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iFive Mini 4S Firmware 1.05 Released

iFive Mini 4S Firmware 1.05 Released

Update: I’ve flashed 1.05 on my own unit, lost everything so remember to backup data! So far nothing new, audio jack buzz is the same. If anything the ROM feels a little more fluid?

The FNF iFive Mini 4S has another ROM update, version 1.05 is 502Mb in size doesn’t seem to have a changelog anywhere I can find. So I assume it’s a bug fix release, I haven’t flashed it yet as I don’t want to loose all my data. I’ll have to see if it can be flash just updating the ROM and not a complete wipe. But for those that got themselves an iFive Mini 4S without Google Play installed this is your best bet, flash this and it will have Play preinstalled.

The installers for Google Play don’t seem to work on these FNF tablets, which is why I haven’t reviewed the iFive Pro2 with this same chipset yet, that ROM lacks Play and I can’t get it to work no matter what. The iFive is currently only $94 with coupon FNFGB at Gearbest which is crazy low for a metal clad, 2048 x 1536 7.9″ Android 6.0 tablet.

I’ll update this post when I flash my own unit. The instructions are included inside the flasher download below! But iFive really need an OTA system to push out these updates instead of flashing it.

Ifive Mini 4S Upgrade Tool1.9 MiB359
Ifive Mini 4S US 1.0.4 201702211.0 GiB104
Ifive Mini 4S US 1.0.5 20170301503 MiB104
Ifive Mini 4S US 1.0.6 20170330507 MiB267
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  1. Profile photo of amacar

    Anybody tried to remove second layer from screen? At first I have one protector on screen which I peeled off, but now I don’t know if scond protector can be removed too or is part of the screen.

    • Profile photo of Chris G

      Yeah I have, its just a screen protector. Glass underneath, looks great and feels like it might even be scratch resistant, well a little.

      • Profile photo of amacar

        Great, thank you for quick answer. I bought it based on your review and I really like it so far, especially for 99.99$. Will maybe swap it with xiaomi mi pad 3, depends on price.

  2. Profile photo of FLOz

    The firmware 1.0.6 has been released yesterday: http://en.5-fnf.com/rom/index?id=25

    • Profile photo of Chris G

      Thanks have you flashed it? If so any changes?

    • Profile photo of Alsavia

      It can be update from 1.05 to 1.06 trough OTA? Thanks.

      • Profile photo of sav

        I didnt had any notification about an ota update and just flashed it by hand.

  3. Profile photo of Jorge

    Do you guys recommend removing the screen protector? I like that it fits so nicely, but I find I can’t scroll as easily. I removed the top layer, but not the layer directly on the glass.

    Mine came with 1.05 installed, Google Play is there. Quick observations:
    – Screen is outstanding.
    – Wifi sucks. Worse than my old Nexus 7. It works, but lots of dropouts on YouTube/Amazon prime video.
    – I have the 3.5mm audio buzz, but honestly it’s not that bad.
    – Build quality is fantastic. Anyone know of a good folding case for it?
    – Doesn’t feel significantly faster/slower than my 2013 Nexus 7. I find this sad, honestly.

    • Profile photo of Chris G

      Odd I find the wifi is just fine on mine, using my 5G AC router. No real issues. No drops, nothing of the sort. Seems things vary from batch to batch like wifi and screen brightness. I’ve removed the top layer it’s some type of glass, maybe just plain old soda lime glass as used in the Teclast X98 series. I think it will scratch real easy.

    • Profile photo of sav

      Yeah, the performance is also one of my bigger issues with this device. I mean, everything runs but its just doesnt feel really fast. You always have to wait here and there until the apps are loaded. Cant understand why the performance is so bad for a late 2016 device, even for the price.

  4. Profile photo of Ron

    Mine was delivered without playstore (by Banggood). I tried both firmwares but google playstore and every other application keeps on crashing. The tablet reboots every now and than by itself….
    Anyone else having these issues? Did you guys install the 1.05 firmware as an upgrade over the old one or as a restore? I noticed that it is much smaller than the 1.04 firmware so that’s why I am asking.

    • Profile photo of Ian

      I ended up installing 1.04 firmware as a first step after a couple of fails with 1.05. According to the ‘tutorial’ included in the package ‘upgrade’ should be selected in the tool, so that’s what I did. Even that is vast improvement over the bare bones ROM as delivered.
      The unzipped 1.05 .img file isn’t that much smaller at just under 1gb.

    • Profile photo of Chris G

      I did it as restore otherwise upgrade just boot looped for me.

      • Profile photo of Ron

        I tried it with a restore using 1.04 and after that did an upgrade to 1.05 and now it all works fine. No reboots or crashes untill now. For now I am very happy. Thanks for the tips.

      • Profile photo of Ian

        Gah!…You’re right, that’s what I meant to say…really it was:)

        • Profile photo of Ron

          Between the lines I already red it that you meant it like this so I just tried. Still no issues after a day. So again thanks for the tip. 🙂

    • Profile photo of Alsavia

      Hi All,

      I made a restore directly from stock rom to 1.05.
      Don’t forget to remove the USB plug as soon as the success popup appear, otherwise it will boot loop.

      Concerning the headphone, I noticed that noise level vary a lot depending on the headphone I use.
      To hear it, dont play any sound and click on menu. Plane mode does not resolve this. Anyway, my other tablet, teclaks TBOOK11 was much worst for the headphone noise. Here the noise with my Sennheizer momentum is negligable.

      All in all, i’m very happy with the tablet.

  5. Profile photo of Unkwn

    I’m really struggling with updating the firmware on this. I’m trying to follow the instructions but I can’t get beyond the FactoryTool without it failing. Could you perhaps break down what I should be doing from opening the FactoryTool?

    Sorry, I’m a bit out of my comfort zone and as my tablet didn’t come with Play Store it’s not much use to me unless I can get this update to work.

    • Profile photo of Chris G

      Did you install the drivers? And then put it into download mode? Power it off and then volume down and insert USB cable? It’s in the instructions, read it step by step you must have missed something.

  6. Profile photo of Kris

    I’m looking to get this for my mom to replace her aging Nexus 7. She doesn’t listen on headphones, so that’s not a dealbreaker for me. As long as it does Chome, Youtube, and Facebook, and takes decent photos, I’m happy.

    Regaarding the hiss sound, using a compact USB DAC and an OTG cable would probably work. That’s what I did with my iWork 12 (then the windows drivers got better eventually).

    • Profile photo of Chris G

      Yes, an external USB DAC would solve it and so does using a BT headset.

  7. Profile photo of Ian

    Just got one of these to use with a DJI Mavic Pro and the DJI Go 4 app. It’s great so far, considering that many other (much more expensive) Android tablets suffer crashes, connection losses, lag or screen freezes trying to run that app.
    I’m not sure about updating the ROM though, being a bit wary of the extra resources involved in running Google Play services.
    On the reported buzz/hiss from the 3.5mm audio jack, it could be my ancient ears but I’m not hearing it at all.

    • Profile photo of Chris G

      Good to know it works well with that app, and it seems now that not all of the Mini 4S’s have the buzz. Some lucky people such as yourself and Nicolas below in the comments have good units. It’s just the luck of the draw.

  8. Profile photo of joeblah

    I’m thinking about ordering this tablet soon as the screen size and the build materials plus being a fully laminated screen fits what I want in a tablet almost perfectly. But the headphone jack static is concerning me. It seems to me it might be a shielding issue can someone that has this tablet put it in airplane mode and tell me if the static is still present.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Profile photo of Chris G

      Sadly still present in flight mode. I’ll try the new firmware now and see if it improves things.

    • Profile photo of Chris G

      FW 1.05 the audio jack is exactly the same.

      • Profile photo of joeblah

        Thank you for checking. Its still probably a shielding / em issue but will be harder to isolate and resolve.

        • Profile photo of Chris G

          Using a Bluetooth headset bypasses the issue for me, but not ideal.

  9. Profile photo of Rsg

    i didn’t know that you can also activate multi window mode from developer options for 6.0.1 android

  10. Profile photo of nicolas poupinet

    I haven’t any problem with mine: firmware 1.04, Playstore OK, sound OK, cameras OK.

    • Profile photo of Chris G

      But if no sound is playing can you hear a buzzing noise on the 3.5mm jack?

  11. Profile photo of Rsg

    sorted! The only thing i missed out was putting the tablet in the update from bootloader.. The new ROM even has systems update OTA along with playstore!

    • Profile photo of Chris G

      Great glad you got it sorted! I’ll be updating mine soon when I’m back in the studio tomorrow maybe. I’ll see what it changes, did it happen to fix your 3.5mm buzzing noise or at least improve it?

      • Profile photo of Rsg

        Thanks mate, Without the details on your website this was a lemon!! Well even after the new ROM flashed the hiss sound is still significantly present. The Audio from the headphone jack is utter crap but when paired via bluetooth with my jaybird freedom .. it’s surprisingly amazing! But overall absolute bang for the buck.. Display is the USP.. used a black cd marker pen to paint the ugly Five logo at back!! Thanks for reviewing it.. are there any case or cover for this?

        • Profile photo of Chris G

          Not found a case that fits, but what I do have is a nice pouch for an iPad mini that works great. This has to be the best bang for buck tablet yet I think. You get some much for the price. Premium build and screen, stock Android almost perfect if the battery was a little larger and no 3.5mm static.

  12. Profile photo of Rsg

    i followed every step of upgrade firm ware tool mentioned in instructions & even downloaded newer 1.0.5 US rom version.

    It comes with boot load fail on fastboot software on pc. I don’t know what am doing wrong here.

    Do i need to root the device? i don’t have any data or information on it so not worried.

    Do you mind listing the steps you did to flash it to US ROM or perhaps a video would be even better. Such great build & display tablet for under $100 but all this issues like no playstore, static noise kills the tablet.

    Thanks Chris

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