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Daily Deals: i7 Stylus Core M for $359, Cube i6 9.7″ Dual Boot for $149

Daily Deals: i7 Stylus Core M for $359, Cube i6 9.7″ Dual Boot for $149

If you missed out on the Cube i7 Stylus sale here is something to help, have lowered the i7 Stylus to $359 (Down from$389) Unlike some other sellers this should ship with a Windows 8.1 Bing image and valid Windows license. There have been  a few issues with some sellers selling i7 Stylus Windows 8.1 Pro version that have a cracked activation. You can read my i7 Stylus review here.

The Cube i6 Wifi also gets a nice price cut, now just $149 (limited units) over at unlike the i6 Air 3G this model doesn’t have the matte screen layer over the IPS panel, but lacks 3G. It’s a decent dual boot that’s not in white. My Cube i6 3G review is here.

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  1. there is a notice in description “Only EnglishLanguage” I was asking Banggood support? They said its impossible to use it with another languages? even to type, How could it be? Even there is a shortscreen with the “Add Languages” window in the description.
    Also they said the usb-3 doesn’t work)))
    Could you please tell me what is going on with the languages on the tablet?

  2. no, it is’t, but where do you found it?

  3. Hi, do you know some discount code for banggood?

    • For buy cube i7 stylus.

    • Not sure if it’s still valid but this worked for my V919 3G from used this code: b185f7 for 5% off

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