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The Chuwi Hi12 Stylus – The HiPen H1

The Chuwi Hi12 Stylus – The HiPen H1

Here’s some more info on the stylus used on the Hi12, it’s called the HiPen H1. It looks like the same pen I have for the Teclast X3 Pro I’m waiting on and it’s common for manufacturers to use the same hardware and ODM to supply the stylus used on their tablets. And it also looks like the Cube iwork10 Ultimate stylus?

The only difference with the Hi12 Windows only version and the Hi12 Dual Boot version according to Chuwi is the screen, the new dual boot model has the hardware required within the screens panel to support an active stylus.

The specs of the Chuwi HiPen H1 stylus are as follows:

  • Active touch chipset, 256 levels pressure sensitivity
  • 1.2 mm pen tip, 13.9 cm length and 16 g weight
  • Two function buttons: Can realize the left/right mouse button click
  • Auto sleep function for power saving. Can be continuously used about 250 hours

The stylus will be available for purchase next month. I’ll be testing my Teclast branded stylus on my unit as soon as I can and I’ll update you if it works or not. My guess is, it will. As they look exactly the same and have the same specs. Banggood is now shipping this stylus supported Hi12 Dual OS model and possibly other Chinese retailers.

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  1. Hey, is there any new information on when the stylus will be available?
    Thank you

  2. After using surface 3, i do really miss the android side and thinking of getting this dual boot version. With Intel dumping mobile n tablet atom line processors wonder what alternative we will have. Would love to see core m more but reckon price will go up!

    • Apollo Lake is still going ahead, Atom is not 100% canceled, however it might be renamed as a Pentium or Celeron. We just won’t see $99 tablets in a year or so once. More likely to be $150+ but the Apollo Lake SoC should be much nicer and worth it.

  3. Goodday,
    Anybody to reply to my previous post regarding the active styluses ???
    Thank you in advance.

    • There are plenty of stylus pens in the market, which merely work as a substitute for a finger.

      I think the most important thing regarding an active stylus pen is whether the pressure sensitive function is available or not on the Hi12 Dual OS. They say Hi12 Dual OS is not equipped with a digitizer equivalent with the WACOM technology. Thus, it is highly probable that the pressure sensitive function of a certain active stylus pen made for WACOM does not work on Hi12 Dual OS.

      In addition, the technology which makes the Hi12 Dual OS pressure sensitive is not clear enough for the users, at least for me, to identify an active stylus pen which is compatible with the pressure sensitive function of the Hi12 Dual OS. Although the most promising stylus pen is the HiPen H1 announced by Chuwi recently, some of the users who have one or more stylus pens and Hi12 Dual OS are going to check if their stylus pens work as expected on the Hi12 Dual OS, especially the pressure sensitive function.

      • Thank you very much for your help.
        Should we wait for polite users to give us an

        • Another thing that cant be used with all thouse active styluses is hovering cursor, like you using mouse, theuse styluses emulate finger, and then you use finger there is no hover, only jump cursor + click.
          Some apps and games need just move cursor, not move + click. Sorry for my english. 🙂

  4. Please, could someone inform me the following ?
    I see in Amazon and other shops, several active styluses, with several prices (WACOM, ADONIT e.t.c.) which they claim that can
    be used with all touch screens ( Tablets, Phones, e.t.c. ).
    If this is a fact….. why we need to buy a “STYLUS VERSION” of a tablet ??
    I have ordered the Chuwi Hi 12 DUAL BOOT, but i’m really confused, if its not the stylus version , means that i can’t use another
    active stylus ???
    Can anyone make me wiser on this matter ?
    Thank you for your help.

    • I’ve just bought one of those active capacitive styluses. I’d read the reviews that were pretty dismissive of them, and they’re accurate. I’ve got a few touch screen tablets and laptops, and the battery-driven capacitive pen is pretty woeful. There’s serious lag, they’re useless for drawing because any line that they draw is stepped, and the only tablet that I’ve got that it’s really any good for is an old Acer 8″ W3 running Win 10, which seems to be its sweet spot. For that one device, it works well for handwriting recognition. Not a patch on any Wacom or digitizer stylus tablet. Amusement value only. It wasn’t expensive is the best recommendation I can give.

  5. Good News 🙂
    I’ve ordered a Chuwi Hi12 Win10 at Gearbest but after 15 days of waiting for shipping and after contact support they have been changed to Chuwi Hi12 Dual OS which is very good.

    About the Stylus Pen, i’m ordering now one of this two options from Gearbest too:
    – Huion P68 white color (AAA) 6,38€
    – Huion P80 (Rechargeable) 10,05€

    Probably i will order the P80 just because of the color. I guess, correct me if I’m wrong, it will work on Chiwi Hi12 Dual OS?
    Huion it’s a known brand with experience with graphic drawing should be a right one and safe purchase than Chuwi HiPen/Teclast Pen and other right?

    • No, it won’t. Styluses use a variety of technologies and aren’t cross compatible at all.
      You can wait for other specific styluses that work, if you don’t like the official one, but I highly doubt that these Huion pens will work.

      • Meant to say you can wait for reports of people that will test it out, or once concrete information regarding the chipset will appear.

  6. Your wife has great taste, and at least your addiction is a healthy one. I think the light bleed is too noticeable, but, as you say, there might be reason for it. Chris, I’m a complete tech dummy so I have no idea if you’re right or not. However, I can tell you that the Android looks as crisp and sweet as the Windows – both gorgeous, in my view. Looking forward to your formal thoughts on it when you return home and have time. Thanks.

  7. That’s good news about the pen, which I may purchase even if I never use it. I love the dual boot iteration of the HI12, but the light bleed is very noticeable compared to the Windows only model. Perhaps It’s just my unit. Anyway, it’s something I’ll have to get used to. Also, the dual boot definitely takes 128GB cards, but only in Windows. I think it’s a max of 64GB in Android.

    • Nice you got the dual OS model now. How does Android run on it? Does it have a stock ROM (I imagine so). The screen light bleed could be due to the extra layer for the stylus digitizer, not good. Is the gap in the glass a IPS panel also larger now? I hope not as it’s already large. Mine arrive about 1 hour after I flew out of Spain I got a failed delivery notice 🙁 I’ll have it waiting for me when I return from old blighty. All these tablets building up at home is going to drive my wife mad haha. She thinks I have a tablet addition, maybe I do! 🙂

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