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Chuwi Lapbook Air – 14.1″ Premium Core M3 Thin Laptop With Backlit keyboard

Chuwi Lapbook Air – 14.1″ Premium Core M3 Thin Laptop With Backlit keyboard

Update #2 Confirmed by Chuwi France, Core M3. Great news. I was worried it was an Apollo Lake again, maybe there will be a cheaper Apollo Lake version. But Core M3 it is. This premium build, a fully laminated screen with slim bezels and a backlit keyboard it’s stacking up to be a very promising laptop from Chuwi and their first Core M3 product. I’ll be reviewing this one as soon as I can order it from somewhere. Many thanks to George for the tip off via twitter.

Update: Thanks to Dimitri for this link. More info from QQ, my Google translate isn’t working. I can, however, read that it’s got an SSD, but Apollo Lake is clearly mentioned. And it seems to have D/C charging and no type-c. Real shame about the lack of Core M3! I hope that changes.

Not much is known about this one, the new Chuwi Lapbook Air it’s called.  It’s based around a 14.1″ screen no word on the resolution but it is fully laminated so glass covered, glossy and reflective. Full metal build with a backlit keyboard & lid logo, only 6mm thin at the thinnest point, weighs 1. 3 kilos and from the pictures, I can tell it’s got two USB 3.0 ports. Hopefully, on the left side it will have  USB 3.1 type-C, HDMI out and another USB 3.0, plus MicroSD slot.

So absolutely nothing on the specs. Maybe it’s not confirmed yet, but my guess would be they wouldn’t use another Apollo Lake, not with a backlit keyboard and OGS screen. They are looking for a more premium offering, a Cube Thinker i35 or Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12.5 competitor?

I think this is finally their first Core M3 device (About time) 8GB of RAM? 128GB or greater SSD? Wireless AC is a must and hopefully a decent 42wh+ battery?

Once I find out more I’ll let you know. What would you like to see in the Chuwi Lapbook Air? And like I keep saying and seeing, things are only getting better… If a bit more expensive. My guess is we will be lucky to see this under $400, but I hope I’m wrong.

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  1. Gearbest have arrival notice.
    Looks like it is an Apollo Lake N3450 with 8gb ram and 128 emmc.
    At US $450+ is expensive if it is running that, and not the M3.

  2. Well I bought Chuwi Hi 10 plus from at $150 and the tablet is pretty good and satisfactory the thing is that I hate the most that it is available now at the cheapest price ever

  3. Any more updates on the chuwi lapbook air, this looks liKe its going to be a good one.

  4. Wala wala Chris you made my day by this update ?

  5. Support ssd and tf card expansion
    Logo with light like mac

  6. That looks like a slick machine. Hope your speclist comes true. A more premium and powerful Lapbook 14.1 would be really nice.
    If its dark grey that would be even better but I have to say that I like the white/black color scheme of the Lapbook 14.1so much that I wish Chuwi would release a aluminum version with it.

    • No core M3 ! Really ??? Chuwi is such a no brainer 🙁

      • I know!! Couldn’t believe it myself. I hope the info is wrong. Don’t understand them, why have they never used a Core M3 CPU in their tech. In the next logical move for them to release some Core M3 laptops and for a sales point of view Chuwi is missing out with Jumper, Tecalst, Onda and Cube releasing Core M3 laptops and tablets.

        • Google translate from that link:
          Slim as a blade, light like a feather, Chi for the upcoming release of heavy new!
          2017-08-02 CHUWI Chi for

          Soon after the Chi in the indiegogo all the chips on the line of the two-in-one flat Surbook, and achieved good results. Next, Chi will also launch a 14.1-inch Tablet PC.
          This section of ultra-high plate value, all metal body, the thinnest at only 0.6mm, the perfect embodiment of what is thin as a blade, light, such as feathers. Large storage space, but also support SSD + TF card expansion, large storage space with its own expansion, in the storage performance has been a qualitative leap, completely solve the user pain point!
          The processor is still using the Intel ultra-low power platform – Apollo lake processor, in addition, in some small details have also been carefully designed, such as the back of the notebook LOGO joined the backlight design, when the notebook slowly opened, LOGO Will be lit.

  7. Chinese laptops are gaining attention with every quarter passing by. Now the competition will be between jumper’s Ezbook 3 plus and chuwi laptop air( core m3 is obvious) . I was about to order jumper but its better to hold horses !

    • I’ll be sure to review it. Well both of them. My guess is this will not be out for a few months yet, look at how long the Surbook is taking.

  8. I’ve got a feeling they might want to compete with the Jumper Ezbook 3 Plus with this one and even put a Core M inside. But nobody knows yet apparently.

  9. That is a good looking laptop. Is it dark grey? I like it.

    • I hope it is dark grey like my Tbook4 I have. Great looking in grey. The main thing is at least it’s not champaign gold!

      • ive never quite understood how hard it would be to have a silver variant on the gold laptops of the past. i know the chinese have a penchant for gold but if the local brands are serious about going international they really need to offer more variety, more so silver; grey; black.

        • Well, can you imagine that their focus is their 1000 Million citizen domesic market?

          That’s why they can afford to ignore you cause it doesn’t matter.
          3 colors make the assembly lines more complicated, same for national Keyboards, regulations.

      • Chris, what’s your final conclusion about tbook4 btw? Are your still planning to do full review video?

        • Full review is done, now need to edit it. But it’s average at best. No wifi AC, the keyboard is a bit funny, the space key. Micro HDMI port is the dead & 48Hz screen. Other than that, good build, great battery life (10 hours possible) and it has a nice build and weight.

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