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First Non MS tablet to use the Surface Book 3:2 Screen
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Chuwi Hi13 Now Shipping From Aliexpress

Chuwi Hi13 Now Shipping From Aliexpress

After a long wait, the Chuwi Hi13 is finally shipping out from Aliexpress at least according to users in the Hi13 forum thread. Online retailers like Banggood, Gearbest and Geekbuying etc all seem to still be waiting for stock, no doubt Chuwi is first shipping from their very own store before supplying the other retailers. According to Gearbest’s support ticket they hope to have stock next week.

If you’re unware, the Hi13 is the successor to the popular Hi12. The Chuwi Hi13 has a 3:2 ratio 13.5″ 3000 x 2000 resolution screen (Same panel as used in the Surface Book) 4GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC storage. It has type-c with display out, quad speakers, Wireless AC and stylus support. And like the Hi12, it works with an optional keyboard and stylus. The Hi13 is powered by a new Apollo Lake Celeron N3450 a 14nm quad-core chip, much faster than the older cherry trail Atom’s use in the last gen models.

I plan to review this model of course, being a big fan of the Hi12 which I think was one of the best dual OS tablets to come out of China. I’m just waiting for it to ship, I hope to have one next week if possible with a keyboard and stylus to test out.

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  1. @Chris, word on the street is that the Gnome desktop is the most touchscreen-friendly of the Linux desktop environments.
    So when you get your Hi13 it might be interesting for your viewers to see a quick test of it’s touchscreen on Linux via the latest Manjaro distro installed on a USB 3.0 drive like you did before. Here is the Manjaro 17.0 Gnome distro ISO –>

  2. The Hi13 will possibly be dual boot ? Hopefully with Android 6! However the Cube I35 will only be Windows? On paper, how do their performance compare? If they are using the same screen the lower power Hi13 should have a longer battery time?
    Thanks Andrew

  3. Hi all!

    Earlier today I got this response from Gearbest:
    Thank you for your recent order at

    This is an update about the following item:

    remaining items
    sku*quantity:201927401 * 1 , CHUWI Hi13 2 in1 Tablet PC

    Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that due to an issue with the suppliers, we can no longer ship this order to you as it is now unavailable. We are taking measures to ensure that this issue does not happen again.

    We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and would like to offer you the following options to resolve this issue:

    Option 1- Full refund to your Gearbest Wallet as store credit

    We will full refund the order and exceptionally reward you with extra points (You will receive 2 points for every 1 USD refunded. E.g. If your item is 1 USD = 2 points, 3 USD = 6 points etc.).

    You can use both your Wallet and points to purchase your future products.

    Option 2- Full refund to your original payment account

    We will full refund to your original payment account.

    Kindly note that PayPal refunds may take up to 48 hours to process and appear in your account.

    For credit card refunds, it may take between 7-14 business days for the transaction to appear on your card. Please note that this is entirely dependent on your credit card issuing bank.

    Please kindly reply to us within 2 days. After this time frame, we will full refund to your Gearbest Wallet.

    If you need to withdraw the money from your Wallet, please feel free to contact us.

    Once again we apologize for this inconvenience.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

    Best regards,

    Support Center

    Gearbest Customer Service


    Seems like there is production issues with the hi13 model! 🙁

    • They still have their promo going at

      • Yeah, this seems like a bad aprils 1 joke…but I am not amused! 🙁

        I wrote them again and provided them the link from you, asking what is going on and if they are joking around! Interesting to see their respons….if they do choose to respond! 😉

        But less ideal communication, to be sure!

        I live in the european region, don’t know if this matters!

        • Btw. I made my order on march 8 this month!

          Would be nice if anyone could confirm they have received a Hi13 model from Gearbest.
          Or Aliexpress….maybe they are the place to buy from instead of Gearbest!

          This is also my first buying experience from asian webshops and asian promoted products…..not too impressed so far! 😉

    • Well that is crap, seems that way. That or they undersold themselves? But it looks more like a supply issue as no retailers other than the official Chuwi store of it in stock.

      • Got a new reply from gearbest support:
        We are so sorry for any inconvenience. 201927401

        Dispatch: Ships between Apr 11 – Apr 15

        Now the item is not in stock now.

        We expect to ship between Apr 11 – Apr 15.

        If you are willing to wait, we can send the item when it is available.

        If not, please refer the options in the last email, kindly let us know your decision.

        We look forward to hearing from you.

        Best Regards

        GearBest Customer Service

        So, they wanted to auto-cancel my order, because of delay in the shipping? And still they promote sales of the Hi13 on their website……a bit in “bad taste” advertising, if you ask me. Sends conflicting messages to their customers, at least that’s in my point of view! 😉

        But it seems they still are aiming to sell, but has problems with supply ressources. Not even sure if they still know the REAL date when they are able to ship hi13 models to their customers yet. Why would they cancel orders then? 😉

  4. Great, a review will be more than welcome!
    I bet that it won’t be possible to upgrade storage capacity…?

    • I think you’re right on that one. 90% sure it will not have a M.2 slot in it. These tablets are hard to open and they won’t want their customers opening them. If the motherboard happens to be the same base design as the Lapbook 14.1 then there is a slim chance it could be in there.

      If there is one inside I will be really happy about that. Guess I’ll have to open mine to find out for sure. But after my review incase I break it.

      • Indeed!
        BTW, what happen to your ‘old’ review-samples or purchases? do you sell them second-hand, fortunately? Let me know, because I could be interested…and France is no so far from Spain, and not so expensive at shipping 😉

        • Keep most for a while for comparisons and sell some. PM me, but I don’t like to sell to followers of the site as I had some major issues with one guy that expected so much from me in return for a cheap Chinese product. Like a 24/7 support for the tablet!

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