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Chuwi Hi12 Stylus Hands On With The HiPen

Chuwi Hi12 Stylus Hands On With The HiPen

Banggood’s Stylus for the Hi12 turned out to be the real deal, the official Chuwi HiPen. I’ve just tested it out briefly in the below unboxing and test video. The stylus looks exactly like the Teclast X3 Pro one. Same build, just missing the logo but it must run on other frequency which is why it didn’t work on the Hi12. I can also confirm that it works on my Cube iwork10 Ultimate I have. So if you can find that stylus cheaper it might be worth grabbing.

It works in Android and Windows supports pressure sensitivity in programs and apps that support it like OneNote. Your screen protector won’t last unmarked for long, it marks the plastic like crazy, so best without the screen protector or using a tempered glass one if you don’t like the idea of going without a screen protector.

The stylus was $25 and the listing was incorrect as Banggood claim it’s a battery free Stylus. The box includes one AAAA battery required to run the pen. These batteries are harder to find too and not very cheap, shame it’s not a Wacom one.

On other note, I’m having huge internet problems at the moment. I’ve had to use my mobile data to post this. My 4G unlimited internet turns out to be limited as I was just banned for uploading too much data! Thank you Orange Spain, unlimited in Spain really means limited… So there will be less in the way of posts and definitely videos until I can get this sorted. I may even have to move to somewhere where internet speeds are better without caps. This is only downside to living up near the mountain is internet speeds are utterly hopeless and anything with any speed to it costs and arm and a leg (Satelite internet and LTE).

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone., founder from way back.


  1. Hello everyone,

    So, I bought iWork 10 and it came yesterday. It really is great and everything works.

    I also bought hipen H1 stylus for it. It works, but when I put tip on the screen and hold it still it starts to move on its own around center. I already tried calibration and it did not do anything.

    Here is the video of the problem:

    So, they sent me another one which was a little better but still the same.
    Can anyone tell me if their pen works without a problem with Cube IWork10?

  2. Hi,
    I’ve got a quastion. Dose Chuwi Hi12 works with Staffpad, and the original stylus is an active, device supports true active pen input??

  3. Does it work well with photoshop? I mean may the PTS recognize its driver and active pressure control as did with Walcom.

  4. hi..
    does it work on hi10 ?

  5. I was wondering why I cannot use a basic passive stylus on my Hi12…
    I don’t need a 256 level stylus just for everyday use, I don’t want to have to change my batteries in it, and a basic passive stylus would be just fine for me to prevent fingerprints on the screen.
    I tried several ones like an istore Stylus Classic, a generic pen with a pen/stylus end (similar to the iStore), an old small and heavy stylus from an old palm or similar, and even the stylus of my Galaxy Note 5 (by the way the 2 first passive stylus mentioned work on the Note 5, I did not test the old one).
    Any idea why these do not work and if a specific model/material would ?

    • The Note 5 uses Wacom stylus. You can only use the active stylus as it works with the goodix digitizer. Unless you try a rubber tipped stylus and see if you have any luck with that, don’t imagine it would be very accurate for pen strokes like signing your name.

  6. If you’re not in a real hurry to own it, you can buy it now for a friendly price at Gearbest:

    About 25% cheaper than the directly availabe through f.i. Banggood or Aliexpres.

  7. Chris, thanks for every piece of info you’ve posted, really appreciate. Quick question, GB and BG have this listed as having 256 Leva of pressure, is this not true? I ask because I watched all your videos and I didn’t see different thickness with different types strokes…

    Thanks in advance!

  8. Hi, I just received the HiPen from Banggood, and it’s not working at all. I’ve tested the battery, it’s working. I don’t know what to do…

  9. Tip for anyone having trouble to find AAAA batteries for a fair price:

  10. Chris – Marks outta 10 for this stylus?

  11. hello.
    do you know what technology is used in this stylus?
    does it have lag comparing it to a wacom stylus like iwork 11?
    im deciding wich one to buy based on the stylus performance

    • It’s faster than the Atom Z8300 iwork11, so less input lag. This one is much faster overall.

  12. I’m also curious to see how this works in Android.
    Also could you please show how it works in browsing with drop down menus and such. Thanks!

  13. Could you please comment on the touch point accuracy around the edges of the screen?

    With Cube i7 Stylus, the left side – and especially the top-left side (when the menu button is at the bottom) is problematically inaccurate.
    So if one is writing, it may become a problem.

    Would thus like to have your experience with accuracy around the edges (IS THE PEN WRITING WHERE ITS TIP IS?)

    Chuwi Hi12 is certainly a better reading device. If it has better Pen Accuracy, I might as well sell my Cube i7 Stylus….would hope Cube or TEclast makes a Core M, 3:2 Pen enabled tablet though…

    • Hi, it seems okay around the edges, but it will not go right up to the right side. About 1mm away from the edge is as far as I can get it. Accuracy seems good. As soon as the pen is detected touch is disabled for palm rejection.

      • Apart from the extreme edges, do you see the pointer on the screen misaligned / moving around in relation to the pen tip?

        This isn’t as big an issue with English, but other languages that require several hyphens etc might be difficult to type is the accuracy is not there.

        I am asking because you simply described it as “Good” and one might take this to mean different things.

  14. Hi Chris,
    I’ve very glad to hear it works with the iwork10, I’m considering getting it since it’s cheaper.
    Any chance you could post some quick impressions with it on the iWork10? How usable is it (or if it’s similar to the hi12)?


    • Works exactly like the Hi12.

      • sorry Chris for multiple questions that you receive for this, but I still have some problems to understand. So, 4.51USD Cube iwork10 stylus (price from from GearBest) works exactly like 25USD Chuwi hi12 stylus?

      • Thanks Chris! Guess I’ll buy it.

        Kice, that stylus just simulates your finger and is basically useless. Out of the big stores, seems that only geekbuying sells the official stylus at 36.5$, so obviously it’s better to buy the hipen instead.

        • I biught the Chuwi stylus to use with my Cube iWork 10 Ultimate and it works erraticly, missing points and going all crazy with the context menus. Can’t write with it.

          @Chris can you confirm it worked fine on the iWork 10 Ultimate? Maybe it’s the battery or simply a faulty pen, have to get in touch with GearBest…

  15. Hey Chris,

    I am a student and cannot decide between the X2 Pro and the Cube i7.
    I prefer the X2’s features overall but what makes me worry is that the note taking experience might be not as good as on the i7 and note taking is one of the major appliccations in combination with typing I plan to use it for.
    I dont worry so much about the pen sensitivity but more the writing experience such as good reliabile palm rejection and a reliable pen. Can you tell me about your experience and recommandation which device suits my needs better?

    Thank you.

  16. Hi
    Chris does stylus work when your fingers touches the screen?does fingers’ touch interupt sketching or painting?

    • As long as its detected by the system it will not interrupt in OneNote, Apps like paint as soon as you lift it away from the screen it will allow touch again.

  17. Chris, can the pen be used under android ?

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