Cube To Release Intel Core M3 Skylake Tablet 2016

Cube To Release Intel Core M3 Skylake Tablet 2016

Cube today have announced they will be releasing an Intel Skylake tablet next year, called the Cube i9. In a series of Weibo’s fighting back at Xiaomi’s posts on the Mi Pad 2 announcement. Cube replied that instead of budget low powered Atom tablets, their flagship tablet will be a new Skylake. Google Translate isn’t the best, but you get the idea from the Weibo (FYI Millet = Xiaomi):

Cube i9 Skylake

Cube have set the standard in price Vs performance with their Cube i7 Stylus, packing a Core M 5Y10 and selling for under $300 USD. Now as I guessed a while ago they are aiming higher next year with the new Skylake Core M3-6Y30. I’ve already tested the Core M3-6Y30 in my Surface Pro 4 M3 and it’s a real decent bump up in performance over the 5Y10.

My guess is Cube will just refresh the current I7 Stylus, but I do hope I’m wrong and they at least add a full sized USB 3.0 port or USB 3.1 Type-C (Hell why not both!).

Cube i9 Skylake Specs (guessing here)

  • Core M3-6Y30
  • 4GB DDR3 Ram
  • 64GB/128GB SSD
  • Possible 4G support
  • Same shell and keyboard with 2 x USB ports as the i7 Stylus model.
  • Same 1080p Surface Pro 2 panel with wacom support
  • MicroSD
  • DC charging jack
  • MircoUSB 3.0 port
  • Wireless A/C (Finally Please…)


A taste of what the Core M3-6Y30 can do:

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  1. Anymore news on this?

  2. The moment they have 4G LTE and a screen about 13 inch, they are 2 up’s against the Surface Pro 4 as far as a 2 in 1 is concerned. How could a computer meant to be portable go without cellular connectivity?

  3. according this this story intel see china as the gateway into the market share starting with the MiPad 2.
    good news ahead I suppose.

  4. I was going through some Threads at XDA-Developers about the Dual Boot Topic on those Core M Tablets with Windows Only. Someone gave the hint about a Tutorial at hackinformer. Looks like there’s a possibility to install Android the Cube i7.

    Thread at XDA:
    Looks like the creator of this Tutorial is active in this thread too.

    Can’t confirm it myself since I haven’t bought it yet.

  5. Hey Chris I know you are busy but can you compare SP4 to i7stylus? It would be awesome to see 6y30 vs 5y10c, hd515 vs hd5300 and of course -if you have a supported game or benchmark test- dx12 vs dx11. I’m really excited about dx12’s free performance bump.

  6. I was toying with waiting till next year to order one of these but if it’s like the core m then there won’t be a dual boot version so these skylake tablets will be of little use to me.

  7. I hope release in the future core M7, no only M3

  8. well that a great news but i was just about to purchase a i7 stylus do you think i should wait now… i hate this situation.

    • You should not wait i7 stylus is a seriously good tablet I can’t believe I got this cheaper than my Nexus 9 and Nvidia shield tablets.

      Gearbest knocked off 60% of the price, so I purchased the keyboard with it as protection.

      • well skylake performance are way better, i want to know if the refresh will be in january or febuary or later.

        • I doubt that the new model will be released in the 1st quarter of 2016. Otherwise it will be sad, because I have already ordered i7 stylus…

          On the other hand, new models (with new CPU) will be created every year, you can’t wait forever 🙂

  9. About a month ago I emailed Cube for a possible feature addition in their future tablets: HDMI In(not out). i7 Stylus is really wonderful device and is in my opinion one of the best value cintiq alternative out there. Only real issue I had is that there is no way to use the tablet as external monitor + digitizer by connecting it to more powerful PC. HDMI In is rare but not impossible nor difficult to implement in laptops. My old Toshiba and thinkpad had it.

    I really hope Cube add that feature to this new tablet.

    • @John Kang, I would like to buy this and use it in a similar way to the new Cintique Companion 2.. i.e. a portable Windows based machine with Wacom support, but also as an external display and controller to my main desktop computer. Do you know if the 2016 model will have this kind of support?

      You also mention that it’s the best value cintique alternative out there.. but how do you use it in a way that is similar to the Cintique? From my understanding there is no way to use this as an external monitor and controller as the Cintique.. but I may be wrong.

      If there was a 13 inch version of this tablet, with the possibility to also use it as an external monitor.. then I think it could be the new ‘flagship killer’ as the OnePlusOne was with the original phone release. I think most people wouldn’t mind to spend £50-£100 more for a slightly bigger screen, to use as a monitor/ controller, and dual boot to Android. I would personally sacrifice some body weight with the benefit of these. Lets hope that Cube i7 listen to the public and indeed release something which will truly rock the market.. 😀

    • John Kang, TwomonUSB . There’s some discussion of it on this article towards the end.
      The Asus MB168B+ (15.6 inch), AOC E1649FWU 16″ (one for $50), Toshiba PA3923U-2LC3 (14 inch) can be found on eBay for around $100, the Toshiba is a bit cheaper. They can also run off a power bank.
      Another article (isn’t it fun googling another person’s questions?!!), tells about using wifi or usb tethering.

  10. Would be awesome if they were able to get Dual boot on these Core processors.

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