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Cube Mix Plus – Core M3-7Y30 Powered i7 Book Successor

Cube Mix Plus – Core M3-7Y30 Powered i7 Book Successor

It’s that time of year, the new CPU’s are making their way into new models and Cube is the first out of China to use the new Core M3-7Y30. The new generation Core M3 chip has a much higher max turbo over the 6Y30, with a top speed of 2.6Ghz Vs 2.2Ghz on last years 6Y30 in the Cube i7 Book model. The base clock is 100Mhz higher and it uses Intel HD Graphics 615 GPU that has a higher clock rate of 50Mhz and should prove to be a little faster. The GPU now also has native VP9 and H.265 video decoding and encoding support among other things.  The 7Y30 is slightly more efficient too.

The Cube Mix Plus, uses the same 10.6″ screen as the Cube i7 Stylus & i7 Book, you may think that’s a bad thing, but 1080p means the system will be more fluid and you can even game (depending on the title) at the native screen resolution. But the best thing is WACOM stylus support is retained and this offers the best stylus experience on the Chinese tablets. This screen is the old Surface Pro 2 screen, so while it’s old, it’s a very decent 1080p IPS panel.

The rest of the specs, 4GB DDR3 1866Mhz RAM, 128GB SSD (M.2) and front 2MP, rear 5MP auto-focus camera. The build and design from the press images looks just the same as the i7 Book but in white and silver. USB 3.1 type-C port, MicroSD, Micro USB 3.0, Wireless AC and DC charging just like the i7 Book. The type-c port can be use for display output, data, and charging.

The keyboard looks like it also just got a color change, still a transformer book style with two full-sized USB ports. I hope these are USB 3.0. Now I wonder if we will see a Cube i9 Core M3-7Y30 upgraded version? And a cheaper Apollo Lake N3450 Cube Mix version? (Basically the same tablet without the type-c port and Core M3.

What a shame they didn’t improve things further with a full sized USB 3 port at least, left and right side facing speakers and 8GB RAM option? Retail price is going to be around $360. And yes, I will review this one, I have to right since I’ve reviewed all the Core M tablets from Cube. And I really want to see how the Core M3-7Y30 compares to the Core M3-6Y30.

Source: Cube’s offcial site (Chinese)

Cube Mix Plus Press images:

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  1. Hi, Chris! New member here, from Brazil, been visiting regularly for over one year I think, after they released cube i7 stylus.
    Since then, I’ve been considering the idea of trying to use a wacom pen-enabled cube tablet as a makeshift cintiq, as my main interest would be in producing illustrations nonprofessionally. I use a Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, but the lack of professional-grade art software in Android bothers me (though there are very good apps) and g note pro has not been update to marshmallow and has hardware that is becoming outdated (SD 800, 3gb RAM, 2k screen is heavy on processing power, Sammy android rom is heavy). I also consider buying an used SP2 or suffer to pay the fortune charged in Brazil for an Ipad Pro 12.9 (which also lacked good art software but seem to be getting very good ones like the recently updated Procreate 3.2 and Paintstorm studio).
    The large gap in the screen of the I7 stylus and I7 book kinda made me avoid them (I used to draw on the G Note 10.1, which had a considerable gap).
    However, this cube mix plus had me hoping for a better screen with minimal or no gap, as this time they seem to be using a G+G screen, which I think is the same type used in the I9, and according to what I’ve read is the type used in more expensive tablets.
    Do you think the cube mix plus will have improved gap compared to the i7 stylus and i7 book?

  2. I’m seriously thinking of cancelling my GB order, since I’ve only got the keyboard. Chris, do you think the I7 Book keyboard might be compatible?

    • Yes it looks like it is the same keyboard as the i7 book to me, just in white.

      • I went ahead and asked support, and this is what I got back:

        “Thank you for your mail.
        Sorry the new Cube Mix is not compatible with the Cube i7 book keyboard (CDK09).”

        I still think there’s a chance the keyboard is compatible. But the Mix Plus website ( lists the tablet with a 12″ screen (?) and a Skylake CPU (???)

  3. Thanks jay, good suggestion

  4. Hi, thanks for some great reviews. I have a question regarding tablet purchase.

    I have had an eye on the Chuwi hi12, and been thinking about buying that, but wanted to hear is that a good tablet for these criterias:

    Windows 10
    Use a little photoshop, a little gaming.
    Writing word documents, Excel.
    Good battery life, also good standby, I have the iPad 2 right now and it’s amazing how I can keep juice even after a week without charging.

    Is there a new model that is a better choice now or what do you think?

    Another question, I haven’t seen any articles here about how standby is for Windows, can it last for some days or weeks or?

    • Chuwi has a N3450 3000 x 2000 res tablet coming this looks promising, so I would hold off. Windows standby isn’t so good, only a day or so normally. Best to turn it off.

  5. I’ve lurked here for a long time, but this is my first post.

    If you take into account the extra cost of the keyboard cover and stylus this thing would add up to around $450.
    If you are looking for a Kaby Lake M3 based tablet, you would be much better off getting the new Crowd-Developed Eve V.

    For $699 you can get a 2-in-1 with much better components and build quality, including full aluminum unibody, a top rate keyboard cover and stylus, best-in-class IGZO display, 12 hours battery life, quad speakers, Thunderbolt connectivity and 8GB RAM as standard…

    I’ve already pre-ordered mine with a Core i5Y (that’s what Intel is calling the new M5 now), but for those interested the Indiegogo campaign still has 23 days to go:

    You can join the community and learn more about it here:

    • Thanks for the post it does look good, I went to support/order the base model to review it, but the shipping charge of $119 is just ridiculous… So that was the end of that.

      • You should talk to Konstantinos at Eve-Tech and tell him that you are a reviewer and show him your website – I’m sure they will ship you one for free or even at discount.

      • The shipping on mine was just $50, so I guess it depends on location.

  6. I’m interested on the internals, after opening my i7 Book and doing a thermal mod (without the copper shim, still was more than enough to reduce those 20 degrees) I do hope they’ve improved those thermals with some decent cooling and that it comes with increased TDP limits by default. They have almost nailed it on performance and I hope this next model fixes it. One thing I wish they would get rid of is the power pole for charging, but I guess that is on the wishlist for the next refresh.

    • I hope they learned this time around and used a thermalpad, also you can change via Type-C if you don’t like the dc in plug.

  7. 16:9 screen is such a shame… Come on, Cube, give it a 3:2 screen !

  8. Also when I review this I will definitely be checking to see if they have add a thermal pad between the heatsink and real alloy housing. They forgot about this on the i7 Book, which is why I did that thermal mod. I’ll no doubt be opening it up to have a peek inside.

  9. I’ve been waiting too long for a cube i9 with 8Gb option…(stylus or not)

    We need a refresh !

    10.1″ is to small for my usage…(at home mainly)

    • We can only hope for a Cube i9 refresh with the Core M-7Y30, 8GB and Wireless AC.

  10. It is available for preorder at Banggood at:
    As expected, its initial price is a massive ripoff US$474. Claimed to ship after Dec 14.
    At this price, I reckon the current Core M3-6Y30 blue unit is way more cost effective, for that misery amount of improvements. The brief spec’s indicate some differences, as: better CPU, larger SSD (128GB), slightly lighter, appears to have ‘Windows’ key on bezel, has 5Ghz wifi, has USB 3.0 micro type B connector.

  11. Sounds like nice specs but after my adventures trying to obtain an i7 Book, I gotta ask if it really matters? Alien Express couldn’t get my order processed and GearBest promised stock and availability, took my money, send me a keyboard but no tablet saying they suddenly had unexpected supply problems. I feel like all these Chinese vendors are liars and scams and you won’t get the product anyway so why bother.

    • You were just unlucky.

      I always get the goods I have ordered and never have had to pay tax the ite unlike US supliers.

      • And you were just lucky : ). I stopped buying expensive tech from China after also some bad hassle, and some good experiences (it’s the same with cheap stuff which I buy all the time, but the stakes are lower).

        The gamble made more sense to me when stuff was cheaper, but once they started upping prices universally it made no sense anymore, especially when you cant easily or cheaply send it back (unless they have a local warehouse or returns address, which is fine). What good is getting your money back if you’ve spent a month or more waiting for it, and then still having nothing to work with?

        • I’ll only buy Chinese tablets via PayPal nowadays,and escalate a claim for refund immediately if a tablet is screwed,its the only way to deal with the Chinese without getting burned.I won’t fall for their nonsense again

        • So far my experiences with buying from China are positive. I ordered Chuwi HI12 from Banggood on 08.05.2016, it was shipped on 11.05.2016 and it was delivered to me in Macedonia on 30.05.2016 without me having to pay any taxes. Everything worked and it is still in excellent working condition, I don’t have any complaint. This is the most expensive stuff that I bought from China, but I am also satisfied with delivery and quailty of everything else that I have bought so far from AliExpress, BangGood, GearBest, DX, FastTech and also chinese sellers on EBay. From FastTech i bought battery for e-cig and it was faulty. They asked me to do a video how I start the battery and after they made sure I do everything right and battery won’t start, they sent me new one. So far I don’t have problems with re-sending stuff or money refund if it does not arrive after direct communication with seller. I never escalated claim to PayPal so far, because there was no need. Also situations where re-sending or money refund was needed are very, very rare.

  12. SP2 screen is disappointing, the sharpness and viewing angles are great, but it doesn’t even cover the full sRGB gamut, so colours are a bit pale. I’ve seen this on two SP2 models (one was even more pale than the other). Not awful, but out-of-date.

    • It could be worse, at least they are sticking with the Wacom support screen. That the main selling point and they clearly know this not changing it. Core M3-7Y30 also makes it quite powerful, the most powerful you’ll get in a Chinese tablet unless someone releases a liquid cooled i7 7200U model, but I highly doubt that due to cost.

      I just wish they had a reviewed design this year, new left and right speakers, 8GB option and even a fully laminated screen would have been great. Guess they save this year on redesign design costs, next year we will get the whole new base.

      • I just placed an order for the i7 book and will not change it for this as $279 is a great price and no 8gb ram or massive performance boost on the new model it just doesn’t seem worth it.

        Also I ordered from bang good and they are asking for ID, why do these sites always ask for ID? I’m never sending a photo of mine to them.

        • Would you be so kind as to make a post, either here or in the forums, when you get your i7 book. My 11-11 order from GB is still on backorder, and I refused to cancel. They sent me the keyboard already. But if banggood is decent then I’ll ask for a refund. Thanks a lot!

          • Did you have to send a photo of your ID as I’ve still not sent mine and don’t want to. I don’t yet have an ID with my address right now either as I am renting.

          • I ordered it through BG in October and just like you had some stock issues (it had an “expected restock date” which was a bunch of hogwash as it kept shifting every couple of days) so I had to wait a few weeks before they shipped it, but no problems further. Arrived well packaged and with a reasonable shipping time.

            To avoid problems down the road, my suggestion would be to do as I did: wait until the tablet was being shipped before placing your order for the keyboard/stylus to avoid ending up with those but no tablet.

          • Good suggestion to wait on the keyboard order. I had no expectations they would ship separately and make it look like the whole order was on the way

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