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T-Bao Tbook4 – Interesting $239 All Metal N3450 6GB 14.1-Inch Laptop.

T-Bao Tbook4 – Interesting $239 All Metal N3450 6GB 14.1-Inch Laptop.

Edit #2. I just got mine recently, update on the wireless. Sadly it’s the old Realtek Wireless N chip! Geekbuying also removed the WIFI: Intel Stone Peak 3165 802.11ac/a/b/g/n part in the listing. I hope the Tbook4 will get an update with Wireless AC. But not to worry, I have a strong hunch, the Jumper EZbook 3L Pro is this model, same ODM jsut in silver with Jumper’s own config.

Unboxing coming soon!

Edit: The listing has been updated now stating it has WIFI: Intel Stone Peak 3165 802.11ac/a/b/g/n. So that settles it, Intel wireless AC 3165 it is, great news. Now I just hope the build quality is up to it and the touchpad is decent. It still hasn’t shipped, so could be a few weeks off before I have my hands on it.

Another N3450 Laptop, my quest to find the best and cheaper Apollo Lake laptops is far from over. This new model is from the same ODM as the Tianbao or T-Bao Tbook Air I reviewed, the fastest Apollo Lake I’ve reviewed. T-Bao seems to have used either faster RAM than most or different bios settings to squeeze around 30 to 40% better iGPU performance out of their N3450’s. In any case, this Tbook4 is worth a look I felt. Thanks to Inhalt for pointing it out. So if they have used that same optimization as the Civiltop Air it should offer very decent Intel HD 500 integrated GPU performance. (For an Apollo Lake!)It looks a little like the EZBook 3 Pro, same style of build. Full metal body, 1080p screen (glossy screen I think). Two USB 3.0 ports, Micro HDMI out, MicroSD and D/C charging.  Storage is 64GB of eMMC spec and 6GB of RAM. It’s around 13mm thin, 1.3 kilos with a large 10,000mAh battery and you’re able to install an SSD inside (M.2 or mSATA). So again like the EZBook 3 Pro. But if you look at these user images it’s got a larger than normal touchpad. It’s also NOT in that champagne gold color or silver but in better-looking Titanium grey.

There is only one thing I cannot seem to confirm, the wireless if it’s wireless N 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz or wireless AC. Considering all the Tbook Air and Xiaoma 21 use the Intel 3165 dual band AC chipset I think we have a good change it’s that. Geekbuying have it for sale for $238.99, with coupon GKBTBOOK4. They seem to be the only ones selling it for now. And Geekbuying also has a T-bao brand sale on with other T-Bao products, the Tbook Air and some weaker laptops. I’ve picked one up so hopefully have it in a few weeks to review. But for now some user photos of JD.com.

T-Bao Tbook4 User Images:

Image source: TD.com user reviews

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  1. Received notice from Geek buying that my unit is in the hands of DHL. They have always been fast to deliver, might have it by end of the week.

    • Geek buying gave me the wrong tracking number 🙄 just got a text from DHL that my unit is arriving today.

      • Please give us an update and first impressions if you can. I should have mine this week.

        • False alarm :[ it was another package…should get mine early next week. I’ll give you all a run down of it when I do get it however! We’ll see if it matches up with Chris’ unit.

          • Maybe tomorrow for mine. Paid the taxes due on Monday online, normally then it’s 2-3 working days I have it.

          • My unit is in country, DHL to deliver on Monday.

          • Same here, Monday is now when mine will arrive. Taking its sweet time to arrive. But it was sent SF Express.

          • Race you to the review ;). DHL is the best, once your stuff is in their hands you can rest assured it will get to you quickly. If only Geekbuying hadn’t taken 12 days to hand it over to DHL :(. Let’s hope this wait was worth it!

          • I hope it’s worth it. Mine is out for delivery, due in a few hours (I hope)

          • Arrived this morning. First impressions:
            1) Extremely disappointed in the packaging. The unit itself was contained within a very simple, low-cost (i.e. cheap) cardboard box without any shock absorbing qualities whatsoever. It was bashed and buckled just about everywhere. Geekbuying had wrapped approximately 4cm of foam sheet around this box a few times before putting it into a plastic shipping bag – not true cushioning at all.
            2) Thankfully after opening the box the laptop itself was wrapped inside a strong bubble-wrap sleeve. But still – I was shocked at the outer box’s condition. This isn’t the way I’d ship sensitive electronics around the world. And I wonder whether the bumps this box had seen could be indicative of future problems with the unit.
            3) Aesthetics: the laptop is a handsome dark gray. The outer surface is smooth and finished nicely, but also has a certain touch to it that’s nice. It’s not polished smooth, has a feel more like a Macbook. We have a few in the house here and that’s what I liken it to.
            4) Start up: quick, and Windows is fully activated. Unit came fully charged.
            5) Screen: looks to have a matte finish, not seeing a lot of reflectivity. However viewing angles aren’t the greatest. Horizontally there isn’t much “wash out” of the screen when you change the angles (eg hold laptop in your palm and then turn the unit like it’s on a turntable). Vertically however there’s significant changes once you go beyond a few degrees (hold laptop in both hands and then tilt it backwards & forwards). Since I can control this angle by virtue of the screen hinge I can control any washout.
            6) Network adapter: BIG disappointment. Device Manager shows “Realtek RTL8723B Wireless LAN 802.11n USB 2.0 Network Adapter”. Not the Intel Stone Peak 3165 802.11ac card from Geekbuying’s website.
            7) Touchpad: feels very high quality. Full control in Settings to disable certain gestures. It’s recognized as a precision touchpad. I like using it, it has a nice tactile feel to it, and really large which is a plus.
            8) Keyboard: Haven’t gotten a lot of use yet but keys appear to have a LOT of travel to them which is good. The keys also feel very solid. I don’t know how else to describe it. Hitting the keys has a very solid feel to it. I’m not hearing or feeling the typical “tap tap tap” from cheap keys. I hear a solid “thunk”. I’m no expert but it feels very high quality.

          • A few more observations:
            1) Just to be clear when I said the unit is shipped in a simple box, it IS official T-bao packaging with their logos & such. The box is suited more for store display and not for international shipping however. It’s constructed of simple 1mm thick cardboard.
            2) The laptop was advertised as supporting M.2 SSD upgrades and sure enough there’s a handy door on the bottom held closed with a single metal screw where you can slot in your SSD. The door is metal too, not plastic (when gently dropped on a table top it produces a soft metallic ring).
            3) Chris has often lamented laptops with the power button just above the Backspace key. This unit places the power button above *and* to the right of the Backspace so there’s not much concern with hitting it by accident (unless you’re a terrible typist like myself).
            4) There appear to be dual microphone holes in the screen to the left & right of the camera.
            5) There are 3 blue LED indicator lights at the upper left of the unit above the F1 & F2 keys for Power, Caps Lock & Numlock. However they are very tiny and not very bright so I can’t tell if they’re lit or not under normal lighting conditions. I have to cup my hand around them in order to shield them from the ambient light to actually see if they’re lit.
            6) Regarding the build quality, I don’t see any major issues. It feels pretty solid, no creaking when I gently torque it in my hands. The screen hinge is tight enough but the screen itself is quite “bouncy” if you tap it while open, however since this isn’t a touch screen I don’t see a problem with that. They did a good job when machining the metal body, it has a very handsome & shiny chamfer all along the body (the piece holding the internals & keyboard) and along the inside edge of the touchpad. However I do notice 1 oddity: with screen open and laptop sitting on a flat surface, the front left corner of the base isn’t flush against the table top. I can press down at this point and the body drops down maybe 0.5mm till the front left foot final touches down. This shows that in actuality only 3 of the 4 feet are in contact with the table. There’s some kind of twist or malformation with the body that is causing this. Big deal? Not at all – I’m not expecting this unit to be as rock-solid as a Macbook costing thousands of $ USD. I paid $239 USD – I can’t complain.
            7) The internal drive is listed as a “Toshiba 064G93” with 40.67 GB of free space.
            8) In Device Manager there is an entry under Biometric Devices: “Goodix FIngerprint SPI Device”. Perhaps a different version of this laptop will have a fingerprint reader? Windows reports that this device has been stopped because it has reported problems.

          • Thank you, Kyle, for the info. I just got my one, but not enough time to open the box or should I say pack. I also just got the GPD Pocket, Onda Xiaoma 31 and a few other devices so not enough time after work to record the unboxing.

            But tomorrow I will dig into it and maybe my two other Apollo Lake laptops.

          • Wow – it’s like Christmas every day for you eh? 🙂 Nice – I look forward to your reviews. I’m debating whether to return my unit to Geekbuying just for the simple fact that the wireless spec is not what they advertised. It’s a shame because I really like this laptop overall – I think it’s quite a steal for $239 USD.

          • One other note: I went into the BIOS (unlocked yay!) to apply the speed tweak and found that the eMMC max value was already set to HS400. So after running CrystalDiskMark I found some great Sequential Read speeds, but comparing my numbers to Chris’ posted numbers for the Jumper 3 Pro I’m noticing really low Sequential Write numbers, wonder why?
            CrystalDiskMark 5.2.2 x64 (C) 2007-2017 hiyohiyo
            Crystal Dew World : http://crystalmark.info/
            * MB/s = 1,000,000 bytes/s [SATA/600 = 600,000,000 bytes/s]
            * KB = 1000 bytes, KiB = 1024 bytes

            Sequential Read (Q= 32,T= 1) : 130.835 MB/s
            Sequential Write (Q= 32,T= 1) : 20.970 MB/s
            Random Read 4KiB (Q= 32,T= 1) : 16.620 MB/s [ 4057.6 IOPS]
            Random Write 4KiB (Q= 32,T= 1) : 3.511 MB/s [ 857.2 IOPS]
            Sequential Read (T= 1) : 147.425 MB/s
            Sequential Write (T= 1) : 39.636 MB/s
            Random Read 4KiB (Q= 1,T= 1) : 8.942 MB/s [ 2183.1 IOPS]
            Random Write 4KiB (Q= 1,T= 1) : 4.144 MB/s [ 1011.7 IOPS]

            Test : 1024 MiB [C: 30.0% (17.3/57.7 GiB)] (x5) [Interval=5 sec]
            Date : 2017/08/02 7:03:35
            OS : Windows 10 [10.0 Build 14393] (x64)

  2. Looks nice! Just saw it on geekbuying for$238

    • Yes but now some people have theirs they say it doesn’t have wireless AC, but it’s Realtek Wifi N. That is a deal breaker for me.

      • Mine was wireless N, from geekbuying

        • Oh, and my spacebar key was somehow defect, it doesn’t register the space if I don’t press right in the middle of the spacebar key, and my windows got deactivated after I did an update through windows update.

  3. I just received mine. Just played with it for 15min. Very first impressions.
    Very good build quality.
    Very fast apparently
    Tons of glare on the screen (glossy screen). I’m not sure this is an IPS screen either. Slightly move the screen and all the colors fade away (lot’s of white on the screen)
    HUGE black bezels around the screen (between the screen and the metal frame).
    Easy access to the SSD on the back for replacement

    As I mentioned, this is just playing with it for 15/20min after receiving

    • Also, the wireless board is on this one is a Realtek 8723B, wireless N, there is not AC

      • Oh dear, I was really hoping this would Wireless AC. Geekbuying said it was Wireless AC. Did you get yours from Geekbuying?

        • No, bought it in JD (I live in Beijing). Gonna try to refund it. The wireless N, those bezels, and the poor panel don’t cut it for me. Let’s see how it goes.

          • Please give us an update and some better images if possible! Thank you.

    • Thanks for the first impressions. So overall you like it? Shame about the screen, by the sounds of it. It’s an older TN panel or similar. How is the touchpad?

      • The build quality is pretty good. And the touchpad is actually top notch, big and very accurate. But the screen is a huge let down. And once you see those bezels and the poor color quality and enormous glare, you can’t forget about them. The you had the wireless N… So, as I mentioned, gonna try to refund it.

        Before this one I bought the iFunk M3-6Y30 with 128GB SSD and 8GB RAM and that was miles away from this one quality wise. Impeccable build quality, super fast, awesome screen (albeit also glossy, but compared to this one was like comparing a Fiat and a BMW. Only problem was that there was no screen protection whatsoever, not even some kind of foam between the keyboard and the screen. So when I received, after a couple hours a started noticing some kind of very small holes on the screen, like they stuck a needle in some parts of the screen. It was not very noticeable, but every time there was a black screen, you could clearly see it. So I send it back and bought this one.

        • Thanks for the info. Damn, I regret buying it now. That screen does sound like a real deal breaker. I know the Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 has a really good screen matte IPS in it and then the Onda Xiaoma 21, also a top 12.5″ IPS 1080p. So going from them to this will be hard. I also have the Onda Xiaoma 31 Pro model with the slightly faster N4200 on the way. I hope that one will be the best Chinese Apollo Lake laptop. If you want a great Apollo Lake laptop, the Chuwi 12.3 and the Jumper EZBook 3 Pro are the best so far. The EZBook 3 Pro touchpad is quite average, however. Much better on the Lapbook 12.3.

          • Unfortunately I can’t find the EzBook 3 Pro with the AC and SSD slot anywhere. Taobao/JD/Sunning only have the first model and Gearbest doesn’t ship to China. The lapbook is not an option due to the huge bezels. So I’m gonna wait for your review on the Xiaoma 31 and if it’s as good as the 21 (without the charging sound issue), probably gonna go for the Xiaoma 31. Do you have any idea when you will receive the Xiaoma 31?

        • Ouch, that’s a really harsh first verdict on the Tbook4!

          Just shows once again that you still shouldn’t buy blindly from the Chinese manufacturers.

          There always appears to be downsides, sometimes smaller, bot sometimes also very big ones (lol, just thinking about the charging/sound issue Chris reported for the Onda Xiaoma 21).

          • Which is why I always say, let me be the guineapig first and test it out before ordering.

      • I hope Leo is wrong, and just got a dodgy one, was hopeing this would be as good if not better than the Jumper ez3pro. At $309 AUD atm on Geekbuying this could of been a perfect high school laptop for my daughter next year. Fingers crossed

    • Too bad about the screen & wifi
      Is it using the sata M.2 2280 or M.2 2242?

      • Shame. I’m crossing my fingers the wifi was upgraded in the batch Geekbuying bought some of these MFG’s do offer options, for example, the BBen version of this same laptop on Aliexpress can offer Wireless AC 3165 if you buy in bulk. Over 20 units I think it is. Geekbuying’s customer service is certain it’s Wifi AC dual band. So if it isn’t it’s false advertising so I’ll request a refund or return if it is. As for the screen, in the user images, I see a 2-3mm black border around the screen. Not a deal breaker for me. But if it’s an old TN panel that would be. Guess I’ll find out end of next week when mine arrives.

        • I have 1 on order too from Geekbuying, and if it doesn’t have AC wireless nor an IPS panel then Geekbuying is guilty of major false advertising since their listing says it has both. We’ll see!

      • I didn’t check the M.2 type because it had a seal over the screw and I was afraid that if I break it, they wouldn’t refund me (I send it back already).
        As for the wifi/screen… maybe they have a different batch/version such as the Ezbooks where they upgraded the wifi card and hopefully put an IPS panel.
        Now I’m actually curious to see if they sell different versions for other markets and send the crappy components to China lol

  4. I still have my Chuwi Hi12. But might get this if your review shows us it’s a winner. I hope so. But it looks good, all part from a glossy display however!

  5. Mine just shipped out! I should have it in 10 days or so.

    • It’s been so long ! I’ll wait for you

      • Best to wait, let me get hold of it do the unboxing and see if it has any deal breaker issues before ordering.

  6. Hey Chris, just had a chat to geekbuying before placing my order for this laptop (I was contemplating waiting for a review but I believe this laptop will be good, in fact better than the jumper ezbook 3 pro)
    The Tbook4 will be shipped late next week.
    I just wanted to point out that these intel 3165 ac chips don’t have the greatest speeds (unless you are very very close to the router) nor a good range, they have a 1×1 antenna setup but they are more than likely compatible for an upgrade to the 7260 for an inexpensive $20 which in my experience with both chips greatly improves speeds and more importantly improves range and signal strength exponentially (you will struggle to find any problems with wifi or speeds with this chip). It would be cool to see you show off this easy upgrade in a tear-down or a mod video for these N3450 based laptops 🙂

    Kind regards


    • The chips are noticeably weaker when I tested the 7260 in the Onda Obook 11 Pro, that thing has much better range. But I can still get my max fiber optic speeds out of the 3165 so I’m happy. And better range and speeds than the Realtek N with just a single antenna. At least the 3165 uses two separate antennas.

      From what I’ve seen on all the models, the 3165 is soldered onto the motherboard and not upgradable.

      • to my knowledge the 3165 is also well supported on various Linux flavors.

  7. Hey wait a minute…I scanned the Geekbuying listing again and now I see this for Network: WIFI: Intel Stone Peak 3165 802.11ac/a/b/g/n. So confirmed?

    • Yes, I added it to the article today, seems they updated it after everyone was asking questions about it.

  8. Interestingly Geekbuying extended their sale, they reset their countdown clock to another 3 days. The $238.99 price is very tempting for the specs but we still don’t know about Wireless N vs AC. Any news on this?

  9. I asked seller at geekbuying and got the answer via email that laptop only supports wifi b/g/n.
    A little disappointed. Hope Chris soon has one to confirm this.

    • They need to fix the specs details, those are all tbook air specs especially for wrongly labeled usb port & battery,
      Something tells me their chat support is just referring to that
      Chat support from taobao informed me that it’s wifi ac & m.2 ngff 2242 ssd
      I’m gonna try asking if he could show the wifi drivers listed

      • Great so it’s M.2 2242 (shame it’s not 2280) and Wireless AC. Still waiting for mine to ship.

  10. I really wish all laptop manufacturers dropped the DC charging and replaced it with more versatile and universal usb type c. Why make one-purpose dc charging port when u can have much more useful type-c port? Chinese tablets seem to have grasped this idea some time ago.
    What do you think, Chris? Am I missing something?

    • Yes they do need to do this. I have so many type-c devices now. My Mi Notebook Air, Mi Max 2 etc. At least my Onda Xiaoma 21 has type-C charging. But I agree, they need to at least have type-c charging and data on all laptops going forward. Maybe 2018 models will do this with the Apollo Lake successor.

      I’m all for them using Type-C 3.1 spec for display out, charging and data, but at least give us one full sized USB 3 and MicroSD slot. The Tbook Air has the port, but last MicroSD and USB 3.0

  11. I am still looking forward to your review of EZbook 3 Pro Dual Band AC version.
    Do not know when you will finish it?

  12. I think it will not have wifi ac. Because on the jd.com website, they do not mention that part in specs.
    Anyway hope it is a good laptop.
    I also know why T-bao TBook Air/ Civiltop Air has better gaming performance than other N3450s, because they have increased clock speed of Intel HD 500 GPU to 750 Mhz (default is 700 Mhz)

    • I was asking around at taobao shop that was also selling tbook4 and they said it’s wifi ac.
      Probably can confirm tomorrow since that’s when their tech support is available

      • Okay please let us know. I also read 5Ghz Wifi somewhere and now I can’t find it again. T-bao also never list the Tbook Air as having Wifi AC, but it does.

  13. Yes, loving the spec and look of this one. Chris will reveal whether the performance deserves lives up to our hopes.

    • If the bios is unlocked and tweaked like the other T-bao laptop I have (Civiltop Air) Then it should perform great, of course, I’ll do my full suite of tests on it to find any issues. Got high hopes for this one.

  14. Looking fitward For Your review
    But its a pitty that screen is glossy

    • It might just have a screen protector on it. The T-Bao Tbook Air I review had this and pulling it off revealed a nice matte anti-glare coating on the screen. I hope this is the case again, so people can choose glossy or anti-glare.

  15. Is the battery really 10,000 mah? Geekbuy list the battery capacity as 4000mah

    • Battery is 10000 mAh on the official T-bao JD.com site.
      I think that is true

      • I think Geekbuy just copy paste the specs from tbook air, that’s good to know

    • Yes looks like two 5000mAh cells. So about 37wh, good for 7-8 hours if it’s anything like the other Apollo Lake notebooks I’ve reviewed.

  16. It would be really useful if the spec of these units was tabulated, to show CPU, RAM, screen size and finish (gloss/matte, laminated or not), screen res, touchscreen or no, stylus support, eMMC or SATA or M.2, interfaces, charging etc.

  17. Hey Chris, I saw on jumper’s aliexpress store an interesting new tablet: jumper ezpad 6 pro, it has an n3450 and 6gb of ram, it was 230$ i think, would you consider reviewing it?

    • Hey Jean Paul,the final price by coupon code @ Geekbuying for 210.99$

    • Hi Jean, yes I think I’ll review that one. Looks okay. Will order it once I can sell up a few of my items here.

  18. Wow if it has AC wifi that looks like a great deal. Hope the keyboard and screen are OK. And it runs Linux OK.
    Looking forward to your review.

  19. The grey showing in the first and last pictures from the reviews looks sooo good! And that touchpad… I have real good vibes on this one 🙂

    Not sure about the fancy logo, though… xD

    • It does look really good. Larger touchpad than normal. So far the user reviews on JD.com are glowing (if they can be trusted) I don’t like the look of that logo either!

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