Chuwi Hi13

First Non MS tablet to use the Surface Book 3:2 Screen
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Deals: Chuwi Hi13 For $279

Deals: Chuwi Hi13 For $279

Chuwi’s latest tablet the Hi13. If you missed my review of this one, it’s got the Surface Book’s 3000 x 2000 screen in it and at 13.5-inches it’s a very large tablet that also supports an optional keyboard dock and stylus. It’s powered by an Apollo Lake N3450, 4GB of RAM and has an eMMC 5 spec 64GB flash drive for storage. Also Intel wireless AC which is much faster and has better range than teh old RealTek wireless N chip in teh Chuwi Hi12.

Banggood has it going for $279 with their coupon 7d62a7 on checkout, it drops the price by 20%. This is the best price it’s been at since released.

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  1. Hi, i am really interested by this tablet. Do you know if this tablet is enough powerful to read huge pdf with hundred pages filled with images ? Actually, i would like to read music score on the tablet, it would be awesome with the stylus to annotate. Thanks !

  2. Hi Chris
    On my chuwi hi13 I’m getting high cpu usage on something called Audio device graph isolation any idea on how to fix this issue as I have not found a fix and it seems to be up and down on my task manager always consuming about 6-7% of my cpu usage and speech runtime executable together they both consume over 10% of my cpu usage. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Not sure where to start with that, uninstall the audio drivers. Maybe a factory reset or clean install see if it fixes it. Seems software related.

  3. Okay Chris, you got me there…. Ordered one!

    • Not a bad price at all considering the Surface Book screen, but more importantly when I first got it I paid like $400+ all up with the keyboard from Aliexpress 🙁 Show that price drops after a few months.

  4. Lapbook 12.3 is on sale on Gearbest for €284.79, including gift package

  5. And my favorite part, of course, is Tux likes it –>
    Oh, you don’t know who Tux is? –>
    laf! 😉

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