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Onda Obook 11 Pro Unboxing, First Impressions & SSD Installation

Onda Obook 11 Pro Unboxing, First Impressions & SSD Installation

It’s been some time since I looked at an Onda tablet, their build quality just wasn’t up to scratch. But after looking at the Xiaoma 41 laptop and seeing that they have improved in terms of build I decided to get the new Core M3-7Y30 tablet from them. This one has an 11.6″ 1080p IPS panel, 64GB eMMC for storage but it does have an M.2 SSD slot in it. 4GB fo 1600Mhz RAM (Not running at 1866Mhz sadly) And Intel Wireless AC7260. It’s got a full USB 3.0 port on the tablet, unlike the Cube Mix Plus. MicroSD slot, Mini HDMI out and type-c for USB 3 and charging.

The tablet also supports an optional keyboard dock via the 10 pogo port connector o on the bottom for the tablet. I picked this one up for $299 from Banggood with coupon 3f0aa1

I’m still waiting for the keyboard dock, hopefully, it will arrive this week. The tablet also supports a stylus, but forget about it really as it’s one of those active no pressure levels ones. So basically useless! If you’re after a stylus enabled tablet I recommend the Cube Mix plus or Cube i7 Book for that, those ones support WACOM stylus and it works well.

So far the build is decent, the screen is bright and vibrant.  Touch is fast and accurate. Thermals and battery etc all coming on the final review once I get hold of the keyboard.

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  1. Thank your for this great unboxing/review.
    I bought a Obook 11 Pro and installed a 2242 SSD. Windows 10 can use the SSD,
    but i can’t new install on the SSD, cause i can’t change the boot order in BIOS.
    I try to install from an USB stick / external DVD Drive. Both deviced are showed
    in BIOS, but i can’t chose them to boot from it. The SSD is also not available in the
    boot order, but first i have to boot from the install drive.
    Can you give me a hint, what i have to change in the BIOS?

  2. Is it charged with QB820?(USB PD)

  3. I really enjoyed this unboxing/review. I hope you can talk more in the full review. Long awaited for this hehe. Now I’ma gonna hit taobao + some agent to get some goodies.

    • There will be more, I got the keyboard today so will start on my full review soon. Just need to get the Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 review out first.

  4. I think there is little need for a core cpu if it’s not a stylus centric tablet

  5. Sadly it is only 11.6, how i hope it is 12 inch or above.

    • I’m still waiting for a Core M3 version with the 13.5″ Surface Book screen fully laminated of course.

      • I think that model would easily hit 450usd. There are not many m3 models at that screen size.

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