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Jumper EZBook 2 Gets An Atom Z8350 CPU Upgrade

Jumper EZBook 2

Jumper EZBook 2

The 14″ Atom notebook from Jumper, the EZbook 2 is coming soon with the slightly faster revised Cherry Trail Atom X5 Z8350 according to Gearbest’s listing. The original Z8300 model I reviewed a while back turned out to be a decent laptop for the price thanks to it’s 14″ 1080p matte coated screen, 4GB of RAM and 64GB eMMC. The rest of the specs haven’t changed at all only this small CPU bump.

I wonder if they finally fixed that issue with the USB ports not powering external hard drives? (according to some the new batches did have this fixed finally) And I would assume that the Z8350 model should have had this corrected by now.

If you’re interested in this model, don’t forget to check out my Jumper EZbook 2 review. Not a bad notebook for light tasks, like emails, word documents, excel, YouTube, browsing and media etc. just don’t expect to edit 4k video on it.

I also just got my YEPO 737S which is another Atom notebook  very similar to this but with a 13.3″ gloss display, metal bottom plate and 128GB eMMC.

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  1. HI is possible to have full backup raw, from ezbook 2 z8350 New version, i make backup with acronis true image? is possible make this? please answer thx 🙂

  2. New ones with X5-Z8350 from Cube and Chuwi:

  3. Looks like the “New version” has now been demoted back to Z8300 on that Gearbest page. So what is the New Version then?

    • That’s odd, the new version is meant to be the newer Z8350. Wonder what’s going on?

  4. Gearbest’s listing doesn’t say that it has Z8350.
    In fact, what they say for the new version is:
    “Please note that the difference between Old Version and New Version is the appearance.”
    Seeing the pictures though, I wasn’t able to notice any difference in the appearance.
    What I’ve clearly noticed, is that in many places they say that it has the Z8300 processor, not the Z8350.

    I got my EZbook about 3 months ago. It’s the second batch (Toshiba eMMC, blue USB3.0 port), but I was also unlucky, as it also has the USBs lack of power (and overheating) problem. I’ve ordered an ORICO H4013-U3-V1 4 Ports USB3.0 HUB from Orico Direct store @Aliexpress for $12 (a couple of days ago).
    I’ve also sent (today) an e-mail at Jumper’s “Overseas business line”, asking if there’s a way to solve the problems. I’m not really expecting an answer, much more one that can solve the main problems (USB ports and overheating).

  5. hey chris ,
    will you also review the jumper ezbook air which will be released soon?

  6. So if the Z8350 fixes the heat, and the USB ports work this will be the best 14″ Atom 4GB notebook around right for light tasks? And you said in your review it felt faster than z8300 tablets? Why is that?

    • Yes looks like the best, I can say already it’s better than the YEPO 737S, which has it’s ram clocked to 1066Mhz and Windows 10 activation issues.

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