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Cube iwork10 Ultimate Hands on Videos And First impressions

Cube iwork10 Ultimate Hands on Videos And First impressions

I’ve had the Cube iwork10 Ultimate for a few days now, if you missed these videos on the YouTube channel (Might pay to Subscribe?) here they are are below. Overall I’m impressed with Cube’s build on this tablet concidering the price and the keyboard is really nice. The finish of it is very premium with the use of metal and a nice rubberized paint job on the bottom plastics is a nice touch.

What’s also new is it’s the first Chinese tablet to copy the ASUS Transformer Book T100HA style keyboard dock which allows you to flip the tablet around and dock it in presentation mode. So the keyboard acts like a stand, good for watching movies for example.

The tablet is also able to run dual-boot, but don’t flash it yourself. My dual boot bios flash ended in an error bricking my iwork10 Ultimate. I had to flash it using a USB programmer, not cool! More about that here. But it will be released from the factory with Windows 10 and Android 5.1 in a few weeks. The Android Rom I flashed hasn’t got Play Store which is a hassle, but the ROM is super lite with only a few Chinese apps that can be removed. Thermals are good, not going over 75 degrees.

The only downside is no fully sized USB port on the tablet and the micro USB 3 port is only running at USB 2.0 speeds, at least my unit is.

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  1. Specs on GB says there is a DC jack, but on the pics I can only see a micro-USB slot. Not at all the same thing. Anyone knows for sure what it is?

  2. How much does the keyboard usually cost ? Gearbest does not seem to have it,

  3. You can use the OTG at the microUSB 3.0 port as well, since it’s backward compatible. Having a Samsung Galaxy note 3, it’s the same port, and I can confirm that the OTG will fit in easily. Just that it would be using USB 2.0 speed, but hey, at least it works right 😀

  4. @chris perfect work

    So now how to decide iWork10 or Hi10
    – both have unfortunately only single-channel ram (and only Z8300 not even Z85xx)
    – same screen resolution and aspect ratio
    – Hi10 is cheaper and has USB3.0 (fullsize!)
    – iWork is better built, but lack usb3.0 and price is about 40EUR more, yes and have stylus support (Chris, can you show how it is work on iwork?)

    • The Cube iwork10 Ultimate might be cheaper as I saw it somewhere for $160. However, the keyboard is more expensive, but so much better in my opinion after using them both side by side. The deal breaker on the Cube is the lack of full sized USB 3.0. My Dell stylus is dead it seems, but it did work briefly, but I’m not sure what the official stylus tech is, must be Synaptics?

      • hmm .. $160 will be nice, but at that price I’ve seen only iWork10 super not ultimate

        • The $160 deal was here on GB Seems they sold out of the $160 Windows only version and have just the Dual OS model left for $168.

          • Yes it is interesting price (compared to BG or Ali, is it about 30Eur cheaper), but after reading the bad experiences (here in the forum) with ordering and communication with GB, I am afraid to order something from them

      • ok .. $169 at GB .. hmm .. but GB ..

  5. @Chris
    Have you tried chrom 49.x release?
    It introduces smooth scrolling function and should solve our scrolling issue on tablet devices

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