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Teclast Tbook 16S Review And Rating Online

Teclast Tbook 16S Review And Rating Online

If you missed the video review on YouTube, here it is below. I’m disappointed in this latest Teclast Tbook 16S model, the biggest issue is the ROM in Android for me, some games like Real Racing 3 just locked up at times, even to the point I had to power the system off and back on again. It felt slow and sluggish at times, performance limited by RAM running at only 1066Mhz and not 1600Mhz. It seems Teclast decided to use the lower clock speeds for stability? Or for battery life gains? Either way, it’s the wrong choice if you ask me, they should have used better RAM chips and gone with 1600mhz like most other Atom X5 Z8300’s reviewed.

The build of the Tbook 16S is one positive, it’s very solid and the typing experience on the keyboard wasn’t at all bad. However, the touchpad is just too short to be practical and annoying for long term use. I had to restore to using a mouse instead of forcing myself to use the touchpad which I normally do on most devices I review.

My days of reviewing the Atom X5 Z8300 are numbered and thankfully new X5 Z8550 and X7 Z78550 models are rumored to be in the in the works from the top Chinese tablet brands. I only plan to review 2-3 more Z8300 devices (the Tbook 16 Pro, Hi10 Pro & Lepo 737S) unless something amazing comes along with OGS screen, wireless a/c a super thin design etc.

For my pros, cons and rating visit the Tbook 16S review here.

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  1. Not good at all it fully locks up playing games in Android, that is shit! A no buy this one, I’m happy enough to hold out with my Chuwi Hi12 until the new Hi12 Pro.

  2. Which WiFi and Touchscreen devices does it use? Dunno if Win10 admin shows that.

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