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Jumper EZBook 3 Plus – Core M3-7Y30, 8GB, 128GB 14.1-Inch Laptop

Jumper EZBook 3 Plus – Core M3-7Y30, 8GB, 128GB 14.1-Inch Laptop

Yet another version of the EZBook 3 has been spotted on Gearbest, thanks to Ricardo.This time it’s a 14.1-inch laptop packing more punch with an Intel Core M3-7Y30 Kaby Lake, 8GB of RAM and 128GB SSD. The build looks thin like the EZBook 3 Pro, but with a larger touchpad. I hope it uses the same 14.1-inch matte IPS 1080p panel the Lapbook 14.1 has. That’s a really decent IPS panel, bright with good colours.

Other specs include Type-C port for charging and data. Two x USB 3.0 ports, MicroSD, 3.5mm, Micro HDMI & Wireless AC. The battery is listed as 9600mAh, which can’t be right. Be more like a 41Wh+ or similar size for a Core M3, well at least I hope.

Looking great as long as the price is good of course. No price is listed and it’s just on pre-alert at the moment. My guess on price is around $399 at first and later it will drop of course. Kind of makes me regret ordering the new dual-band wireless AC version, but it was super cheap. I’ll definitely be reviewing this one.

Source: http://www.gearbest.com/laptops/pp_654248.html

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  1. Hey Chris, how does this compare to the Cube Thinker in your opinion? I was hoping for Cube to release something like the Cube Mix Plus but with 8gb RAM, looks like i’ll have to get a notebook for that amount of RAM…

    • Hi, The Thinker i35 has one of the best screens around in it. Fully laminated and great colors. It doesn’t compare at all to this TN panel in the EZbook 3 Plus. Also the Cube Thinker i35 has type-c USB 3.1.

      • Yeah pity for the TN panel. The thinker screen looks incredible but i fear it takes too big a toll on the battery. I would have settled for a FHD on that machine…

        Let’s see if we get some good discount on black friday for the Cube then, otherwise I think I’ll pick a Cube Mix Plus. I’m torn because of the 4gb of RAM, but i really need a tablet/notebook before Christmas.

        Thank you for what you do!

  2. GearBest notified me that it’s available now – $613.

    • Wow, for some time today was on pre-sale at 392€, shipping after Aug 12, now it’s 546€. At 392 is a beast, to me only missing Type C and 256GB Ssd!

      • Huh. Right now it shows $439 to me, which is in line with your 392 EUR.

        • 392 euros is a really good price for a laptop like this with a premium top-end screen. Thanks for the info, I’ll let others know.

          • Hi Chris, yeah it’s so cool at this price….do you know some deep settings to “power-down” the M3-7Y30 to achieve more autonomy? Do you think is possible to be in par with N3450 with easy tasks?

      • You can limit the max processor speed and use power saving mode to get maybe 6-6 1/2 hours at low brightness. But still a good 1-2 hours of the best Apollo Lakes.

        • Thanks, that’s not bad! I guess with Intel XTU and some undervolting too, will be better.
          I’m waiting for your review, if you buy it 🙂

    • now it costs 274 euros here
      with coupon EZbook3P

  3. Well, after trying (unsuccessfully) to buy a Jumper EZbook PRO in silver, with the internal SSD slot, and then being informed by GB that it was discontinued, I decided to buy the Cube Thinker i35 – WOW !! Yes, it is double the cost of the Jumper, but this is an awesome laptop. It arrived 2 days ago with DHL, and I have been smitten by this laptop.

    After having difficulty getting the Jumper EZbook PRO 3, I did see GB list the new PLUS version. It’s specs look amazing, and I would love to get one to review. But with no expected date or final price, I decided to go with the Cube Thinker. I must say, thanks to Chris for your glowing review of the Thinker that pushed me in that direction. I look forward to your review of the PLUS version Chris.

    • Yes, the Cube Thinker i35 is great for the price. That screen, the build quality, and decent Core M3 fanless power. How is the keyboard, one user reported a key coming loose. No other reports I think, but mines still good. Just wish the speakers were a little better but otherwise very one of the best, if not the best for now.

      • After I ordered my Thinker, two new reviews showed up on YouTube. One showed the display panel falling out of it’s housing, and another different review of the display flashing on and off repeatedly. So, I was apprehensive when opening up and powering on my Thinker when it arrived.
        However, I can only think that those guys got a faulty batch. I have examined mine up close, and it is a perfect fit and finish – no gaps or misalignment in the joins. My display panel is firmly seated in the housing. Mine arrived with W10 all in english – no sign of Chinese anywhere in the software.
        Regarding the keyboard – mine is perfect. Someone posted that his keys were sticking, but I have examined the keys and the slots that they go into, and they are perfectly positioned, with enough space to not catch on anything. I use a MacBook Pro 15″ retina as my daily driver, and the keys on my MBP have a better feel to them. The Thinker is not quite as nice to type on as my MBP, but other than that I have no issues with the Thinker keyboard. Also, my MBP trackpad is far more smooth and fluid than the Thinker….but then, my MBP is in a different price class at $ 3000 loaded, so an unfair comparison.

  4. Would love to see this reviewed asap. I just received my Jumper 3 Pro a few days ago and i’m loving it…..if this one is good as on paper i’ll upgrade in a snap 😉

    • Not to worry, I’ll do my best to get it as soon as it’s listed somewhere as I’m very interested myself in this one. As long as the price is decent I’ll get it straight away.

  5. I wonder why these companies are all using Intel or Realtek WIFI. Atheros, Broadcom, or Universal Scientific Industrial please! I’ll gladly pay the difference. If you have to stick to Intel for cost, put it in a socket so we can change it ourselves.

    • Would love to have that, a mini PCIE slot so as you say we can then change it at least. But what’s wrong with the Intel cards? I get some really good results with them both in Apollo lake based laptops and tablets. The RealTek N I hated.

      • Can’t use Intel cards with OSX, so it pretty much kills them for Hacks.

        • Oh right okay. didn’t think of it from that point of view.

          • I’m with you on hating RealTek though, I can’t stand the RealTek N card in my Stylus or my Kindow.

            That one’s finally supported on OSX now though.

  6. It’s currently listed on Gearbest for 615USD

    • Yeah, but that’s not to be taken seriously. They always artificially raise the prices so their offers appear as especially low and you save so much more. All psychology. Nevertheless, GB has quite adequate prices for what they offer most of the time.

      • Yes, they always do that stupid thing, you save 40% like we would believe it was $700 before hand. Maybe some people do fall for that. But you can’t beat some of their prices, the EZBook 3 Pro dual-band wifi version for $219, not even the official store sells it for that just under $300. The only real issue is their shipping times on new stock seems to be super slow. My EZBook 3 Pro has yet to ship, now I’ve been told next week.

        • Agreed, GB has been very aggressive with their pricing as compared with other China sites, especially with new “hot” items, trying to entice buyers into impulse purchases. I’ve signed up for pre-alert on this one, anxious to see what price it will start with. Jumper looks to be very serious with this, the announced specs are great across the board.

          • Let’s hope they do a flash type sale discounted heavily when released. If the price is right and the machine is similar to the EZBook 3 Pro it should be a winner for Jumper.

  7. I need a cheap chinese laptop seriously. My budget is around $300 and below
    This is what I would like most:
    A strong batter life (in fact, very important)
    A good Memory (like up to 120GB and above) – willing to compromise on that a bit.
    And slim, light weight,
    Maybe USB ports.

    Any better options there for me?
    Counting on your suggestions.

    • I would say go for the Chuwi Lapbook 12.3.

    • Jumper EZbook 3 Pro (Wifi AC model), Lapbook 12.3 or the Lapbook 14.1 are the best ones I’ve seen so far.

  8. Hello, Please I need a Chinese Laptop seriously.
    this is what I prefer though:
    A strong Battery Life (very important)
    A good memory (120GB and above)
    Light weight and not clumsy

    I hope I can get some options from members here.

    • You have plenty of options in this website, check the videos for every device (mainly the ones reviewed in the last 6 months) and choose the one that best suits your needs. Discounts and promotions are announced often here.

      Check also this page’s youtube channel.

  9. Wonder how it handles thermals.

    • Well I won’t know until I get my hands on it, but since Jumper used a nice copper heatsink on the Apollo Lake laptops of theirs I think it should be fine.

  10. Hope that charging will be via USB-C

    • Looks like it.

      • Looks good. And I just read the latest version of Linux kernel finally has some stable USB-C drivers.

  11. Chris why do you want more than 9600mah? All the N3450 systems have similar capacity and they get 7-8 hours battery. The core M3 is even more efficient (4.5w vs 6w) so it will be better. Do I miss something?

    • It’s never enough, in my experience with the Core M3 on the Mix Plus, Cube Thinker and Mi Notebook 13, even my Surface Pro M3. Never enough battery life for a full day. about 5-6 hours.

  12. It seems like it charge using usb c

  13. Interesting! getting some interesting options.

    Any news on price coming down on the Cube Thinker i35? Seems to be the closest competition for this.

    • Should come down soon or later. But no direct news of a drop no.

    • The Thinker is a really nice device aswell, but the weight of 1.7kg is a real show stopper for me. That’s in my opinion just to much for a portable device of this size. Yeah, the touch screen, the high res display and finger print reader are nice, but it’s just to heave to carry around all day long in my experience.

  14. Se parece mucho al Macbook no? jajaj


  15. Is this metal or plastic?

  16. A flashe sale for $350 is very realistic, could be even lower I reckon. Nothing against Jumper, but the Core M3 model of the Xiaomi Notebook Air 12″ version was on sale for around 450$, and Xiaomi has still quite a bit of reputation. It would just be reasonable to substract around $100 from this price to sell something from a somewhat lesser known brand such as Jumper.

    I agree with the Lapbook 14.1 display, that one is really nice. For those who are interested in the exact model details of the display (via Aida64 Engineer):

    -Monitor ID: AUO243D
    -Model: B140HAN02.4

    • If it has the Lapbook 14.1 AUO display, it’s a done deal. Fingers crossed it’s that panel.

      • Yes, you can definitely count me in if it actually is this display or one of similar quality. I’m eagerly awaiting your review on this device once it’s released. I assume early to mid July maybe?

  17. The gearbest page says max RAM 16GB? That would be awesome.

    With a decent BIOS this would be the dream Linux Laptop Air.

    • No doubt. This processor has CPUMark test results twice as fast as the quad-core Apollo-Lake Celeron N3450 and it’s 50% faster than the 15 watt TDP quad-core AMD processor in my current HEAVY notebook with horrid battery life. It’s an impressive CPU for only around 4-5 watts TDP. Provided it runs Linux well, an XFCE, MATE, or LXDE desktop would blaze on this device.

  18. This is basically the dream Chinese laptop people have been asking for. My only hope is they fix the track pad, it was basically unusable on the first EzBook 3 Pro model.

    $399 sounds like a great price – I hope you’re right Chris

    • $399 in China no doubt. retailers will whack $50 more on it. Love to see it on flash sale for $350 or something.

    • Well at least it’s not black. I greatly prefer the look with trackpad same color as body. Spec-wise this is all that I’m looking for (provided it runs Linux OK). Hope the keyboard is good and rest of it reviews OK.

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