Coming This Week – Mi Mix 2 Unboxing, EZBook 3 Plus & Surbook Reviews

Coming This Week – Mi Mix 2 Unboxing, EZBook 3 Plus & Surbook Reviews

This weekend has been a bit hectic, I’ve moved from the studio apartment in the center of town over to another apartment with air conditioning. The move was necessary for two main factors, the old place was far too expensive for the site & channel to support and lack of Airconditioning meant it was very hard with up to 35 degrees C temps indoors. And under the studio softbox lighting was almost unbearable to record my reviews at times.

Now I’m just setting it up again but it’s nothing flash and hopefully, you’ll not see much of a change.  So what’s coming next? Well, my Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is on its way for unboxing this week and later a full review And I hope to get my Chuwi Surbook and EZBooreviewsus revies out if all goes well this week.

The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro will be available to order on the 21st in China and I’m looking to get the i7 8550U 16GB model if possible. So look out for that towards the end of the month.

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  1. Hello Chris, looking forward to your review on the Chuwi Surbook. I am interested in buying this tablet.
    In your review do you also compare it to the Hi13 ?

  2. Hi Chris will you be doing a Hi12 Vs Surbook? I’m thinking about upgrading but lack of msata slot is a big negative. Also can a PD charger like your Xiaomi one charge the Surbook? Thanks

  3. Hey, C! Wishing you well in your new studio. The old place sounds like it was hellish. Looking forward to more reviews.

  4. Hey Chris, thumbs up for the great content so far and looking forward for the upcoming reviews!
    Will you also review the Xiaomi Mi A1 ?

    • I decided against it as the phone is the same as the Mi 5X I reviewed. Only the software is different. It’s almost as bad as doing a whole new review because the colour is new. iPhone guys do this! Remember the red color was released in the iPhone 7 and all the top tech channels all reviewed it again.

      If I can I’ll flash my Mi 5X with the A1 ROM.

  5. Great news. Finally moved in.
    Just a quick question. The 4K TV you had as a monitor in the video where you showed us the old place. How big is it? It looked like about 32″ and I’ve been searching the net for any 32″ or 37″ 4K TVs, but I haven’t found anything. Only 40″ and up. Been thinking of getting a 4K TV instead of a monitor (depending on the price) when it’s time to upgrade my 10 year old 24″ 1080p monitor later this year. But 40″ seems a bit too big for me.

    • It’s a 40″ LG 40UH630V, in gaming mode the input lag is fine. Not in the gaming mode input lag is crazy bad. I really like it, I had to go cheap on 4k. No way I could get a proper 4k monitor. Also got it for special 380 euros. And it’s HDR and really the quality for the price is pretty amazing. For games no so great. But I don’t game on it.

      • Same here. I don’t game at all, so that wouldn’t matter much. I mostly use it for book editing and video watching. But OK. 40″ is probably too big for me. I’ve seen a reasonable priced 28″ 4K monitor which I guess will be it for me then. I haven’t found any 32″ at all, except for the ultra wide screen. And that’s not what I want.
        This is the “reasonable priced” monitor I’ve seen so far.
        This one got even better price but I guess it will be difficult to get it from Sweden to the Canaries.

        • I thought 40″ would be too big, but after using it. I’ve adapted to it and absolutely love it and more because it was cheap. The image quality is great and even the speakers are quite decent. I remember that Samsung 4k monitor, almost got it but I’m sure it was around 450 euros when I was looking back in January.

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