My Top 3 Android Tablets For 2017

My Top 3 Android Tablets For 2017

Over the course of the year I’ve reviewed many Android tablets and these 3 here are my picks. They all have fully laminated displays, MicroSD card slots, good build quality and wireless AC.

Teclast Master T10. Teclast are back on from with this Android 7.0 tablet, it’s slim will a full metal build, 13MP front camera and 8MP rear camera they both can take a decent image in good light which normally isn’t the case for a tablet. The screen is a 2560 x 1600 fully laminated IPS and the ROM is light with only 6-7 bloatware Chinese apps which can be uninstalled. The speakers are on the left and right side with decent volume too. The real cons of this tablet is only the bad location of the fingerprint reader on the middle rear of the tablet and the ports which are located on the top.

Specs: MediaTek 8176 six core Soc with 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage. HDMI out and hardware GPS. The battery is 8100mAh.

Price: $209 here on flash sale.

Lenovo P8 (Tab3 Plus 8)

A great tablet for the price, powered by a Snapdragon 625 with 3GB of RAM, the UI is smooth and it’s 8″ fully laminated 1920 x 1200 screen is bright and vibrant. The tablet is running Android 6.0 with some extra bloat apps installed by Lenovo. But it also has GPS and a hardware compass something the other tablets don’t so ideal for car or boat navigation. The Tab3 8 Plus has a 4250mAh battery and rear 8MP camera. It lacks HDMI out.

Price: It’s current $134 with coupon WAREHOUSEFR04 here

FNF iFive Mini 4S

This one was hard to overlook, as it set the preset for sub $99 tablets. The iFive Mini 4S has a fully laminated iPad mini 4 screen, metal and glass body and 4800mah battery. It runs Android 6.0 and has a bloat-free ROM. It’s only got 2GB of Ram and 32GB of storage and the Rockchip RK3288 is the weakest of these 3, but in my testing still enough to play the last games with playable framerates.

Price: It had been selling for as low as $89, but it’s currently $108 with coupon GBTPC08 here


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  1. Hi Chris, I’m a happy owner of Teclast Mastert T10. However I have to say that it has some baby ills. For me some apps just do not work, like ABnB, Verbatim Mediashare, and Yuneec CGO-2 app. just to mention a few. Apart of this I’m very happy with it, mainly with the battery life.

  2. A few months down the line, would USD$150 still be a good price for the Lenovo P8 (with 4G)?

  3. Hi, Chris. May I ask which firmware you are in right now on Teclast Master T10? Most users said that v1.31 is defected mainly with ghost touches, it makes me afraid to update for a moment.

  4. Chris, why the Teclast T10 over the T8? The T8 solves the fingerprint problem by putting it on the front, and adds USB Type-C.

    • Yes but the screen has a greenish tint which is why it was dropped down from the top 3 in favour of the T10. Also much better battery life on the larger T10

      • I’ve not noticed the green tint on my T8 – anywhere in particular I should be able to notice it most? Point taken about the battery life, but then it’s a smaller device 😉

        • More on white backgrounds. It could be just the first batch his affected by this.

  5. Great price you got yours for, you see why the choice was easy for me to pick the T10 for what it offers for the price.

  6. Nice one Chris 😉
    And next one is “Top 3 Windows tablets”? 😀

    • I would but I sold my Cube Mix Plus 🙁 Kinda hampering things.

  7. @Chris

    You mention numerous times in the video that the T10 has a Mali T880, it doesn’t! It has a PowerVR GX6250.

    • Ah yes, had a bad day. I got it wrong. It’s all unscripted and going of my memory which was pretty poor at the time.

  8. Well I got my Teclast T10 from Gearbest for $145 so very happy with the price, had a few issues but disabling the security app that Teclast use fixed most of them. The only problem I have is the 5GHz wifi signal keeps dropping but it works fine on 2.4GHz so not the end of the world but for the price it can’t be beaten.

  9. Teclast T10: I got mine from Aliexpress for just under $200. Fast delivery time (13 days), no custom fee. Absolutely no chinese bloat ware and immediate boot into English. Battery was fully loaded at 95% upon arrival. GPS fix very fast and even inside the house, near to the window. A superbe Tablet for this price.

  10. your link for the lenovo tablet is wrong

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