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Jumper EZBook 3 Plus Up For Preorder & Shipping Date

Jumper EZBook 3 Plus Up For Preorder & Shipping Date

Jumper’s confusingly named EZBook 3 Plus (Should be called the EZBook Core M3) is now for preorder on Gearbest for $439. It’s certainly a little more expensive than I was hoping it would be. The EZBook 3 Plus looks like a promising Core M3 14.1″ laptop. It’s powered by the latest Core M3-7Y30, max turbo of 2.6Ghz, it’s got a more respectable 8GB of DDR4 RAM and a 128GB SSD (Upgradeable). The screen is a 1080p IPS, I hope they use the same great 14.1″ IPS as seen in the CHuwi Lapbook 14.1. Connectivity: Intel Wireless-AC, BT 4.1, 2 x USB 3.0 ports, MicroSD, HDMI out and a 9600mah battery.

By the looks of when the preordering ends, the Jumper EZBook 3 Plus won’t be shipping out until mid to late August. I’ll definitely be reviewing this one. Just haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet as I’ll wait and see if the price drops at all closer to the release date. But I’m also looking to review the new 2017 revised Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13 soon so have to watch the old bank account.

What do you think about the price? Too much for a Chinese Core M3 laptop? The 8GB + Intel Core M3-7Y30 Teclast X5 Plus sold for higher than this, and that was just for the keyboard. $399 or less, of course, would be the sweet spot I feel.

Thanks Ivan for the tip.

Source: EZBook 3 Plus listing

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  1. Now on flash sale at 358€ https://www.gearbest.com/laptops/pp_654248.html It’s for sure the best (on paper) hardware, until the next Chuwi Lapbook Air with M3 will be released!

  2. I don’t see any sign of a type C usb, this is a bit of a major fail.
    In fact it doesn’t say in the description that the display is IPS….

  3. Ubuntu/Linux cannot be installed on this machine ( Ezbook 3 Plus),Gearbest replies to me. Waiting one after another of Cheap Chinese laptop. Which Chinese laptop can handle Ubuntu/Linux smoothly? I want to use Linux/Ubuntu/Linux mint.

  4. It’s now on flash sale from China warehouse at 381€! Don’t know if it has DDR4 or 3.

  5. Im waiting for it to order but should I wait for price drop? …currently shipping cost is very less as compared to the ones released . Will it repeat same here as well?
    Also, a very generic question :
    Will this laptop last as its chinese

    • I think when it’s in stock it will be on flash sale and possibly at a lower price. Will it last? Don’t see why not. Remember all other laptops from the more know brands are made in China.

      • Thanks Chris for your feedback ! Im bit confused here to buy it or not as it comes from less known brand here in India. I would also like you to guide mebas per your experience with jumper laptops. Thanks again

        • I guess it depends on how much you need it. 😀 Most of Jumper’s laptops seems to be pretty good but I will wait for Chris’s review. If the touchpad is bad like on the pro models I probably won’t buy.

  6. Awaiting your review to see if it’s worth getting. If its build quality is comparable to the EZBook 3 Pro I’d gladly buy it. I too expected the price to be a bit lower but at $450 it’s still competitive against other M3 laptops.

    Sidenote, I found your YouTube channel just yesterday and I’m glad to see that you engage your audiences frequently in the comments. Great job on your reviews!

    • It’s out now I’m told end of August, this is from Jumper’s Aliexpress store. I hope it will then be listed for a bit cheaper than GB. Will have to see. Or maybe Gearbest will have a flash sale on it just before they get stock? Glad you found the YouTube channel, I reply to comments there also when I have time. Getting harder as the channel grows and my free time diminishes.

  7. Hm, somebody from the GB support claimed that the EzBook 3 Plus has a glossy IPS screen. Not sure if I like that decision though… If that is the case, I might consider the EzBook 3 Pro Dualband version, once it gets the Flash Sale steal price again.

    On the other hand: GB support hasn’t been the most reliable source of information in the past 😉

    • Hmm I hope they are wrong. I really hate glossy screens, can’t work with all the reflections. If it’s glossy, let’s hope there is matt screen protectors available.

      • Hi Kalle,

        yeah you’re right. There are really decent matte screens out there. I think they are just mistaken as always and it is a matte screen. Jumper are actually known to mostly use matte ones on their laptops (but not on the tablets of course). I’m really looking forward to this one once it’s one a flash sale for around 350€ or less.

        PS: Du bist nicht der einzige Deutsche hier, aber trotzdem natürlich willkommen! 🙂

        • Yeah. Sure glossy screens look better, estehtically but they are not very practial.

          Yeah no I’m Swede, been a couple of years since I studied german. 😀

          • Oops, I’m very sorry then. xD

            “Kalle” is a very common German nick name, I assumed you to be German because of that.

            The colours might be a bit more shinging on a glossy one, but the reflections put me off too much.

  8. Hm, somebody the GB support claimed that the EzBook 3 has a glossy IPS screen. Not sure if I like that decision though… If that is the case, I might consider the EzBook 3 Pro Dualband version, once it gets the steal Flash Sale price again.

    On the other hand: GB support hasn’t been the most reliable source of information in the past 😉

  9. I wish banggood went for it. Their intl shipping rate roams around 22Us. At GB, only a flashsale would turn this interesting. Atm my onda obook11 pro is on its way.

    • I’m sure they will get it soon, maybe when it’s out in August.

  10. If you take a look at their QA for the device, I asked them about the memory. They say it’s upgradable. But the customer support have had wrong before. 😀

    • 99% sure it’s wrong, never seen any of the Core M’s from China have upgradable memory. None so far use SODIMM’s, I will be over the moon if this is the first!

  11. $299 – $349 is reasonable for a cheap computer from China.
    Onda Obook 11 Pro with same Core M3 only costs $299

    • I don’t like Onda 🙁
      Bad experience with them, and zero support…

      • Yes Onda is not the greatest, at least they have improved a little, their tablets are much better I find.

  12. Gearbest selling teclast x5 pro by 600usd while in China they sell about 500usd, kind of weird

  13. Well, $439 is still under $500… For a Core M3-7Y30, that seems to still be a good price, compared to other ‘big’ brands.
    I like my EZBook 2, and I’m glad to see that this little Chinese brand is still delivering good devices 🙂

    • True the price isn’t bad, I just expected a little lower. Jumper is doing well, I hope they continue improving and I’m looking forward to reviewing this new laptop.

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