Chuwi’s CoreBook Shipping Next Week?

Chuwi’s CoreBook Shipping Next Week?

Chuwi’s somewhat delayed flagship tablet the CoreBook, a 13.3″ FHD fully laminated Core M3-7Y30 tablet with 8GB. Is listed on Gearbest. Shipping apparently from the 13th to 16th if ordered now. This Windows 10 tablet has a 1024 pressure level stylus and type cover style keyboard. MicroSD slot, USB 3.1, MicroUSB 2.0. But like the AllDoCube KNote 8 I reviewed is missing a full-sized USB port. The eMMC has at least upgraded to a M.2 SATA3 SSD, 128GB which should really be 256GB I feel for the price and the fact the KNote has a 256GB drive.

Wireless AC, BT 4.0 and a 34Wh battery good Chuwi claim for up to 8 hours, my guess is it will be more like 5-6 hours like the KNote 8.

Its price, $539 (The same price if you get it direct from Chuwi’s Indiegogo page) but this does at least include the keyboard and stylus. I just hope thermals are good unlike the Knote 8 which got mighty hot when pushed hard and charging at the same time.

Source: Gearbest’s CoreBook listing.

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  1. Hmm.. aint there somebody of these china brands there could clone to Surface book 2.
    Very impressive this tablet formfactor Microsoft have packed 8gen quadcore & and 1060 GPU into..but certainly also expensive here.
    cheapest config of 1060 version. is 3.500 USD (256GB) and 4800 for 1TB vers.
    Sorry Microsoft, but thats simply to much, but kudos for the package,..
    Btw the “60hz 4K output” on the TypeC connection (not that im familiar if that the case, hence, only3.0 listed) is that solely TypeC 3.1 standard or can’t you conclude this by TypeC standard and in theory a TypeC 3.0. also can carry this 60hz 4k option so long as the TypeC has display out?.

  2. I absolutely agree with Chris about the SSD. The only reason why I haven’t bought a Chuwi Corebook yet is because it doesn’t have a 256 GB SSD, and the original SSD can’t be replaced.

    I already told Chuwi about this. It’s a shame that they want to save money on a SSD. I would have paid much more if only it had a 256 GB SSD. 128 GB Is simply not enough for me.

    Tablet manufacturers need to understand that there’s a category of users who want to use their tablets as laptops. And for these users, a 128 GB SSD just won’t do it.

    Now I have to keep waiting for a Corebook update with 256 GB SSD, or for another manufacturer to do it in a 13″+ tablet.

  3. I had this on preorder for 6 months, Chuwi’s updates have been quite poor and too be honest I’ve had to upgrade my PC SSD to larger one as 128gb wasnt cutting it with all the office and windows updates so decided to cancel as I dont think it meets my requirements anymore.

  4. it has been half a year and i am still lamenting the fact that i missed the 399 or 439 with keyboard early bird special.

  5. let’s hope the engineering to be good and then wait for a 3:2 aspect ratio model

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