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Black Friday Deals: Lapbook SE $249 Mi Pad 4 64GB $199 Mi Drone 4k $399

Black Friday Deals: Lapbook SE $249 Mi Pad 4 64GB $199 Mi Drone 4k $399

Yes, I know sick of the Black Friday emails and posts? Me too, but what’s one more right? The usual sites I source my cheaper Chinese alternative tech from like Banggood and Gearbest both have Black Friday deals on of course. There are a few deals around so if you’re in the market for some cheaper tech or something for Christmas here’s a couple of the better offers I’ve seen.

The Mi Pad 4, this is my favorite Chinese laptop of the year. The Snapdragon 660 runs it’s 1080p very fluid and it games well. Better than any of the MediaTek tablets. The Mi Pad 4, 4GB RAM version with 64GB is now $199. It’s a big step up over the Mi Pad 3 and my Mi Pad 4 Plus has been the go to tablet for my travels. The Mi Pad 4 has a better screen over the Mi Pad 4 plus, but a smaller battery however still good for over 8 hours.

The Teclast T20, a decent 4G tablet with a great screen. It’s not the fastest so not the best for gaming. But for everything else was decent. This is $186.99 $1 more than the 11.11 sale price.

It is a 4G version of the Teclast Master T10. The best feature is premium 2560 x 1600 IPS screen that’s fully laminated and it has great build. Also on flash sale is $186.99, down from $209

And one of my favorite laptops reviewed for the quality and spec is the Mi Notebook Pro. It’s now selling for $759 that’s around $10 cheaper than the cheapest price from 11.11. Normally this one sells for well over $820. The $759 deal is here, limited to today only. But do make sure you watch my review of this one so you’re aware of what to expect.

The Mi Drone 4k this popular cheaper Phantom 4 alternative has been more expensive than usual for a long time, well over $450. Finally, it’s $399 again it was last around this price a year ago. The deal is here. Below is my detailed unboxing and review with some amazing med coast sample footage.

Chuwi’s Lapbook SE has been my travel laptop for my recent trip to New Zealand. This quad-core laptop has a great build, awesome backlit keyboard, and a fully laminated 1080p display. It takes a 2280 SSD size for upgrades and it’s only real weakness is 4GB of DDR4 and not 8GB. There is no sign of an 8GB version but apart from that even with my own use with Chrome it will run 10 tabs fine and the battery life is nothing but solid. I get close to 8 hours on 40% brightness. It’s now even cheaper selling for $249 here with coupon CR8RM44GQJ

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  1. I am looking for Mi Pad 4 4GB & 64GB coupons from any reputed vendors. I am unable to find these tablets for sub $200 price point anywhere.
    Any help or suggestions appreciated.

  2. Need advice
    Chuwi Lapbook SE vs Teclast F6
    I know the differences about ram and cpu
    what about the other specs:
    _storage speed
    _touchpad size, gesture, responsiveness, accuracy
    _battery lifetime
    _display brightness and mirror effect
    _general quality

  3. Sorry I correct the post, it’s the 4GB / 64GB version for $199.

  4. $199 isn’t a good deal for the Mi Pad 4 with 3GB RAM 32GB… Should be about $165

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