battery in the keyboard or wireless ac.

            the keyboard picture just says.

            pic 1. Rotation type ; magnetic connection; reversible
            pic 2. transformer style keyboard; metallic surface (multi touch touchpad)
            pic 3. dual usb for external thumbdrives/HDD/expansion

  9. eMMC, really? I guess you meant to write SSD.

  10. Seriously?
    Just two days ago I ordered my Cubei7 with Keyboard and Stylus.
    Should have waited.

    • Well, you paid yours probably around 280-290$ while the new one will range around 350$.

      Are 60-70$ worth it just for the new Core M and USB-C? I don’t think so, not when you can have a 12inch Core M for around 400$

      I would say you won’t be missing anything…also remember that early builds can have issues, so not bad having a tablet already.

      • I think it if you don’t need the stylus. It’s not just the Core M3 and Type-C, it’s also the kickstand, the better larger screen with smaller bezels. But even so,the i7 stylus is a good tablet.

        • I was commenting on the new Cube i7 Stylus, not the Cube i9…that was exactly my point…that the new i7 Stylus at 350$ is not worth it when you can get a i9 or x3 pro at around 400$, with double the storage, larger screen.

    • It is also quite possible that they will maintain the exact same design, so the new Keyboard should fit fine.

      • I don’t think so… The new keyboard its so limilar to Cube iwork 10 one, and this new Cube i7 has a 10 pogo pin port instead the old 5 pogo pin port.

  11. a stupid question… can you tell the Cube website address? Only thing I ever found was the cube-tablet e-shop…

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