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Onda oBook 11 Pro – A Surface Book Clone With Core M3

Onda oBook 11 Pro – A Surface Book Clone With Core M3

Edit: Updated the post info with the press event photos. Turns out it’s a 16:9 1080p screen and the oBook11 Pro supports an active stylus.

Someone asked me if Chinese manufacturers would clone the Surface Book. I foolishly replied no, it would be too expensive for them to clone that premium 2 in 1 tablet. Well, I was dead wrong. As Onda has announced the oBook11 Pro. It’s a two in one that clones the Surface Book, even down to that unique hinge design. Which offers a similar latch mechanism to the Surface Book. So the tablet is removable from the keyboard base, but there is no extra battery or GPU within like the Surface Book. And It’s not powered by a Core i5 or i7, but a Skylake Core M3 6Y30. The same as the Cube i9 and Teclast X3 Pro tablets.

The others specs are USB 3 port, 11.6 inch 1080p screen, 4GB of 1866Mhz DDR3L RAM,  64GB SSD and active stylus support. Onda just announced this and a whole range of oBook tablets, 2 in 1’s. They’re just pumping out all these new tablets. More on those soon.

Onda Obook11 Pro - 1 Onda Obook11 Pro - 2 Onda Obook11 Pro - 3 Onda Obook11 Pro - 4 Onda Obook11 Pro - 5 Onda oBook11 Pro Press event 1 Onda oBook11 Pro Press event 2Onda Obook11 Pro - 6


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  1. Does is out for the market?

    • That’s not the same tablet

    • No this is not the same spec

    • Even I can’t find the Obook pro, I thought it is the same tablet that I buy (not including pro). Obook 11 is also a decent tablet but now I’m looking forward to buy a new tablet. and m confused

  2. What exactly is special about this? With the surface book there is a GPU and battery in the base, this is not likely the case here.. is the docking mechanism that much better than the transformer book style? Does look very nice except for the onda factor.

    Also do you know how this charges?

    @chris note thier typo.

    • It’s got a dc charging plug like all the order Core M tablets. Typo fixed, thanks.

    • The cheapest models of the Book do not have a GPU. The appeal is that it has a proper keyboard instead of a typecover. It depends on the price of the Onebook 11. Hopefully that 64gb SSD is upgradeable and there is Wacom or N Trig and not Synaptics.

    • @foop I have bought this tablet a week ago and thanks techtablets for helping me choosing this tablet. There are many special features and you’ll sure be very happy with the performance of this tablet. 360 degree rotatable screen and awesome interface and Full HD display. YOu’ll love experimenting Windows 10 with this tablet. I bought it from Gearbest at around $250 but how bad for me, now its available only for $210 http://goo.gl/aSyIqb 🙁 ok I spent a little bucks extra but you can have a great deal 🙁 I like helping people. Thanks techtablets.

      • I’m sorry, but you’re not helping. The model you are linking to (and probably bought) is not the one in question. Onda oBook 11 (without the ‘Pro’) has an weaker Atom CPU and is not a hybrid with the unique SurfaceBook hinge.

  3. Dam its almost exactly what I want…Just not from Onda =/.
    Hopefully another tries their hand at it.

  4. Being Onda I wouldn’t have this if you paid me. Build will be atrocious and the software will be even worse, how are these cowboys still in business?

  5. All depends on the price and the build quality (but knowing onda there will inevitably be some issues).

  6. Looks nice, I’ll wait for the dual boot version with a higher res screen

  7. omg, how much does Onda paid for the patent?

    • Not sure if serious but China does not respect patents. You won’t see this sold in the west, other than through the usual importers.

  8. okay this is niiiiice! but its onda right? the ones with the bad build quality? anyway, if this turns out to be nice and also offers dual boot with android it is a sure buy

    • Onda being Onda will no doubt ship this with a few problems. Most of the Onda’s I’ve reviewed have been problematic.

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