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Chuwi HiBook

Chuwi HiBook

Chuwi sent me these pictures of a new tablet in the works. No word on the spec, it looks super similar to the Chuwi Hi10 Air, which makes me wonder if this is the Air and it was renamed? I can see the type-c port, sim card slot and the left and right speakers. Still no reply from them about the rather major Hi8 Pro power issues which is rather annoying. And means I cannot complete my review of it.

Hi10 Air -> HiBook? The keyboard dock looks very familiar to the Cube iwork10 I recently got my hands on.

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  1. What are the differences between Chuwi HiBook and Hi10 pro? As far as I compared, they are almost similar except the camera. Any other difference?

  2. Hi!

    I’ve recently bought this tablet and found it amazing for the price. Keyboard is a very good quality and tablet in general looks well made. Both Windows and Android performs good. There is an issue with touchpad drivers and Win10 gestures, well knows also for the other models and there are some workarounds. But at the moment I found a very annoying problem: stock charger (marked as 5V, 3A) or other that I have (all of them are 5V, 2A or less) doesn’t charge tablet during the use of Windows 10. Or better, the System marks that battery is charging but the percent slowly fall down and finally it turns off. This problem make the tablet unusable for long periods.

    This thing doesn’t happen in Android. Do you have the same problem? Do you think this is only a charger problem that I would solve buying some other charger? On another forum other users confirmed the problem

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Hi. I want to connect this tablet to an ethernet gigabit for steam in home streaming for gaming. What should I buy and where do I connect, usb type c, micro usb (both on the tablet) or on the full usb on keyboard? Thanks.

  4. Hello,
    I received a Chuwi Hibook 10 yesterday. I charged it fullly (blinking orange LED) and waited until it was fully charged (solid orange LED)
    The unit will not power on. I held the power button for 10 seconds, held the power button and up volume for 30 seconds, various other combinations. I believed the unit to be totally dead.
    However, after plugging in a OTG cable with a USB flash drive (the USB key has an led indicator) I can see the USB flash drive is powered, and being accessed. The Windows 10 sound played, when I unplug a USB device such as a keyboard, or USB key the ‘insert’ or ‘remove’ Windows 10 sound is emitted from the speakers. The screen is completely blank / black.
    I inserted a microHDMI connector and attempted to see if the unit will work with an external monitor. It does not output to HDMI, but I believe the adapter I am using is not working. I will try another adapter as soon as I get one.

    I’ve read that it could be the screen ribbon cable inside the unit has become dislodged. Others have suggested it’s a Windows 10 issue with these Chuwi devices.
    Gearbest has asked me to charge it fully, hold the power switch / volume rocker in various combos. I’m awaiting further feedback from them.
    Any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated?

  5. Got mine over the weekend. I can’t say enough good things about this 2-1. Top quality no issue so far. Wish it would charge thru the micro-usb port but other then that no complaints.

  6. I got one today. It has a metal (aluminum I think) back, and charges through the USB type-C port. I also bought the keyboard, and it locks on with (quite strong) magnets. Notebook mode is a little hard to open at first, but the hinge is loosened now.
    I can’t root it yet; the tool from the french forum and manual flashing of SuperSU didn’t work (CWM didn’t pop up. Device listed as an unidentified Cherry Trail or something in Device Manager). Need help from Chris to root this. Iis there an equivalent working root guide for Z8300? I’ll try to use that.

  7. I do not think that you can connect a SIM card to this tablet as you say.

  8. now why the hell they couldn’t make the same keyboard for hi12? Gold with white keys and white trackpad!! Redonkeylous choice!!

  9. I was going to buy the Hi10, but after reading the horror stories about the tablet I hope this tablet is not another dud.

  10. chuwi themselves sent the pictures? well that’s amazing news, maybe companies will start to acknowledge this awesome site! gz!

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