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Chuwi SurBook 12.3-Inch Surface Pro 4 Screen 2-in-1 Tablet

Chuwi SurBook 12.3-Inch Surface Pro 4 Screen 2-in-1 Tablet

Looks like 2017 is going to be a good year for Chinese tablets, the second Surface Pro 4 screen tablet is coming in the way of the Chuwi SurBook (Surface Book name rip off?) We have the Cube iwork 3X with the same screen, now this SurBook which has two full sized USB 3.0 ports, 6GB of RAM, Intel Wireless-AC, 128GB eMMC 5.0 for storage and it’s powered by the now very common Intel Celeron N3450. The tablet judging from the photos has a kickstand, active stylus (HiPen H3?) and optional type cover like the Surface Pro 4.

It looks to have a premium metal build to it and fingers crossed the screen is fully laminated.

It’s looking great if you ask me, good to see the full sized ports making a comeback. The only thing missing is M.2 SSD slot support? Not sure it will have it being a tablet unless there is an access flap to it. Here are some photos from the Chuwi Facebook page. Don’t forget we also have the Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 coming with this premium 3:2 ratio screen.

There is also talk of a HiBox Pro, my guess is an Apollo Lake Windows 10 Mini PC. And the SurBook Mini. In another image, I saw something that resembles a Yoga Book stylus laptop. Maybe another possible model or it could be the SurBook mini? One thing Chuwi is missing is a Core M3 tablet or laptops like Teclast and Cube.

Thanks to David for the tip.

Source: Chuwi Facebook

SurBook images from the Asiaworld-Expo in Hong Kong from the 18th to 21st.

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  1. As an artist who like big screens and full sized ports I need to know what digitizer they are using ? Is it goodix or possibly something else like n-trig?
    I had my mind on the lenovo miix 510 since its in my budget
    But chuwi has some pretty good connectivity specs .
    I can no longer wait for answers 🙁

  2. Hi Chris, Chuwi show Surbook in their website:

  3. from
    The SurBook will finally sport a 128GB eMMC
    and backlit keeboard!!!!!
    unfortunatelly I’m not a fan of the kickstand form factor

    • It looks great like Chuwi seems to be listening? I hope they also hear us asking for a Core M tablet. Kickstand is okay, it’s lighter, but a transformer style dock I like better for the rigid form factor and USB ports it normally brings.

  4. YES! Finally the full sized USB ports (2 even – instead of only one, wow, christmast eve time! :D). I cannot wait to see how Chuwi plays this card now.

    I was so disappointed of Hi13 because of this so now, let’s see what they can do with this SurBook (funny name).

    My wet dream would be Core M3 with some SSD drive. Apollo is just some polished name of Atom to be honest. If you want some REAL change, you have to go for Core M3. I hope Surface Pro 5 will show all of these Chinese companies – how to make a proper 2-in-1 tablet.

    • Oh, I’m sure the Surface Pro 5 will be a really killer tablet, best Windows 10 one and again set the standard. bezel-less display when attached to the keyboard. But when a tablet it creates a bezel on the screen that doesn’t register touch.

    • even bigger bezels for Surbook, and I wonder if the screen is fully laminated?
      4G install memory from device manage while 6G in the datasheet?
      No M2 ssd slot
      Note that Surbook do not contain any hdmi but usb-c, which is a indication of a full functional usb type c, unlike the CHuwi Hi13.
      I do like the 2 full size USB 3.0, nevertheless, will definitely go for Lapbook 12.3 rather than the SurBook.

  5. SurBook… like Sir Lancelot? Gotta love the name.

    Not another underwhelming Apollo Lake-based Surface clone. How about a powerful Core processor?

    • Core M3 + SSD in this would be great! It’s about time we had a Core M tablet from Chuwi!

  6. Let’s hope for a keyboard-dock too
    I’m not a fan of the Surface kickstand when it comes to typing on the go (laptop mode on your legs) or simply on the couch

  7. lt’s hope for a keyboard-dock too
    I’m not a fan of the Surface kickstand when it comes to typing on the go (laptop mode on your legs) or simply on the couch

    • It would be very nice if they started to standardize the docks for the form factor. So 12″ tablets could use a variety docks. Just put the magnet holes and tabs in the same spots and make the pogo pins the same layout. Then you could use the Hi12 or maybe Hi13 dock, if you like that style.

      For me, I like the type cover style better, so I’d like to see kickstand models and the type cover, but it would be a big design plus if they made it so both styles were options.

  8. What is the real difference between a Apollo Lake CPU and a Atom CPU when they use emmc for the storage. Probably none, even with 2 extra gb of RAM. I hope there is an empty m2 slot.

    You should test an Apollo lake CPU VS an Atom with emmc – same RAM and same screen resolution.

    The SSD storage and core m makes all the difference and probably when Surface 5 is released, a second hand Surface 4 will be a better purchase than all these chinese tablets. Maybe when the price drops to $250 they will be worth it.

    • Or get a Samsung Tab S refurb for like $400 now.

      • with that small battery?

      • The tabpro s is awesome. It doesn’t need a larger battery because it uses an (incredibly beautiful) Amoled display which uses a fraction of the power of an ips panel. I get 7-9 hours of use out of it. And remember it has a core m3 processor and weighs under 700grams and is just 6.3 mm thick (not a typo)with a 12.2 inch 3:2! And comes with the keyboard included in the price.

        Got mine new on a pre Xmas sale on amazon uk for €600.- to replace a hi12 that died charging overnight (basically the entire voltage regulator/charging circuit fried for no recognizable reason) .

        I can tell you that the devices (Hi12 vs tabpro) can not be compared in terms of speed, display (Samsung is fully laminated, with black levels indistinguishable from the bezels), sound, and build qualities. Usd 400,- is a steal.

        The only disadvantages of the TPS is slight color-skew when looking more than 45degrees off of normal to screen, and the single (SAFC) USB-c port.

        BTW the TPS pen is very good too, but does not support hover.

        • Tab Pro S is a really nice tablet. Was going to get a review unit, but Samsung UK just messed me about and later never replied to me.

          • I found out that “cheap” chinese tablets are good for media consumption kodi etc, not 100% reliable for work. Battery problems, screen can’t be use outdoors, wifi signal reception sometimes is weak, slowdowns -> ATOM cpu – and slowdowns after a few Windows updates.
            For work purposes I prefer to save a bit more and buy something more reliable. Although there are good chinese brands like Xiaomi and Huawei.

          • Can you please at least post news articles about such devices even if you don’t review them. TT has become my main source of news about this class of device and i’m clearly missing info on some devices because of it.

            • Hi I would if I could, my issue is time. I’m only one person with a job, family etc. Maybe when the site grows to the point I can get someone to help with news articles.

    • These new Apollo Lakes are (Most of them) using eMMC 5 spec that’s much faster than eMMC 4.5.1. And the N3450 is a nice step up over the Atom Z8750.

      The Surface 5 is coming soon, and it should be the king of Windows 10 tablets. I’m really looking forward to it. These cheaper tablets are worth it, but it all depends on your needs. You wouldn’t buy this tablet to edit 4k video, I think most know this.

  9. Just LOL at that name.

    I do love Chuwi.

    • SurBook… They wanted to call it the Surface Book, but for legal reasons SurBook 😀 Why not call it something like the Chuwi Tab 12.3 or even HiBook 12/12.3

  10. Chuwi reply my inquiry and said this model will be released next month in May.

    • Looking forward to reviewing it. Might be the best Apollo Lake tablet yet I think.

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