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Cube Thinker i35 Core M3 & Core i5 Versions Official

Cube Thinker i35 Core M3 & Core i5 Versions Official

Yesterday’s Cube event officially unveiled the Cube Thinker, which we know to be the Cube i35. Seems there will be two version of the notebook. The Core M3 version with a Kaby Lake Core M3-7Y30 and a new Core i5 / Nvidia 940MX version. These and two other models I have very few details on the Cube iwork5X an Apollo Lake N3450 laptop with 180-degree hinge and the Cube iwork3X another Apollo Lake, but a 2-in-1 tablet with detachable keyboard type cover.

So the Thinker i35 has that great 13.5″ 3:2 ratio screen, the same one used in the Surface Book and the Chuwi Hi13. This panel is bright, 3000 x 2000 resolution and I’ve seen it in person it’s quite stunning (as long as it’s fully laminated). The notebook has 8GB of DDR4 RAM, 256GB of SSD storage, runs Windows 10 and supports an active stylus of sorts.

Cube Thinker i35 Core M3 version:

  • 3000 x 2000 IPS Touchscreen (Surface Book Screen)
  • Intel Core M3-7Y30 Kaby Lake
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • 256GB M.2 SSD
  • 6 hours battery life. 51wH battery
  • USB 3.1 Type-C (Displayout, charging and data)
  • Fingerprint reader
  • 1.5 kilos
  • 2-watt speakers
  • Active Stylus

A second more powerful version coming but with:

  • Core i5 (6200U I can’t tell?)
  • Nvidia 940MX
  • Different thickness and battery size??

Release date in China the 10th of April. The price, 3999 yuan for the Core M3 version, approximately $580 USD.

But it is listed on Aliexpress the official Cube store for a much larger sum of $699 USD and listed on Gearbest, but no price there yet.

And the highest spec version will be 4999 yuan for the Core i5 / 940MX, which is around $725.  So it will be similar in price to the Mi Notebook 12.5″ and Mi Notebook 13″ version, but you get the better screen with touch, stylus support and fingerprint security on the Cube.

Cube Thinker Press images:

And if you can read Chinese better than I do (Not hard!) please fill in or correct the specs I missed or info I got wrong in the comments and I’ll correct it!

Source: Weibo

Cube Thinker official specs page.

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  1. Cube Thinker for 563 euros vs Xiaomi Mi air 12.5 for 438 euros. Xiaomi build quality is really good not sure about Cube’s.
    I only have a chuwi and I don’t like the quality of it.

    • Hard to say at this point I just got the Cube Thinker, but I love the screen and the fact it’s touch + stylus. Performance, with the latest Core M3 + 8GB RAM it’s going to be faster too. Just need to see how the thermals are and if it throttles or not.

      • Thank Chris! I will probably wait for the review. Also curious about the battery life – having the sBook high res screen and also how the stylus behaves.

  2. In cube officail web, say thinker i35 with core i5, 9th Gen graphics.
    I guess, core i5 6260u and iris 540.

  3. come to think of it, these are actually great prices…. wish screen was 360° turnable. wish was cheaper though. Hey Chris have you had of the pgs gaming smartphone??

  4. the lenovo detachable mix 510 core i5 model is 726 dollars with stylis in it. keyboard is included with it. though has no gpu

  5. Thanks for covering this Chris.

    They’ve got the presale price for 873, it’s already available to preorder.

    That’s some expensive stuff…

    I’d buy this if it was priced at $700 or less. I think the screen paired with Core M is a great combo as I’m currently using Teclast x2 as my main work computer.

    Do you think the type C would output to HDMI? I know your previous Cube tablets you did this successfully. I’d want to connect this through a monitor.

  6. 3999 CNY seems too expensive for this product. It should be around 3000 CNY mark, especially for CUBE brand (not Xiaomi or other more mature one).

  7. If that 699 is a official price. It’seems too much for me. especially when we know the price on China. 🙁

  8. Build quality is in question too
    I found light bleed in the right side screen of my Cube Mix Plus

  9. Fool’s worse than my Lenovo Yoga, If don’t count on the stylus

  10. It looks very good, but a stylus doesn’t make much sense on 180 degrees. It should be 360 or detachable.

  11. Having the price higher than by similar Xiaomi, this one looks strange
    Useless touchscreen and 180-degree mechanism that makes it less durable, play the role
    Moreover, Windows on resolutions higher than 1080 is not usable at all, not only because of scaling, but because resolution will destroy even 940MX, and not speaking about Intel HD

    • Unless for gaming, a Core M can handle perfectly hires screens and it looks great. I am writing this from an Asus with a 3200×1800 screen running Windows 10.

      • It just will cut down you battery life with a few hours compared to a regular FHD screen.

  12. so this is a non-detachable? pass

  13. great display – check (if it’s laminated or has only a small gap)
    metal case : check
    Core M or better – check
    Small bezel – check
    Touchscreen – check
    8GB RAM – check
    M2 SSD – check
    Backlit Keyboard – I don’t think so 🙁

    If keyboard and touchpad are good and all components supported by linux it seems like i have found a replacement for my Dell e6230. While i like the dell as a workhorse the display ist just too bad for mobile use and I would really like to have a touchscreen…

    • Yes so far it looks great. just the build, keyboard and everything needs to be checked out. And of course it would be great if it was priced like in China for us.

  14. It’s available on Aliexpress for 700$.
    Very interesting if you ask me, and may be worth a purchase if price goes down, if the input devices are great and if the build quality is good.
    I’m looking forward to a review 🙂

    • If it lowers to more the Chinese price around $580 it will be and the keyboard and build qaulity is good.

  15. Million dollar questions is that screen fully laminated? If so this looks awesome. I want it!

    • This aspect matters quite less in laptops than in tablets. But we’ll see.

      • I’ve used the Surface Book for a while and found it fine but of course you can still use that as a tablet.

      • That’s true, but it matters quite a bit if a stylus is part of the equation, which is the case here.

        • The stylus is more for marketing purpose than anything else. How are you expected to use the stylus if you can’t detach the screen or rotate it?

    • G+G So looks like it isn’t in the official specs. Sad, I hope the gap is tiny. At that price it should be OGS!

  16. $580 is too much for me, looks like I will get the Chuwi Hi13 then!

    • I think it’s okay if considering the Mi Notebook is around that price and you do have a much faster Core M3-7Y30 in this, 240GB SDD, better build and stylus support vs the Chuwi Hi13. Sure around $500 would be even better.

    • Ha try $700, that’s it’s price on Aliexpress for now. New release item, I imagine in the few months it will be much less.

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