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Jumper EZBook 3 Pro Unboxing And First Impressions

Jumper EZBook 3 Pro Unboxing And First Impressions

The new EZBook 3, the Pro version now comes with a new matte coated 13.3-inch IPS, 6GB of RAM (Two 3GB LPDDR3 Samsung chips running at 1600mhz dual channel). The second batch has the M.2 SSD slot so you can upgrade your storage capacity and speed. I’ve had it for a short time but it looks very promising indeed, the keyboard bounce and flex of the EZBook 3 is gone, it’s very thin (13mm) and the screen is an IPS not TN panel like the EZBook 3. Below is my first look video with my first impressions.

First impressions:

  • Huge step up in build quality over the EZBook 3 & the build is better than the plastic Chuwi Lapbook 14.1
  • The Laptop casing is all alloy, even the bottom.
  • The touchpad feels decent, it’s usable. I don’t feel like I have to plug in a mouse like some touchpads.
  • It’s not a precision touchpad, so no control over gestures in Windows 10 options
  • The screen is matte anti-glare coated, it’s bright enough for indoor use but could be brighter.
  • 36Wh battery, Looks to be good for around 7-8 hours (Initial testing)
  • The two loudspeakers are downwards firing, sound okay, they vibrate a little at 100% volume
  • USB 3 ports both power 1TB external drivers (Full USB 3.0 speeds)
  • The MicroSD card slot is USB 2.0 speeds, later my card worked at 23 MB/s reads and 20 write.
  • The SSD slot (Depends on the batch) works at full SATA3 speeds. Not like the EZbook 3 which ran around 250mb/s max.
  • The internals look great, large copper heatsink and I can already see thermals are not going to be an issue (Unlike the Lapbook 14.1)
  • My Linux Manjaro test USB 3 pen didn’t want to boot (Stable 17.0 release)
  • The bios is fully unlocked, every option is there. Some that can render the laptop as a brick. So be careful messing about there.
  • The screen hinge is firm, it doesn’t feel loose.
  • 45GB free on the eMMC first boot.
  • Windows 10 Home activated no issues
  • RAM runs at 1600Mhz
  • Camera is 2MP 720p 30fps. Okay quality, good enough for Skype in a well-lit room.
  • MicroSD card slot uses USB 2.0 spec. So limited speeds of 23/24 MB/s.
  • 37Wh battery, good for around 7 hours of mixed use. 10 hours of Edge only browsing.

The biggest thing for me so far is it has no wireless AC, a real shame. The Lapbook 14.1 has it and the Onda Xiaoma 41. If only it had it, we could have the best budget Apollo Lake laptop yet. But still, I’m really liking it so far, great build, feels fast and the battery life and screen are good.

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone. Samsungi8910omnia.com, Samsunggalaxysforums.com founder from way back.


  1. Hi guys. I’m keen on getting one of these but would like to a little more clarity on linux compatibility before I pull the trigger.
    According to the link below the Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 (which has a near identical chipset) boots Ubuntu just fine. Seems like the trick is to enter bios and specify OS type as “Linux”:

    “The first thing you’ll have to do is to press Esc while starting the laptop to enter the BIOS / UEFI “Aptio Setup Utility”, go to the Boot menu, and change from “Windows” to “Linux” for “OS Slelect” (sic.) option.
    If you don’t do that, you’ll only have a cursor on the top left of the display when you boot Linux from the USB flash drive.”

    I’d be very grateful if somebody could confirm whether or not the above solution works on the Ezbook 3 Pro.

    Link: http://forum.chuwi.com/thread-3571-1-1.html

    • Doesn’t work, you don’t get the cursor, just scrolls a page of various text. I looked to see if there was a legacy mode but I could only see Uefi mode.

    • No Linux option in the bios just Android and Windows. Set to Android doesn’t help it doesn’t boot Linux USB live pens I’ve tested. Will not install. So, for now, Linux is not supported.

      • Ahh thats such a pity, suppose I’ll have to hold out until Jumper releases a bios update…
        Thanks for testing guys

  2. Two finger scrolling using the touch pad. I find it scrolls in the direction I want then briefly goes in the other direction if I move both fingers together as I normally would. But if i leave one finger always touching the pad and move the other finger it seems to work as I expect. Is it just me?
    The wifi/bluetooth. Like others have already mentioned, using wifi only, there is no problem. But when I use the supplied Jumper Bluetooth mouse, the wifi signal drops and or cuts off after a length of time. I have tried unticking the power saving in the power menu and also on the wifi configure menu, but no difference.

  3. Hi,
    Can I install windows 10 on the SSD ?
    Thx 🙂

  4. Fine adjustment using the touchpad is so so and the power lead is short, keyboard is as good as my Acer S3.

    • I find the touchpad is okay, certainly better than a lot of others I’ve used. The keyboard is really quite decent. As for the power lead, it’s easy to find a 3mm 12V 3A charger around that’s longer. I got one of those multi-voltage chargers with the changeable plug heads. It’s max 12v and 3A does the job well. And it was like 15 euros. I’ve used it on many D/C in tablets and laptops. Just make sure the positive terminal is in the middle and your fine.

  5. mannn—-surprising sad that if you missed out on the May4-ish Gearbest deal of ~$220, that they’re now hawking them for ~$310….quite the price jump

  6. Hello Chris, on some blogs they say that this laptop has fast charge, is this information true or only has normal charge?

  7. Do you have the eMMC speed, I’m guessing its 150/50 read write..

    • All the tests will be in the review coming soon. But it’s eMMC 5.0 spec so 270 read and 70 writes, not the fastest write speed I’ve seen, but still very good overall for this type of drive.

  8. This first look convinced me to buy this device. I found it pretty cheap on Gearbest form their hk-2 warehouse, but it is probably without ssd slot. I was thinking of buying from Jumper’s aliexpress store so I get the ssd port. Do anyone have any voucher, promo or discount code for them?

    • Well, when bought mine from them they said if anyone wants a discount, quote them “nopending01” and they will take $5 off. Not a lot lol, but better than nothing.

      • Great, thanks!

      • Flash sale says $220 shipping excluded from Hong Kong –> http://www.gearbest.com/laptops/pp_620750.html?wid=11

        • That model is missing the M.2 slot 🙂 Still a great price regardless!

          • Why that one is missing the M.2 slot? Which ones has the slot? Thanks!

            • First batch no slot, second batch with it. Ask the seller if it as it.

        • Yeah, that is a really good price, probably missing ssd slot though. And that’s the thing, if you want the device with the port, you have to buy the eMMC anyway, you can’t take it off and sell it. So you have to pay for that memory aswell, even though you might never use it.

  9. I think the ezbook pro is almost exactly the same as the Onda Xiaomi 31. There are a few differences, 4gb v 6gb Ram, ac wifi, access hatch for M.2 SSD, fingerprint reader. Translate this page http://m.zol.com.cn/article/6361922.html

    • Looks that way, the same ODM maybe? Xiaoma 31 looks great with wifi AC if you don’t mind 4GB of RAM as the build is really quite good. I’m impressed with it. The Chinese are really stepping up with full metal builds. The Cube Thinker i35 and now this.

    • I might review that Onda too, as the Xiao 41 was quite decent. Both 21 and 31 also look decent.

      • The main advantage of the ezbook pro over the Xiaoma 31 is price, in China there is only ¥200 Yuan($30) difference but there seems to be more than $100 difference on international sites. Thanks for the mini review of the pro, look forward to the main review.

        • Yes, I can’t understand that price difference if it’s the same ODM/design just less RAM and Wireless AC. I’m asking around if I can get a coupon for it to review, if not I’ll pass. I’m certainly not paying $350+ for the Xiaoma 31.

  10. Unless it’s two 4800 batteries glued together that would seem more obvious I guess…

  11. Did they lie about the battery rating? I’m sure I saw a 4800 mah rating in the review uploaded by Chris as compared to the advertised 9600 mah

    • No, I don’t think os it’s 36Wh according to the battery cells inside and it’s looking like a good 7 hours of use in my early testing phase. I just need to find time to sit down and use it.

  12. Great quick review, Chris! I can’t wait to get mine. However I noticed the internal mmc is a Toshiba instead of the fantastic SanDisk one provided in the lapbook or my EZbook 3, which throws really good r/w speeds and makes the computer so fast and snappy. Have you run any speed test on the Toshiba mmc yet?

  13. Finally a great review, this laptop looks great I’m anxious to get mine, I hope there is solution for linux support I would like to have dual boot

  14. Sucks Linux does not boot. Just black screen? I’ve seen reports of that with other devices. Dunno the cause yet.

  15. I don’t get it… it must be only a few bucks more for wireless AC…

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