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First Non MS tablet to use the Surface Book 3:2 Screen
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Chuwi Hi13 Full Specs, Release Date And Price

Chuwi Hi13 Full Specs, Release Date And Price

Chuwi’s latest tablet, the Chuwi Hi13 is powered by an Apollo Lake N3450, 4GB of RAM with 64GB eMMC is due to be released on the 20th this month (Next week). It will initially be priced at $369 USD. It supports an optional dock with two full-sized USB ports and an optional pressure sensitive HiPen H3 stylus. The HiPen H1 will also work on the tablet according to Chuwi.

The Hi13 will sport the Surface Book’s 3000 x 2000 13.5″ screen, a premium IPS 3:2 ratio panel with 267 PPI which is sharp considering it’s 13.5-inches. The Hi13 has quad AAC speakers, 24W fast charging, a full metal housing and USB type-c supporting both data and video out. Other confirmed specs include 10,000 mAh battery, Windows 10 Home with Ubuntu OS support (So we should be able to install Linux on this?) And dual band wireless. No mention on dual OS at this point or if the motherboard has an empty M.2 SSD slot like the Lapbook 14.1, since it won’t be as easy to open up my guess is no, but I’ll check it when I get hold of one.

Full Chuwi Hi13 specs below:

1.  13.5 inch 3000 x 2000 resolution 3:2 ratio screen.
2.  Intel Apollo Lake Celeron N3450 CPU + Gen9 Graphics 500 GPU.
3.  Windows 10 Home operating system (Ubuntu OS support).
4.  4 GB DDR3L memory + 64 GB eMMC storage + max 128GB TF card extension.
5.  Support detachable metal rotary keyboard (with dual full size USB-A).
6.  New Chuwi HiPen H3 (coming soon) or HiPen H1 stylus works with Hi13.
7.  2.4G/5G Dual band Wi-Fi + full-function USB-C port (support audio and video transmission).
8.  24W fast charging + 10000mAh large battery.
9.  2MP front camera + 5MP rear camera.
10.  AAC Four-speaker audio, has a high-quality speaker in each corner.
11.  All-metal unibody design and high-precision CNC process.
Chuwi Hi13 press images:

What do you think of the Hi13? Is this the tablet we have been waiting for?

Hi13 Vs. Surface Book Vs. iPad Pro (12.9-inch):
Hi13 Surface Book iPad Pro (12.9-inch)
Price: $369 Starting at $1499 Starting at $799
Operating system: Windows 10 (Ubuntu OS support) Windows 10 iOS 10
Screen size: 13.5 inch 13.5 inch 12.9 inch
Resolution: 3000 x 2000 3000 x 2000 2732 x 2048
Pixel density (PPI): 267 267 264
Aspect ratio: 3:2 3:2 4:3
Speakers: Four speaker audio Two speaker audio Four speaker audio
Thinness: 9.2mm 13.0mm 6.9mm
Processor: Quad-core Intel Apollo Lake Dual-core Intel Core i5/i7 Dual-core Apple A9X
Fanless design: Yes No Yes
All-metal design: Yes No Yes
Type-C port: 1*USB Type-C None None
HDMI port: 1*Micro HDMI None None
Stylus: HiPen H3 Surface Pen Apple Pencil
Keyboard: Detachable rotary keyboard Detachable rotary keyboard Keyboard cover
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  1. Thanks for the heads up Chris.

    I currently have a Teclast X2. Im planning to either get Chuwi hi13 or Cube i9.

    Would hi13 perform just as well as the teclast x2?


  2. Now also available on Banggood as well, I think it’s 349$

  3. it probably wont cost $369 when released as usual but it would be sweet if there was an actual core m variant selling for 369

    • You’re right, the price isen’t 369$
      Can see Gearbesr have it on presale now, and the price is 537$

      That is completely insane

      • They even state that this doesn’t even come with the keyboard and stylus.
        $537USD for the tablet only…No thanks. Let’s wait and see if banggood or aliexpress will do better.

  4. Chris any news on the weight the Chuwi HI13 ?

  5. When one can often purchase a CoreM + SSD tablet at around 270-290$, any such tablet over 250$ becomes an overkill, especially when it does not have a laminated screen.

    I only considered the Chuwi Hi12 when it cost around 200$ and would never buy it over 210$.
    Sure enough, the Hi13 has an even larger screen, but if Chuwi maintains its usual high price policy for these types of tablet (hi12-hi13) I won’t be bothered by them.

    Unfortunately the Teclast X5 Pro did not really impress

    • Which CoreM + SSD tablets for around 290 USD price range would you recommend me? Im interested into buying another tablet and CoreM would be a great upgrade! 🙂

      Thank you in advance for advice!=)

      • I believe Cube i7 Book is a very good update now. banggood still carries stock for them and there is a 18% discount coupon stated in the product description which still can be used. Problem with that is that you either need to downclock and downvolt, or do a heatsink mod to make it run stable enough, otherwise it’ll just be constantly heating up over light/medium tasks

      • In Banggood with the coupon “f82cbb” you can get this tablet at just 263.35$ !!
        Yeah, I love 3:2 screens myself, but I won’t pay 300+ dollars for any eMMC tablet

    • Well at that price point you’ll have to choose what compromises you prefer. The Cube i7 book is probably the objectively best choice because its most glaring faults (small SSD, bad thermal design) can be fixed pretty easily by yourself. You won’t find any allround better tablet for the $270 the i7 book costs (Banggood, coupon b2b6b8).

    • Can the Teclast Tbook 16 Power’s thermal issues be DIY fixed?

  6. This is almost the device I am looking for. Just the 8GB RAM misssing.

  7. Sad news.

    It was officially confirmed in the forum that the hi13 does NOT have a fully laminated screen.

    Not exactly a surprise, but still a disappointment, especially for those for whom stylus use is important and need minimum parallax (art, note-taking). There are many of us!

    Maybe 2018…

    • Sad, I half expected that too. Only a few tablets with fully laminated in the more budget price groups.

  8. let’s hope they will upgrade the eMMC to 128GB, at least for the dualOS version (maybe triOS Win10+Ubuntu+Android)
    and eventually 6GB ram which is going to be standard for the upcoming flagship phablets/tablets running Android

  9. Ouch, I find this expensive! Anyone selling their hi 12 haha

    • Yeah it’s hard to find a used Hi12 for sale online. I’ve tried.

      • That is only logic:

        That is because we Chuwi Hi12 users are mostly happy with our tablets! 😀

        The one who were not happy with Chuwi Hi12 probably already sent back their tablets the first week they recieved it (faulty devices) but the ones who are keeping their tablets until today – are happy customers.

        I gotta admit, I was planning to sell my Chuwi Hi12 when I heard they gonna release hi13 but after seeing what price it costs and that they left out full size USB ports on the main tablet and also that waiting for dual boot version will probably be in half a year, then I’ll gladly keep my Hi12 which is working perfectly fine on the daily basis.

        At least I can utilize my 2 full size ports for extremely fast USB 3.0 pendrives to play League of Legends on that! 😀 And yes, you can play League of Legends on Chuwi Hi12, not joking.

        • Sell your unit to me 😛

          • haha 😀 I was actually planning to sell my chuwi hi12 (z8350 version) for around 150 USD (included with keyboard) but now when Chuwi Hi13 is disappointing all of us with their mediocre release, I will stick around with hi12 a bit longer.

            Though, since competition is very high in China right now when it comes to tablets, I think Cube and Teclast might coming out with new products soon and they are also very afforable! We customers are lucky that those companies have their “horse racing” so they somehow can pressure each other for a lower price.

            Chuwi Hi13 is on the other hand not THAT cheap in my opinion. I expected laminated screen for that bump of price since Apollo CPU is still worse than Core M.

          • Wow $150 would have been a great price for a used Hi12! Plus it comes from a power user so that unit must be already tweaked to near perfection.

  10. Sort of kicking myself now that I ordered the Lapbook 14.1 when this seems to be based around the same specs (I wonder are they reusing the motherboard) but with a nicer screen with pen input and USB-C.
    Ah well, maybe I’ll pick this up in the summer when the price has dropped. I presume the price of $369 is without the keyboard? Either way, looks great for the price.

    • It would be $369 just the tablet. I’m sure there will be a sale on later when launched on Banggood or Gearbest. That normally happens they have a launch sale. It could be the same motherboard just with a few tweaks. I hope it is then we will have a spare M.2 inside it.

    • What’s the best time of the year to buy Chuwi tablets? Summer? September coz of their anniversary? Black Friday? Chinese New Year?

  11. Also please check if it has a spare M.2 slot as maybe this shares a similar motherboard to the Lapbook 14? If we can add a M.2 SSD would be awesome. And the lack of USB ports (Type-A) on the tablet bothers me, but at least the keyboard has two. Are the USB 3.0 ports?

    • I will take a look and see if i can open it.

    • I’m awaiting the company’s reply in the official forums regarding on wether or not the USB ports on the keyboard are USB 3.0.

      • I see 10 pogo ports which is a good sign, but could be so the USB ports on the keyboard work when reserved or for a future keyboard with an extra battery etc. My guess is it will be a hub USB 2.0 hub 🙁 Hope I’m wrong!

  12. Looks great, waiting for this!! Will buy it to replace my Hi12, but I will wait to the prices drops. Do you think it will sell for closer to $300 ??

    • I might be on a limited launch sale. Have to wait and see.

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