Chuwi SurBook Indiegogo Crowdfunding Now Live

Chuwi SurBook Indiegogo Crowdfunding Now Live

Update 24th of May: The Indiegogo page is now live. First 100 units are going at a lower price, after that it seems the put they price up. The page is here:

Chuwi has a date when the Indiegogo crowdfunding page will go live, tomorrow the 24th. They have also posted the prices for the first 200 units. The first 200 backers get the 64GB model for $299, if you want the keyboard and stylus it’s $349.

Finally, the 128GB eMMC version will be $399 for the tablet, keyboard, and stylus.

The SurBook has a 12.3″ Surface Pro 4 screen in it. Intel Celeron N3450, 6GB of RAM, 64GB to 128GB of storage. Intel wireless AC 3165, Metal body with kickstand an optional stylus and keyboard type cover. It has a USB 3.1 type-c port and two full sized USB 3.0 ports.

The Crowdfunding page is here. But it will not be live until the 24th.

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  1. i’m waiting for this beauty, but i’ll wait for regular sale

  2. its not the first 200 only. They just reset the price.

    I can also guarantee the 399 price for 128gb+keyboard+pen will be the normal average price.
    With coupons that will 24/7 be given out it will be about the 350 we paid.

    • Yes i have seen that they just reset the count of people of invest in this option. Strange.

  3. I pulled the trigger and went for the $299 one with keyboard and stylus. It was either this or a Samsung chromebook pro from the States I would get a friend to bring back from his vacations (I’m in the UK). I really hope I don’t regret it. What do you think Chris? I’ve been using a Chromebook as my only device for about 2 years now and I don’t like I’m missing any key features. But I couldn’t resist what seems to be an upgrade… uugh, getting cold feet now…

    • I think moving from a Chromebook you should be happy with it. It’s like a Surface Pro, but with a weaker CPU.

  4. The funny thing about this campain is that it clearly shows the wishes from people into the budget model tablets.
    128gb is the minimum. its bad these budget manufactors went with 64gb for so long.

    So far 1/6th of the people went with the 64gb model. That really says something.

  5. Got a 128gb version for 350 dollar with keyboard and pen. Not a bad price at all, looks like a nice surface 4 clone with exept quite a worse CPU.

  6. rumors about a ngff.m2 ssd slot?

  7. well done Chris. keep up the good work. despite all these new devices, I’m still in love with dual boots. so in ur opinion which one is the all round best you have used in terms of resolution, durability, probably support gsm, speed and all the likes? then is there any device you have modded you’ll like to sell? thanks

    • The ones I recommend are here: Chuwi Hi12 is one of my favourite ones. Surface Pro 3 screen and great battery life. It’s a shame there are no more dual boots. I cross my fingers one day they will be back.

      I have no dual boots I’m selling, I have Hibook Pro I’m using and my Hi12 I still use too.

      • such a pity no new dual boots. I av heard complaints about hibook pro screen been “plasticky” and hi12 developing touch-response issues after a couple of days

  8. Hi Chris, message from CHuwi forum:

    Besides the giveaway, Chuwi still has the secret perks prepared for some of you :
    You will get a surbook set (tablet+keyboard+stylus) with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM with a 37% off out of the retail price at $299, if you make it into the top 100 .
    Also you will get another upgraded set with 6GB RAM and 128 GB ROM at a 30% price cut out of the retail price at $349 , top 100 win this .

    • Also got that, different prices for the ones that signed up and subscribed? No idea how it will work.

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