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Chuwi Vi8 Ultimate Edition With Updated Specs Released

Chuwi Vi8 Ultimate Edition With Updated Specs Released

Chuwi have updated the Vi8 for the 3rd time now, with the release of the Chuwi Vi8 Ultimate Edition. Aiming for the best budget 8 inch dual boot it seems, gone is the Atom Z3635F 1.8Ghz, replaced with a slightly faster Atom Z3736F 2.16Ghz SoC. The housing is now similar to the Vi10 And V10HD with a glass back, metal trims making it more premium looking and Chuwi claim it’s a thin 7.9 mm.

Also updated are the cameras from 0.3 MP to 2MP on the front and a 5MP camera on the rear up from 2MP. The storage remains at 32GB unfortunately. The rest of the tablet specs are the same as the Vi8 Windows and dual boot Super edition, however as far as I can see there is no micro hdmi output?

Chuwi vi8 ultimate edition price

The price from Chuwi direct in China is a cool 499 Yuan / 80 USD. Expect it to sell for around $99 from retailers that ship abroad.

More info (Click for the larger image):

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  1. Hi, i made a big mistake and try to install windows 10 on this tablet and the touch screen dint work and i installed windows 8.1 again, but now i lost the android partition and the touch screen on windows dont work in the disk management i only got a 100 mb efi system partition ,a 23.6 gb partition and a 5.8 gb recovery partition 🙁 does anybody know how do i get the dual boot os again do you guys know some toturial please a spend days trying to fix the problem but i cant do it 🙁

  2. Just pre-ordered (till june 20th) the Chuwi HI8 at Gearbest with discountcode CHI8 for 96 us$, seeing as it is the same size as the VI8 I reckon the cases should fit?

  3. Yeah, I wrote to you Chris and in the forum a couple of days ago regarding this new to get your thoughts on it.
    It goes for $103, pre-sale until June 20th.
    This just turns the whole 8″ market up side down in my opinion. No manufacturer has the Z3736f and 1920×1200 at this price.
    And its with the new Vi10 styling.

    • It does look good, 1920 x 1200 on an 8 inch screen will look very sharp. The only thing it’s lacking is HDMI and I hope they have a super edition with 64GB eMMC’s and hdmi later like the Chuwi Vi8 did. Oh and I hope they have fixed that mono speaker and it’s not the same one as the Vi8.

      • Agreed.
        You would think Ultimate would be ahead of Super(?) But they left out HDMI on this new Ultimate edition of the Vi8 as well.
        Too bad the deal on the Vi10 ($149) is not available any more, can’t seem to find it anywhere.
        I was thinking of a pair, the Hi8 as the couch and run about tablet and Vi10, with its HDMI port and full size USBs, as the productive one.

  4. Hi there,
    I’m a little bit confused regarding this Vi8 Ultimate Edition and the newly-announced Hi8 ( Which is which? Are we talking about the same tablet?
    Thank you for clarification!

    • Oh that’s a new model as it has a different higher res screen 1920 x 1200. Looks like they share the same casing and look similar.

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