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Chuwi Surbook Touchscreen Touch Input Fix

Chuwi Surbook Touchscreen Touch Input Fix

As I reported in my Surbook unboxing video I noticed that the touchscreen wasn’t quite 100%. And after talking to Chuwi support about the insensitive touch issues I was having with my Surbook, they were aware of this issue on some first batch units. Mine was affected, not every touch input would register, resulting in a lot of typos using the on-screen keyboard and frustrating use. Well, the fix is here Chuwi just released this driver update.

You can download it here or below:

Surbook TP Driver AP123 20170915 Fix Touch1.8 MiB1627


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  1. I’m having a problem with the same thing this guy is with my hibook pro.

  2. Good and use full info

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