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Pipo W1 Pro Hands On And First Impressions.

Pipo W1 Pro Hands On And First Impressions.

The second Atom X5 Z8350 powered tablet to arrive for review, Pipo’s W1 Pro. It’s been a while since I looked at a Pipo tablet from them, the last Pipo piece of tech I reviewed was the disappointing Pipo W10 hybrid mini-pc. So this tablet is configured with Windows 10 Home for now, but I do think Pipo will later have a dual OS version of this. Other specs are the typical ones, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 64GB eMMC (Sandisk) with Wireless N and BT 4.0 my biggest concern looks like battery life as it has only a 6000mAh cell where most other brands have 8000 or 8500mAh.

It’s going for $196 including the keyboard and stylus over at Banggood.com with coupon df7360.

But the good thing about the W1 Pro is the keyboard dock (Transformer style) and the active 1024 pressure level stylus is included in the box. Most companies like Chuwi, Cube and Teclast sell them separately. Unboxing and first look video below:

First impressions:

  • The build quality and finish is a clear step down from the likes of Chuwi, Cube or Teclast
  • 10.1 inches means the keyboard isn’t huge, but typing on it isn’t as bad as I thought. The keys have an okay feel to them
  • 1920 x 1200 IPS screen Pipo have used in the last 3-4 tablets is bright, sharp and non-laminated. Some PWM flicker is showing but only on camera.
  • The stylus looks  like the HiPen, or Teclast X2/X3 stylus. It takes a AAAA battery and that’s included inside the pen.
  • The keyboard feels a bit plasticky, it’s light weight and the hinge mech is made out of plastic.
  • The power and volume buttons on the left side are made of plastic and feel cheap.
  • The eMMC is a SanDisk branded one.
  • Touchpad is small and not the greatest, it does have left and right buttons within it. Gestures supported.
  • Type-c cable and power adapter included. The type-c port supports data and charging.
  • No standard sized USB ports on the tablet, but there are two USB 2.0 ones on the keyboard
  • The stylus accuracy seems good, supports palm rejection but the hover feature of the pen isn’t so great. The hover distance is too short away from the screen to actually work properly.
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