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Confirmed, Latest Dual Boot Chuwi Hi12 Batch Is the Stylus Version.

Confirmed, Latest Dual Boot Chuwi Hi12 Batch Is the Stylus Version.

Banggood has now confirmed that all the stock they sell off the Hi12 Dual SO version is the stylus enabled version with new the hardware required for stylus support. There was some confusion over this as it seemed some of older first dual OS models didn’t have the hardware needed for the stylus. But the new latest model does. (Lucky me that ordered a first dual boot version might not get the stylus support, boho!)

And Chuwi  recently released the dual boot files for the Hi12, but it’s only for the domestic single OS Chinese version and Dual Boot model. And attempts to flash the dual boot bios on the first release Windows OS model have ended in bricked tablets. So it looks like the new model that supports an active stylus has some definite hardware changes.

The whole thing has been handled poorly by Chuwi I feel and only just recently has the keyboard started to ship out. Still despite this, the Hi12 is one of my favorite Atom models and it’s only going to get better with Dual OS and stylus support. So if you need the stylus support, I recommend to get it from BG or if you’re using Aliexpress or another retailer ask them and make sure it’s the latest batch to ensure it will support a stylus.

Source: Chuwi Hi12 Forum & Banggood Chuwi Hi12 Dual OS Stylus

Join us in the forum for more on the Chuwi Hi12, keyboard, user mods, and updates.

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  1. I received my tablet today ordered about 2.5 weeks ago from Gearbest, though still awaiting the keyboard even though I ordered at the same time???
    Stylus from Bangood that Chris recommended works with this tablet.
    Everything has worked fine for my first tablet and my first order from Gearbest.

  2. How we identify if the tablet we will order have stylus support?
    I want to order one from geekbuying because I have a coupon .
    Whatvi have to ask the shop, did we have a “code” or a part number?

    • Latest Dual OS model would have support. It will say it in Windows system info. Pen and 10 touch point support. Best check with them first.

  3. I ordered my Hi12 from Bangood April 5’th. Got it yesterday and as far as I can see it has got full support for stylus as far as I can see. Not an expert on this but lot’s of settings, and the Goodix Touch HID driver installed.

  4. Received mine today in good condition…dual boot just working fine…
    Anyone received your hi12 today?

  5. Hi,

    I have received my Hi12 dual boot last week (serial number 451603XXXX from Banggood).
    how can I see whether I have the stylus version?

    • as emily (chuwi admin) said, 03 is new dual boot hi12, and new dual boot is stylus support… seems yoda :)))

      • I have found it under /Einstellungen/System/Info:

        “Unterstützung der Stift- und Toucheingabe mit 10 Touchpunkten”

  6. I’ve checked with Chuwi China on the type of stylus it supports. This was what they sent me. No mentioning of brands or type. But it does state that it supports 512 levels of pressure sensitivity, 0.2MM tip and response time not more than 25 miliseconds. I’m still trying to get them to tell me the brand or make of the stylus.

    • I just got this info from Chuwi:

      Pen will be available next month, more info:
      Stylus Pen Name: CHUWI HiPen H1
      Main Features:
      Active touch chipset, 256 levels pressure sensitivity
      1.2 mm pen tip, 13.9 cm length and 16 g weight
      Two function buttons: Can realize the left/right mouse button click
      Auto sleep function for power saving, can be continuously used about 250 hours

      • Stylus look similar to Cube iwork 10 ultimate, but last line of description “Auto sleep function for power saving, can be continuously used about 250 hours” …..Does this stylus require battery? Or maybe rechargeble type?

        Wait and see what kind of stylus Cube come up in their i9 stylus model.

        • Yes it will use a AAAA battery I think, like the Teclast, Dell and other active stylus’s.

          • It’s frustrating that there’s no commonality between them, that they’re making them proprietary instead of a generic ecosystem like Wacom. Any smart folks out there who can figure out how to make them interact across brands, d’you suppose?

  7. Hey Chris,
    I was wandering whether this tablet could be a good replacement for my old nexus 7(with the usual wear-and-tear), cause I never went for no-name brands before. I found few reviews calling the tablet out for flimsy buttons, unusual noise etc.
    In your opinion, can it last three-four years of normal usage?
    And do you know the deal with original box on banggood?
    P.S. Or should I just get myself a Surface 3?

    • Some tablets did have QC issues arrived with dead screens, it’s all down to luck. But most people get a good tablet as we only hear about the bad ones. It’s a bit of a lottery. The Surface 3 is faster and has a much better build. The original box deal, is they don’t repack it to save on postage costs or help pervent damage.

  8. Hello. Which model supports dual-booting and stylus? And what model is the last batch?

    • The Dual Boot model now being sold has Android and stylus support.

  9. I do not care about stylus.
    I only need android in my hi12.
    I think we will get later but I can not wait.
    I will sell it

  10. I have ordered one from Banggood and it shipped 4 days ago. How can I find out if it has stylus support?

    • 4 days ago you should be safe and have the latest batch. I ordered 2 weeks ago and I think I will get the non-stylus supported dual OS model.

  11. The more important question is where to buy the stylus?

    • Can’t find it anywhere. I think it maybe the same as the Teclast Active Stylus, but will only know if it works when my Hi12 dual OS arrives (If mine does support a stylus)

      • So is this a WACOM-AES technology?

        I have published a question at Banggood forum and I haven’t got a reply, so how can Banggood “confirm” something they have no specific knowledge about?

        A video posted here in the forum, even if not fake, shows mediocre writing performance (delays mostly, between the action of the pen and the ink on the screen).

        Just not sure about it yet.

        Damn it, how hard is it for Chuwi to come out and say “this stylus/digitizer uses X technology”…saying they’ve handled it badly is an understatement.

        Really itching to take a close look at that screen….but not at $280+ that’s for sure…

        If it turns out to be true, I will wait for some sale…not eager to pay more than 220-230$ for it.

        • Forgot the discount code…better…

        • No idea on the tech used. Nobody seems to know. I think it’s an active type stylus, not Wacom. I’m not too fussed on the stylus, but I would like Android on that screen.

          • Wacom-AES would be an active stylus actually, Wacom-EMR is passive, from what I’ve read.
            …Wacom-AES is supposed to bring the benefits of n-trig to wacom technology….

            In any case, this confusion does not really inspire confidence. WIll have to wait for some testing/reviews/testimonials before I try it out.

        • 256 level, so sure that it is not Wacom AES(2048 for Wacom AES)
          It is most likely from Hanvon

  12. Hey Chris, let’s hope you’ll be impressed when you get your hands on the dual OS version – and that elusive keyboard! Looking forward to your thoughts.

    • Can’t wait to get it all. I just hope mine has the stylus support since it’s the first release batch,. If it doesn’t I’ll be a bit annoyed and doubt I will sell and order another just to review the stylus!

    • Keyboard just arrived! Banggood sent it DHL (I paid for free shipping) lucky no taxes on it. Will have a post on it soon.

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