Chuwi – What Specs Do We Want In The Next Device?

Chuwi – What Specs Do We Want In The Next Device?

Chuwi has just asked via Twitter to their followers what specifications are we all looking for in the next Chuwi device? Of course, I let them know my thoughts. Intel Core M3, 8GB of RAM USB 3.1 Type-C and fully laminated screen. And also I commented to just add a Core M3 and Type-C USB 3.1 to the Lapbook Air. But make sure you let them know, tweet them the specs you think their next device should have and hopefully they will listen!

Seems they want the publics opinion on what move they should take next. Wise thinking.

The tweet is below:

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  1. Am typing this on my Hi13, which is my first and only Chinese import tablet I have tried, so far.

    Suggestions for improvements, for my needs(I basically use it as a silent laptop), would look like this:

    1. Faster CPU – but as I also like the current silent operation of my Hi13, it should still be able to be passively cooled. Would be cool if the stylus pen could be more useable, in terms of removing delays. Light photo/video editing would be cool to be able to do too….

    2. An even better keyboard. Closer to full size(which may also require the screen to be somewhat bigger….or not, depending upon how good Chuwi’s engineers can utilize the current space), so that typing is easier and faster and should makes the Hi14 more universally fitted for more typing intensive tasks(like website coding or typing long articles).

    3. A lot more storage space…..64GB gets you nowhere. And SD cards are generally very slow. SSD disk support would be welcomed. And lets have it upgradeable too! 😉

    4. Faster USB transfers would be nice.

    5. Removeable batteries. We all know(or should know) that batteries gets less and less good at storing power, the moment we start using them. So why not let them be more easily replaceable…..just like on laptops?

    • Actually… there should be a point 4a. Which should have said “faster SD-CARD transfers would also be nice”. So we can properly utilize the speed of the newer sd-cards sold today.

  2. For me the most important in any tablet: 3/4 display .

  3. a better cpu would be more than enough ;D

  4. It is better to go with ryzen 5 2500u, cheaper and better. Screen 13.5″ or above, 8gb ram and 128gb emmc or higher will be good for me.

    • The mobile Ryzen chips announced so far sound like they’ll be either in the 15W or 35W TDP range; you need single-digit TDPs (e.g. m3-6y30 is 4.5W) for a fanless laptop.

  5. 3k Screen, same as Cube used in the Thinker, and Surface Laptop, i simply won’t consider a FHD 1080p device
    Core M3 or M5 premium option
    Minimum of 8gb Ram, or at least leave a sodimm slot free for later upgrades if you fit 4/6gb
    M2 256gb and 512gb options, preferably 2280 or 2260 instead of the usual 2242 they offer
    Tablet format or 360 hinge.
    Decent passive heat pipe style cooling so people don’t have to mod there tablet voiding the warranty in the process. I mean how much extra will a copper cooler add to the overall cost in bulk? a couple of dollars.
    and replaceable wi-fi card. So we can hackintosh or change out hardware if it becomes damaged.
    USB C charging.
    Aluminium alloy shell
    Bonded Laminated Screen
    Dedicated GPU on any M5 premium model
    and if it comes in at $500 or so for the base spec and say $650 for the higher end. the sweet price point would be midway between bargain basement 1080p celeron based devices, and a fair chunk lower than the big brand pay for the label models.

    I have just pulled the trigger on the Cube Thinker, because it was on offer, and after looking at the Chuwi SurBook, it didn’t offer anything close spec wise. No M2, poorer processor for a similar price point. If they offered a “pro” version of the SurBook. that would offer a decent choice to people willing to pay a little more and raise there brand image beyond being yet just another domestic Chinese tablet offering.

  6. CPU: n3450
    RAM: 3GB
    8 inch Laminated IPS
    Dragontail/Gorilla glass
    dual band WIFI
    USB type C charging
    USB 3.1 gen 2
    emmc 5.1/UFS 2.1
    SDXC/UFS card reader
    Windows 10 Home

    • ..and fine tip stylus

    • Mi Pad 2 was the closest you could come to this specs,
      Atom, 2GB/64GB, gorilla laminated IPS, win10, usb-c charging. To bad they ditched Wintel in 3rd revision.

    • Win10 and 3GB ram….is it a typo?

  7. Broadcom or Atheros WIFI, or user replaceable WIFI. User replaceable RAM would be nice too. We’re getting to the point where these tablets can in some places be PC replacements so it would be really cool to have some upgradeability. I’d pay a few more bucks for devices that had these things.

  8. I would love a 10″ m3 tablet with optional keyboard, like the Surface or Cube Mix Plus, that is dual boot Windows and Android O, or dual boot Windows and ChromeOS.

  9. Hey Chris. Everything you’ve said, but I hope you’ve mentioned decent audio/speakers too.

  10. I think a notebook keyboard with secondary battery and ports for the Surbook would extend the potential range of interested customers with a minimum investment for them
    but as you mentioned, considering the actual Surbook as a reference base in order of importance I would consider
    1_fully laminated display (better touch pen experience, better outdoor display performance)
    2_battery (secondary in the notebook keyboard?)
    3_seamless touchpen experience (better driver? dedicated hardware controller not to stress the cpu that much? Mseries cpu –battery seideeffects)
    4_additional m2.ssd slot (as far as there is no ufs2.1 support for the actual and the upcoming low power Intel cpu/chipset)
    5_8GB ram (right now 6GB are enought considering the low power cpu and the win10 needs…..8GB would be mandatory with a Mserie cpu allowing for more resource consuming usage)

    • Regarding battery, there are some USB-C mobile chargers like RAVPower 26800 that can extend screen on time a lot, but we need USB-C charging port for that! Integrated secondary battery would increase height, weight, price and decrease sexiness of device so please no secondary battery. 🙂

      Regarding CPU, if the price of M series is so much higher, let’s stay on N3450 Celeron so we can keep the total price under $400. Passive cooling definitely is a must.

      • secondary battery in the notebook like keyboard-dock would an alternative to the surface like keyboard-cover
        So it would be up to you which one to choose
        maybe slim solution for daily commute, secondary battery for long travels

  11. I posted on the twitter, but will post it here if Chuwi reads this site. Core M3 or the new fanless 8th gen CPU. 8GB of RAM and 16GB option. USB type-c 3.1 gen2 is a must I agree or even better thunderbolt for eGPU love! And fully laminated screen only if the price remains decent if not I’m happy with Type-C Gen2 or thunderbolt and non laminated screen.

    To save costs, no backlit keyboard either. But that money into Core M3!!!

    • would you buy a 800$ Chuwi with such hardware and no international assistnace?!?!
      I think we just can ask what is compliant with their market
      the lack od a workdwide warranty/assistnace leads to very little opportunity to find a market for more expensive devices….even if they have a super quality/cost ratio

  12. I’m still waiting for a value 360° convertible with 11.6″ FHD screen, N4200/M3-7Y30 processor, 64 GB of eMMC with M.2 slot , 4/6 GB of RAM, full USB 3 port, Type C 3.1 under 299$… The only brand that could meet this specs is Voyo, but I can’t stand the low quality components and awful keyboards of almost all of their tablets!

    • Oh yeah those Voyo Vbook’s are horrible. Dull screens, very bad keyboards and very cheaply constructed.

    • The N4200 is only marginally better than the N3450.

      As for the m3, see the bulk prices as advertised by Intel:,95596

      The N3450 is ~$100, while the m3 is ~$300! I guess manufacturers get better deals than that, but probably not better enough to put an m3 in a $299 device.

  13. Totally agree with you, but it’s a bit too late for me now :/

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