Deals: Gearbest Flash Sale Tablets For $19.99

Deals: Gearbest Flash Sale Tablets For $19.99

Over at Gearbest they have a snap up sale on various tablets for only $19.99 starting in minutes from the 17th to 22nd. Only 1-2 units at that price, two a day so you have to be super quick to get them. They are selling the Cube Mix Plus (Core M3) Teclast X3 Plus and Cube iwork1x. Test your luck (and internet connection) and try and get one for super cheap.

The sale is here: Gearbest snap up sale.

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    It’s a scam. The X3 Pro were supposed to be on sale 6 minutes ago (11:00) and when the timer reaches 0:0:0, it says sale ended. If you reload the page, it resets back to 3 minutes 25 secs. Every time.

    And suddenly, now all the units are gone

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