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Jumper EZBook 3 Pro – 13.3″ Metal 6GB Celeron N3450 Notebook

Jumper EZBook 3 Pro – 13.3″ Metal 6GB Celeron N3450 Notebook

Update: According to Jumper the first batch will come with no SSD expansion M.2 slot and the second batch with M.2 SSD slot is due on the 20th. In China it’s known as the EZbook Pro, but will sell outside of China as the EZBook 3 Pro.

There will be a silver version of the EZBook Pro for those that hate the gold color.  It’s now listed on Gearbest for $302 as a preorder and they also state the wireless as wireless N which is a shame, I would rather have wireless AC of course. And it looks like that silver version won’t be shipping until first week of May. Aliexpress’s Official Jumper Store told me the gold version will start shipping out from China on the 5th of April.

Jumper EZbook Pro in silver

Jumper EZbook Pro in silver

Jumper are pushing out yet another budget focused laptop, this time it looks more interesting than the EZbook 3 I reviewed. Why? Firstly it has a full metal build, so the lid and body are made out of alloy, so hopefully it will mean the keyboard is more firm without the flex the EZBook 3 has. Secondly, it will have 6GB of RAM, no doubt another piece of tech to use two Samsung LPDDR3 3GB RAM modules in dual channel like the Teclast X3 Plus.

It’s very similar in looks to the Onda Xiaoma 41, coming in gold with black keys.  The Jumper EZBook Pro has a 1080p 13.3-inch IPS panel, 9600 mAh battery, and 64GB eMMC. There is an empty slot for a SATA3 M.2 SSD (2242) and the notebook has 2 x USB 3.0 ports. D/C plug in for charging and MicroSD slot and HDMI out. What I can’t confirm from the listing is if it has Wireless AC or not. It would be a shame if it didn’t.

Thanks to Ojo for pointing this one out to me on Twitter.

Jumper EZBook Pro press images:

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  1. Any idea who makes the screen out of curiosity?

  2. Illuminated keyboard? I cannot find any hint on that.

  3. Hi guys,
    I fiddled with the notebook more and here is my little update about Linux support –

    a) I was unable to boot from usb Lubuntu 17.04
    b) I managed to boot live Arch linux into command line and because I am less than average experienced Linux user, I didn’t continue with install
    c) I was able to boot live Antergos, but I had similar problems like guys who tried Linux on EZBook2 and EZBook3 (no PRO version) = touchpad didnt’t work at all, and wifi couldn’t find any networks. Havn’t tried bluetooth and sound (common problems with ezb2 and ezb3), but that are not my priorities.

    I am going to try more distros over time.

    A problem arose = when I charge the unit, I think, the metal body is under electric voltage, but I need to confirm this with voltmeter.

  4. I wonder if the RAM is upgradeable …

  5. Can anybody comment on reliability or issues with this brand??


  6. Chris, Please when are you releasing your video on your review of the EZbook 3 Pro?

    • He got it yesterday, give him time to test…

      • No, he should have done it yesterday 😉

        • Ah well, it’s coming and guess what? It’s awesome so far. If only it had Wireless AC I would be so happy, but still, this one looks like a really good Apollo Lake notebook, until maybe the Lapbook 12.3 unless Chuwi mess it up some how.

          • If only they put a wirelessAC and USB C port on it would be a perfect travel laptop

            • Agreed, at least the Lapbook 12.3 is looking promising wit ha better screen and wireless AC.

  7. I am thinking of buying a 256 GB KingSpec 22*42mm NGFF SSD for use in my yet to be delivered Jumper EzBook 3 Pro. Does anyone have an experience to share on KingSpec products or SSD? What options do I have with respect to value for money SSD’s? I await your comments

  8. Hi guys.
    I bought mine EZB3 Pro on Aliexpress on 4th of April. Because of the lack of SSD extension slot I waited for the 2nd batch and the notebook arrived to me in the Czech republic (central Europe) on the 5th of May via DHL.

    I had no time to test it thoroughly, so I post only first impressions and observations:

    a) I thought, the SSD slot would be accessible through some little door in the bottom cover, but that’s unfortunately not the case. I asked on Ali in the official store, wheter I really need to remove the entire bottom cover and I was written that yes, but that they will consult it with technician and I’ll get answer on May, 11th. I am not going to wait that long, because I want to order an SSD disk soon, I’ll probably unscrew all 8 mini screws tomorrow and will see by myself.

    b) the cable from the charger is really short. I am used to 2.6 meter cable of my Dell laptop, EZB3 PRO has 1.15m cable. The connector has exact diameter as 3,5mm audio jack, so I first connected it into wrong socket, fortunately nothing wrong has happened. There is no marking neither on the sockets nor on 3 little LEDs, which are above the keyboard in the top right corner.
    One LED is power on, 2nd is Caps Lock, I don’t know what is 3rd LED for.

    c) the sockets are really close from each other, I had problem connecting charger and usb stick at the same time. There are two USB ports, so it is no big deal.

    d) there is no LAN port (i didn’t notice in the specifications), if you need it, you can order an USB 3.0 hub with 100 GB LAN support as I did

    e) power on/off button is pretty tricky – it needs long press to turn on, but short press does power off (i didnt test this in windows, maybe it just shows the power off dialog)

    f) my intention was to run this notebook with Linux (I dislike win 10), or have at least dual boot. but I had no luck to be able to (boot) install it from USB stick, although I set USB legacy support in UEFI BIOS. I tried 2 different bootable USB sticks with different distros to no avail. If anyone of you manages to boot Linux from USB stick, please tell me how, I would really appreciate it.

    I fiddled with the notebook only for two hours or so , I guess it’s not enough to have a final verdict and there is a lot more to test. I am looking forward to Chris’s review of this little fella. For me, I must say, that I am really impressed, the lapbook looks really excellent, clean Windows10 start in seconds and run really with no problems at all. It has 110% wow! effect. And the price / performance ratio is great too (I got mine for US 229$ ).

    • That is great Ulric. Lets have some videos and further comments whiles we await ours. It is unfortunate that they do not have a door at the bottom to access the much talked about SSD Slot. That is so unfair. The model displayed on Youtube although in German showed a door for assess to the SSD Slot. All the same great work. I will make do with your comments and reviews until we hear the official verdict from Chris.

    • Just open it, there is m.2 slot. It should also fit 2280 with some modifications. https://imgur.com/InUtkwY

      • As you say looks good for a 2280, with a small bit of cutting, great news as they are much cheaper.
        Other laptops with a 2242 M.2 I’ve seen are more difficult to modify.

      • Interesting. I don’t know yet, if i want to cut that plastic frame. Anyway what SSD 2280 would you recommend ? I am considering Samsung EVO ???, WD Black, Transcend and ADATA.

        And the image brings another question – battery capacity – it says 4800 mAh, while the specification says 9600 mAh.

        • There are 2 cells. This black plastic frame is easy to remove because it’s screwed, I bought adata sp900

  9. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Omw_TYKeMSk

    1 of 3 short Russian videos of opening new toy..

  10. Mine is ‘received by line-haul’ since yesterday morning, whatever that means.

  11. The jumper people are not serious, on tuesday they gave me a tracking number, on friday they canceled the shipment and they gave me another tracking number. Check your orders to see if it happened to them in addition they said that they sent me two packages, one with the jumper and one with a mouse but at the moment there is only one shipment made

  12. Finally, I have received confirmation that my EZ Book 3 Pro has been shipped by the Jumper Official Store on Aliexpress.

  13. They told me they will send my package on Wednesday, I’m happy

    • Not heard anything from them yet, hope it goes this week. But since I’m so busy with review units I really don’t mind at this point as long as it has the SSD slot I’ll be happy!

  14. Why is Jumper just delaying in shipping the Jumper Ezbook 3 Pro. If the product is not ready why launch and advertise it. I ordered mine on 28th March. They did not tell me it was a pre-order. I was told product will be shipped on 05th April after I made payment, this was then changed to 20th April with the excuse that the products they have available does not have SSD Slot. This is so unfair considering that they advertised the product with SSD Slot. Is that the normal behavior of the Jumper Official Store? I have made purchases of electronic goods from other vendors and never have I encounter this chain of disappointments.

    • I’ve also ordered it from Jumper on Aliexpress. Sadly this often happens, I agreed to push order time out in the hope I can get that SSD slot as I have a 240GB I want to use in it. If its further delayed I will get it from Gearbest in Silver without the SSD slot. There is no word on if the Gearbest one has or hasn’t the SSD slot. I think it doesn’t.

  15. Looking forward to the review, when will you have it? I think it’s either this or the Lapbook 12.3 with metal build 6GB RAM. The issue is the SP4 screen in the lapbook 12.3 might look better and sharper, but wont it slow it down and cause lags? EZBook 3 Pro I think is the most promising of them all because it has 6GB, 1080p and M.2 slot. I’m ready to move away from my Hi12 and use that as a second backup device. Its Atom Z8300 is just too slow for me now.

    • The 1080p screen on the EZBook 3 Pro should mean things will run a little fast, the GPU has less pixels to push. But on the plus side, the Surface Pro 4 screen in the Lapbook 12.3 will look so much better I think, sharper 267 PPI, better colours, blacks and contrast.

  16. I just ordered the silver version from Gearbest for 250€, so excited!! Does anyone know if this one is part of the second batch with the ability to upgrade via m.2 SSD? Asked Gearbest support but haven’t received a proper answer…. 🙁

    • No idea but I think the first batch is gold right? So you might be safe.

      • OK, just got the answer from gearbest…… It’s without the SSD slot…. 🙁 🙁

        • It seems to me that there finally wont be version with ssd slot

          • Or they are only getting the first batch first. The official store on Aliexpress told me mine will have the SSD slot.

          • Got a message from Jumper @ aliexpress, they said the SSD version will be available to purchase on 28th 🙂

    • Ok guys I’ll wait for the Ezbook 3S wich is on presale at gearbest. Sounds pretty promising: 6gb ram, N3450, 256gb SSD!!! 14.1″ for 300€ The only donwside is that it does not have an IPS panel… Have seen this Chris?? What do you think??

  17. Hello, I have found photos of the silver version in a forum, the panels around the screen are not black, if all models have this style I will not be very happy:


  18. Hi! I just got a message from Jumper Aliexpress store, saying “For the first batch, its SSD cannot be extended. “… Hmm… I must consider then my purchase, since once of the issues I appreciated from this device was to be able to expand the storage with an M.2 card…

  19. Looks like they’ll be making a silver version after all: http://www.everbuying.net/product1240401.html

    • This color is much better, I would have liked to buy this but I already ordered the golden version

      • I feel ya. Looks like these chinese laptops are going all competitive on each other.. Appeared now on GearBest for only 276€.
        I ordered the Chuwi LapBook 14.1 a couple of days ago before I even found out about this little gem. Good thing I got it for 170€, if it was any more expensive, I would’ve totally regretted it.
        Consumerism, you dirty whore.

  20. IF only it has 2280 m2 slot

  21. I’m just pleased we’re finally moving past 4 GB RAM!

    Hope Chuwi will follow suit (and stick to minimalist white, as opposed to following Chinese tastes for gold…)

  22. Not a big fan of the gold colour here, but looks really promising (minute 03:45):

    There’s a little cover on the bottom side to get to the M.2 ssd slot, I assume… Don’t speak German.
    I think it’s a good price for the specs, even if the wifi adaptor is not AC. I’m also buying one tomorrow 😉

    • Well I hope to have it next week to check out in person.

      • Cool! So you finally chose DHL, then. I refuse to pay taxes, so I will wait patiently and look forward to checking your first impressions and review hehe

        • Yes decided to get DHL, I had waiting months for stuff to arrive it makes it hard to plan out the reviews when I have things all arrive in the same week.

  23. Seem like the wifi is a/b/g/n according to the Aliexpress spec sheet.
    That would be a bummer if it turns out to be true….

    • dual channel would be fine for me..

    • I was hopeful it would be the Intel Wireless-AC 3165 chip like the others. Will have to see, bit of a deal breaker since i have 300mbit internet I would like to use it and not be limited.

  24. Hello Friend!
    Tell me, please, when will the detailed review or video be?
    You are the first who has information about this laptop, I like it.
    Have a nice day!

    • Not sure when I’ll review it, maybe in a few weeks or a month if I get it via slow mail.

      • Hey Chris, sorry to bother you with the same question, but any update on when you’ll have time to review this gem? 🙂 Is it already delivered? Thanks a lot!

  25. just a note
    ALL of the M2 2242 SSDs actually on the market have poor performance (1/2 to 1/3 write speed compared to a Samsung 850 evo sata unit)

    • Not all, my 256GB unit gets 550 reads and almost 300mb/s writes. And a 512GB one I had was 520/450 which was okay. Nothing compared to my PCIE Samsung 960 Evo that gets 3200mb/s reads and 1500mb/s writes of course.

      • the only 2242 unit with this spec was the Adata SP900, witch is out of market since a couple years
        2242 are naturally slower cause they are forced to use fewer but bigger memory modules, so there is less speed up due to the parallelism

        • I bought the Adata Premier SP600 256 GB recently for my Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 and it performs as fast as this, I’m running a Windows 10/Linux Mint 18.1 dual-boot and everything works perfectly including Sleep/Hibernation in both OS.

  26. Thanks for the info, I had seen this laptop days ago but I was not sure if I could put an M.2, now I can make the purchase with more security on the specifications

    • I’ll be sure to show it when I review this, decided I will get it as I want that 6GB of RAM and full metal body over the plastic version. I just hope the keyboard flex is more firm, unlike the EZBook 2 and 3 which are horrible.

      • I’m going to buy it tomorrow but the shipment will take about a month, the wait is going to be long, I’ll keep an eye on your review thanks

        • My review might be after you get it, since I may have to use slow mail. I’m a little tired of paying 400 to 500 euros a month in taxes on tech I review. I have only so much in my account I can spent on my hobby :\

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