Chuwi Hi13

First Non MS tablet to use the Surface Book 3:2 Screen
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Chuwi Hi13 Official Specs

Chuwi Hi13 Official Specs

The new Chuwi Hi13 will run the new Celeron N3450 Apollo Lake. 14nm, with Gen9 Intel HD 500 graphics with 12 EU cores (Same as the Atom Z83X0). With a maximum turbo of 2.2Ghz, it has 4GB of DDR3 RAM and a 64GB for storage eMMC runs Windows 10 Home (For now) I sure hope they have plans for a dual OS version. Remember the Hi12 first only came with Windows 10 so hopefully there will be a larger dual boot release with Android or Remix and Windows 10. The battery is 10,000mAh in size.

The Chuwi Hi13 has dual-band wireless, a type-c port (USB 3.0), MicroUSB 2.0, microSD slot and micro HDMI out. Just like the Hi12, it supports an optional removable keyboard dock with two USB ports either side, I hope they are USB 3.0 spec. The pogo port connector is using a 10 pin layout so it could be possible? Or 10 pins as there is a battery in the keyboard dock?.

The screen is the same as the Surface Book’s 3000 x 2000 pixels with 267 PPI, in a large 13.5 inches, with a color gamut of 100% sRGB. The screen supports an active stylus. And the design looks very similar to the last Chuwi tablets, the Hi10 Plus and HiBook Pro series.

No word on the price, stylus specs or pictures of the keyboard. It’s safe to say that screen isn’t fully laminated.

Yes, I’ll be reviewing this one. So what do you think? I think it looks good, just a shame there are no full sized ports on the tablet itself. That is one of the things I really enjoyed about my Hi12 having those two full sized USB ports is very handy. And I hope there are plans for a Remix OS 3.0 & Windows 10 dual OS version.

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  1. Well, am I wrong or this is weaker than Mix Plus?
    I mean the proc, and gpu 500?
    Well, I’ll wait with my buy until I see your review 😀


    • Yes it’s quite a bit weaker Vs the Core M3-7Y30 in the mix plus is quite a beast for a fanless tablet.

  2. Since breaking my Hi10 last month I will be very interesting in this model.
    I hope there is some decent pen functionality also though.

  3. I’m curious about the functionality of that USB-C port.

    • Just data and charging. HDMI out is from the micro HDMI port.

      • USB Type-C charges more efficiently than micro usb, right?

        • Yes passes that 2A limit on USB 2.0 spec. So it should have faster charging, maybe even 12v 2A or something to charge it I imagine.

  4. I have just seen an prearrival notice in gearbest of this tablet.

    487€ aprox. Too much expensive for me 🙁

  5. MS and Qualcomm announced full x86 app support on Win10(RT) + SnapDragon835
    Then Android support will no more be an issue
    Let’s wait what 2017 will bring us

    • Then Android support will no more be an issue?

      What has Android to do with Windows?

      • I think he means Windows support. But yes 2017 is looking good. Windows 10 & Android 7 tablets with Snapdragon 835. I hope this happens.

        • I think I still prefer the Intel chipset. ARM is still too non-standard. With Intel you have at least the chance to install something like Linux on it – since it is x86 compatible and this means a lot. For example a standard boot sequence. With ARM all is manufacturer-specific.

          Even with the best Win10 support for ARM some special software like VMWare probably won’t ever run. Also Games seem to touch the hardware at a pretty low level. I doubt the first ARM iteration of graphics will really be pain-free.

          We will see.

          • Have you tried VMware on chuwi hi 13 please let me know I want to buy one but I need to make sure it runs win xp in VMware

      • with Android for x86 (Atom) still stuck at 5.1……I mean that a SnapDragon based tablet would easily sport the latest Android release

        • Guys anybody runs VMware on chuwi hi13 ?? Pls let me know I need to run win xp on it using VMware but I want to be sure it handle it before I buy it

  6. My guess is it will be at least $100 more expensive then one would expect – only because it has a renamed Atom which costs $100 more. Intel does not want to sell cheap tablet chips anymore. Maybe their plans will work out since almost ALL tablet manufacturers now use Intel chips for years and all Windows tablets and the majority of Android tablets use Atom chips for a long time.

    Switching back to ARM means much more development wise for manufacturers. They all have the same well working Android version (5.1) that works with Intel chips. Switching to Android means they need to invest into an Android version adapted to ARM. Probably not too much a deal since they cannot be stuck to 5.1 forever anyways.

    “The screen is the same as the Surface Book’s 3000 x 2000 pixels with 267 PPI”

    Really the same? Identical? How do you know? Or does the screen just have the same resolution?

    • I hope that manufacturers will also pick up 14 inch screens soon. Is there any tablet that uses 14 inch screens other then the huge iPad Pro?

      Are 14 inch screens mass produced by manufacturers or will it just not happen for at least a year?

    • It’s the same IPS or PLS panel used in the Surface Book, just not fully laminated.

  7. Something with a great screen but an 83xx level processor, I guess it is the replacement for the Hi12, but not much more than that. Too bad that there can’t be full type c 3.1 or even Thunderbolt starting to show up on these tablets.

    If it’s something in the $200-300 US price range, then it seems like a fair price point for what it is.

    I hope they use the screen, give it OGS, and use it in a core m, with USB type C 3.1 that fully works.

    I wish these companies would start offering a choice of the keyboard dock or typecover keyboard so that people could choose their preference. Or standardize some of the docking connection so you could buy as 3rd party one.

  8. How hard can it be to make the perfect tablet that will steal all the customers? Do they have a deal with each other to make sure every tablet have some flaws?

    • I don’t think any of them can invest a lot in developing their own ideas. Real experimentation where they waste a lot of time.

      All they can do is copy stuff from big brands that has shown appeal with customers.

      That’s why they probably have all the same Android 5.1 version on these tablets. They probably all buy it from the same developer. But even the big brands don’t want to spend money to upgrade the devices they sold. It’s getting better due to customer pressure.

  9. The eMMC might be to hold the BIOS, I hope not.
    No full sized USB ports on the tablet is pathetic, I wouldn’t consider buying the Hi13 for that alone.
    I see two speaker grills on the same side, surely they haven’t put both speakers on one side!?!?

  10. Seems like Cube will be using the same panel in a notebook.

    • You got my hopes up there, but that’s Alldocube not Cube 🙁

      • “CUBE” is a digital brand owned by Shenzhen Alldo Cube Technology and Science Co., Ltd. Created in 2004,

    • Interesting video and that product hasn’t been announced yet, hopefully soon. Maybe they are making some changes. See later the 6.98″ model is now the Cube WP10, with Windows 10 mobile.

  11. Finally! So excited to see more of this. If this thing charges off micro usb instead of AC or the Type C port I will skip it though. No excuse at this point.

    • I’m sure it will be type-c 3A charging, not that microUSB port.

  12. “No word on the price, stylus specs or pictures of the keyboard.”

    But that recent post of yours did show pics of the keyboard, didn’t it?

    Dual-band wi-fi is already progress on the hi12, which is single-band, if I’m not mistaken…

    Call me crazy but I’m still holding out hope for a laminated screen!

    • Shame it doesn’t have a fully laminated screen, well I say the keyboard, because we don’t have a full shot of it. Only that side on image.

  13. A bit disappointing. When are chuwi (etc) going to realise that a type-C port should complement not replace full sized ports?!

    would LOVE a ‘pro’ version of this with a core-m, 8GB ram and a proper SSD (and USB-A).

    Even just a real SSD (that is possible with apollo lake chips right??) would have probably made me upgrade from the Hi12; I think the EMMC is as probably as much of a bottleneck as the processor is.

    how is this charging? through either B or C ports? Anything beyond 5V??
    does the type C port do the full data/charge/display functions?

    Lovely display, hope others make better use of it.. not like it’s a bad device but doesn’t offer enough over the hi12 IMO.

    • I’m ok with the Apollo Lake processor.

      Of all the things you list the 4gb ram really sticks in my craw. It’d be so cheap and easy to add 4 more, and the difference it would make…

      • Somehow browsers ramped up RAM usage extremely in recent years. You cannot even use a notebook anymore properly with only 2GB RAM without massive swapping going on if you have opened just a couple of tabs.

        Progress in the wrong direction. There are a lot of practically new devices with 2GB RAM you just cannot upgrade.

    • I think it’s charged via the type-c port like the Hi10 Plus and Hibook etc. I really do hope they release a Core M3 version. Onda, Teclast, Cube all have Core M’s but not Chuwi for some reason. And yes it does support SSD the Apollo Lake. Would have been great with m.2 sata3 SSD even.

      • Probably because it has shown that Dual Boot tablets sell better. And I am not aware that Android runs on Core M3 ? (sure it could be it would need adjusting it seems)

  14. Sounds good. I do need dual-boot. I was going to buy a hi12, now I’m waiting ;-p

    • My guess is there will be a later dual OS version. Just a have to wait a few months like we did with the Hi12.

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