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Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 Hands-On First Impressions & Unboxing

Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 Hands-On First Impressions & Unboxing

Update: Repeated tests to get the lapbook hot max out at 90 degrees C with no thermal throttling. So not the temps I got before hand. Thermal mod isn’t really required, but if you did add a thermal pad or some copper you could certainly lower temps.

Finally got my Chuwi Lapbook 12.3, it’s the latest laptop from Chuwi and this one is a little different as it has the Surface Pro 2017 and Surface Pro 4 screen in it. A 3:2 ratio screen with a 2736 x 1824 resolution screen. That’s 267 PPI and it’s got an anti-glare coating on it. For some reason, I thought it was going to be glossy, glad I was wrong. The screen itself looks awesome, on of the best, but there is a mirror issue on my unit, the screen brightness charge from 50% to 75% & 100% is so minor it’s almost impossible to see. I’m hoping a bios update will correct this so we can get the full-screen brightness.

The Lapbook is $299 here with coupon Gearbest02, so more expensive than the Lapbook 14.1, but you do get a full metal build, and that premium top-tier screen.

It’s a 450 nit panel, but at the moment I don’t get the maximum brightness. At 50% luckily is still just fine because of the matte coated screen.

The bezel around the screen is big, Macbook Air or Acer Swift 3 big, it’s a shame they did this or had to maybe because of the 3:2 ratio screen? One thing that annoys me is yet again we see slimmer bezels in the press images and in reality it’s much larger, just take a look:

The build quality is great, all metal apart from the M.2 cover and middle part below the screen. The keyboard is one of the best yet to type on so far in my first day I really do like it. Very firm, no flex and good key travel and feedback from them. The touchpad is of an okay size, it’s not too bad, plastic top material and the accuracy is good. Gestures can’t be controlled via the mouse settings menu. So it’s not a precision touchpad.

The M.2 bay is really easy to get to, just flip up the plastic. One screen to remove and insert your SSD. It has to be 2242 in size and I recommend using 256GB or more so you get faster writes. The 128GB size ones normally have sequential writes under 200mb/s.

SSD bay is super easy to get to and install your own SSD. (2244 SATA3 spec)

The eMMC is a 64GB Toshiba, 4.5.1 spec and quite slow on this first batch, seems Chuwi almost wants us to move to using that M.2 slot with the kind of speeds it has.

eMMC’s are much slower than the Lapbook 14.1’s eMMC 5.0

Despite the minor cons, so far it’s shaping up to be one of the best N3450 laptops. Top build, great keyboard. 6GB of RAM and that awesome Surface Pro screen in it with anti-glare coating.

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  1. I will be receiving the Chuwi 12.3 Lapbook tomorrow. I watched the heat sink mod video and have a question. Have you actually opened the 12.3 Lapbook and know this mod will work with its smaller form factor? I’m very interested in doing this and want to order the materials.

    • yes, it has a shield over the CPU and eMMC with some thermal pads. Even just a large thermal pad on this to transfer heat to the rear should work.

    Ezbook 3 Pro with SSD slot, ac wifi and no thermal problems 😉 $220

    • I don’t think this has a M.2 slot. On June 7,2017 someone asked if it has an M2 slot and gearbest responded saying that it does NOT have one.

      • By Ruben Jun-12/2017 08:06:29
        Is this the new model with dual band wifi? Does it have the SSD slot? Thanks.
        Hello Ruben,

        This notebook has dual band wifi. It supports SSD expand and it has M.2 slot.
        Thank you for your inquiry.

    • Looking like the best so far, shame it has no Wifi AC however. I have to give up a USB port for Wifi AC. How do you know this has the M.2 slot now?

      • Gearbest have 3 versions on their website, silver and gold without SSD slot/ac wifi, but the version I have linked to comes with the ac wifi and SSD slot according to the description, it has only appeared in probably the last 24 hours.
        The questions in the listing were asked before this version was listed.

        • Can we trust it’s wifi AC and SSD slot? GB listings have so many errors. If it is correct, I want it, the almost perfect N3450 laptop.

          • Yes, it does seem a risk given their record. As sportnok notes, the version has m.2 in the description whereas the other two versions just have eMMC. I’m wavering!

            RAM: 6GB
            RAM Type: DDR3
            External Memory: TF card up to 128GB (not included)
            Hard Disk Memory: 64GB EMMC
            Hard Disk Interface Type: M.2

          • Looking at the Geekbuying listing of the Jumper which is pre-order, there is no mention of dual band wifi but there is of the m.2 slot so its hard to know what to believe. is it better to go with Geekbuying or Gearbest?

          • I can only assume that because so many people have asked about the SSD slot, they have decided to ask for a model with it, as well as including dual band wifi. If you order it, take a screen shot showing the spec so at least you can prove what was advertised. I suspect you may have to wait a few days for dispatch, but worth the wait at $220, great value.

        • Okay, Gearbest confirmed it both in the questions and updated the listing to say DUAL BAND WIFI VERSION. They better be right on this just pulling the plug as I love this notebook, but need Wifi AC. Time to sell my wireless N version. Thanks Sportnok! Quite a decent price too.

          • I’m still wondering whether to do the same, I have the 2nd batch SSD slot version but would be nice to get the ac Wifi..

    • very nice

    • Gearbest just confirmed it, and also just updated the listing to say DUAL BAND WIFI VERSION.

    • The flash sale for the Ezbook 3 Pro with dual band wifi and ssd slot has finished, its back to $300…

      • Thanks to you I got one for $219, will see if its true or not.

  3. Update: After extensive testing, running games non-stop, Photoshop, Chrome and edge heavy multitasking, I’ve run into thermal issues.  Thermals are not good! 97 degrees C on the CPU, the laptop will not thermal throttle (I think it should) and as a result, when it hits 97 degrees the laptop will go into sleep mode to cool down. It will need a thermal mod just like the Lapbook 14.1. So disappointed to see this, Chuwi just didn’t learn from the 14.1! Other MFG’s use copper heatsinks, but not Chuwi.

    • Thanx for your perfect site and huge work of testing nice chineese devices

  4. Wow. I thought this is perfect laptop, but I just realize there is no USB-C at all.

    The screen bezel screams 2010.

    • when will they learn , just make the bezel black , silver and white makes it stand out worse

  5. Thanks for the unboxing, kinda glad a got my Xiaomi air 12 for $460USD now. I hope its only problems are only driver issues and not anything more serious, but i have to say, the large bezels and the lack of USB-C port are a real miss for me. I would like to see the m3 versions when they come out.

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