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Chuwi Hi12 With Remix OS Coming

Chuwi Hi12 With Remix OS Coming

Chuwi announced at CES Asia today the Hi12 will also be coming with Remix OS installed. No details yet on what version they will be shipping it out with (Hopefully one built on Android 6). If it will be dual boot still with Remix or the release date, hopefully, this will info will be available soon. If you haven’t seen Remix it’s an OS built of Android, but with a more multitasking focused approach. It’s a nice change from stock Android and I did enjoy the change with the Remix tablet I reviewed about a year ago. It should go well with the 2 in 1 style of the Hi12.

Good to see Chuwi moving to support Remix on their tablets. I was hopeful we might see a 3:2 2160 x 1440 Core M3 tablet announcement from them. But it seems Chuwi is yet to compete with Teclast and Cube by releasing a Core M. Something they are overdue from doing.

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  1. Will this ever come? LOL it’s 2017 now.

  2. Are they shipping devices already with Remix OS on them? Here’s a video of a guy (Russian?) demo’ing a Chuwi Hibook running it dual-boot Win10+Remix…

  3. “Most interesting fact is, that from the press release it looks like the tablet will be a dualboot one sporting not just the brand new Remix OS 3.0 based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but also Windows 10. Which is quite an interesting combo we haven’t seen before.”

  4. I just talked to Banggood and they told me that they have already received this model with RemixOS and they are testing it (whatever that entails).

    So it should be available some time soon.

    Wish it was Dual OS though, I am beyond buying a smart-device with Android-variant only.

  5. I just purchased the Dual OS tablet this week from banggood, and they are releasing an updated one already!? Do you think the current Dual OS tablet can simply be upgraded since the specs look to be identical?

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