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Cube i7 Stylus in Action (Video) & Cube i10

Cube i7 Stylus in Action (Video) & Cube i10

Cube have a released a demo video of the i7 Stylus in use, showing the accuracy of the Wacom powered stylus in photoshop and  various uses. They also uploaded a promo video of the i7 Stylus (below) and some images which I ripped and uploaded to Youtube.

It’s all in Chinese of course. Disappointing to see the battery size is listed as only 4500mAH  in the official specs?. The i7 was listed as 5000mah, but when I reviewed it was a 10000mAH battery. So hopefully it’s 9000mAH on the smaller i7 Stylus and just a typo, I’ll confirm this for sure if I get my hands on one when they are released. The rest of the specs are good, Core M 5Y10, 4GB of ram, MicroUSB 3.0 64GB SSD, 1080p laminated screen and the best part it should sell for under $400.

Edit: Twist has spotted the i7 Stylus up for preorder for $399 at I hope this price holds…

i7 -Stylus Spec Sheet

Cube i7 Stylus press images:

And then there is the Cube i10, which is another 10.6 dual boot tablet power by another Bay Trail Z3735F Atom. The screen is a low 1366 x 768 pixels like the Chuwi Vi10 which is apparently the same exact panel, the one used in the Surface RT. And the i10 has a full sized USB 2.0 port and keyboard dock. The rest of the specs are the norm, 2GB of RAM, 32GB eMMC, Mini HDMI, Wireless-N and BT 4.0, it should be priced around $150 excluding the keyboard dock.

i10 Spec Sheet

Cube i10 images:


Source: Cube’s Weibo (Chinese)

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  1. Hello Chris!
    Can you tell me if it is possible to use the i7 stylus with the Cube i10?

  2. I found two seller with a reasonable price for the 64gb version. Can you recommend one of them?

    • Shenzhen Ele is where I got my Cube i7, they were fine.

      • Thanks.

        About the battery: it seems all the core m batteries are rated as 7.4V~7.5V, but they should achieve the same results as regular 3.7V~3.8V rated ones.

        4500mAh * 7.4V = 33Wh
        9000mAh * 3.7V = 33Wh

        • Addition: these are most likely just two cells in series (4500mAh * 7.4V) vs two cells in parallel (9000mAh * 3.7V), so it has the same energy density.

  3. They probably use two cells with 4500mAh (=9000mAh).

    The price seems also a bit higher than expected, is the “old” i7 more recommendable if the stylus hasn’t much importance to me?

    • The older i7 model, at least the first batch I had, had an issue with the USB 3 port running at usb 2 speeds. Other than that, it’s a great tablet with a good build. They are still selling the i7 for close to $500 however.

  4. This looks stunning! For me i’ll be a real Surface/Surface pro competitor at a decent price!

    Thanks for the informations Chris :)!


    • I just hope the price holds under $400. All to often they say it will be under x amount and when it’s released the price increases dramatically.

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