Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13 (2018)

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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3″ Model Gets Kaby Lake R CPU’s

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3″ Model Gets Kaby Lake R CPU’s

I was hoping for a completely new design similar to the XPS line from Dell, but here it is the 2nd refresh of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13 first released in 2016. The 2017’s models i5 7200U and i7 7500U have been swapped out and replaced with the much faster i5 8250U and i7 8550U, performance is around 40% better if not more thanks, double the cores (now quad-core). These are the same CPU’s as found in the Mi Notebook Pro 15″ model I reviewed. 8GB of DDR4 RAM, seems if you want 16GB you still have to go for the Mi Notebook Pro i7 version.

The cooling Xiaomi claim has been greatly improved, by how much? Well, 63% from a 37% wider copper transfer pipe and improved cooling fins. This is very much welcomed as it was the only real issue I had with the Mi Notebook Air 13 2017 model when I reviewed it that it could reach up to 50 degrees C to the touch. And lastly, it’s also now coming in the same dark grey paint job like the Mi Notebook Pro. This is a good move, the grey just looks so much better and more professional.

And before you go asking in the comments, Yes I’ve placed an order for one (Only Geekbuying seem to have it listed) as I’m interested to see just how hot it will get now and if the performance is the same as the 15″ model or has Xiaomi set lower power limits. I’ve ordered the i5 8250U model, in my testing the i7 8550U isn’t worth the extra cash. I can only hope now that Xiaomi hasn’t locked the TDU settings out from Intel XTU so undervolting and boosting the power limits will be possible. Xiaomi later locked this out on Mi Notebook Pro bios updates, most likely to stop users overheating their notebooks.

No word on a revised Mi Notebook Air 12. Since Intel hasn’t released the Core M3-8Y30 it might be some way off still, if the Core M3-8Y30 is even coming?

Keep an eye out for my unboxing & hands-on video of this model next week if it ships out as planned.

More details:  Mi Air 13 official website (Chinese)

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  1. I’m a bit doubtful about the cooling temps and battery here. I’ve owned the 6200u and the 7200u versions of this and tinkered with both significantly. I’ve undervolted, changed out the thermal paste with Grizzly conductonaut liquid, used thermal pads on the VRMs and heatsink to transfer heat to the back lid, and no matter what I do, both models still hit the temp ceiling playing light games. All the mods just make the time to hit the temp ceiling longer. The old 940MX topped out at 80c and the 150mx topped out at 75c.

    It seems to me that they’ve crammed a more power hungry and hotter CPU into the same body with same size battery. I am doubtful a thicker heatpipe and more fins will change much. I would have preferred larger fans, dual heat pipes, or revised fan placement like the 15.6 Notebook Pro, and using a copper plate on the GPU heatsink instead of a aluminum one.

    • Guess I’ll find out soon when it ships. I would have also liked to have seen split copper heat pipes and two large fans. Maybe a large copper heatsink on top of the CPU, the likes I’ve seen on the MSI laptops. Nice and thick!

      • Can’t wait for the review test too! When you get it, can you please test the clocks of the MX150? I own the Mi Air 13 and the Notebook Pro. I’ve noticed the MX150 in the Mi Air is always significantly lower clocked than the MX150 in the Notebook Pro. In the Notebook Pro I can add +200mhz on the GPU and it stays at 1800+ the whole time at around 0.9-1.0v. In the MX150 in the Mi Air 13, the clocks are eveywhere but averages at around ~1250. Overclocking does nothing as the voltage is much lower at around 0.8-0.9v. It seems they severely handicapped the GPU in the Mi Air 13 in order to meet the thermal threshold.

        • I’ll be sure to keep an eye on the GPU & CPU clocks. I expect it will be the same here, clocked down to save on heat but you never know maybe they didn’t limit it as much. It should ship on Monday I’m told. So I could have it on Thursday or Friday next week.

  2. I’d like to know what WIFI/Bt module does it have and what components are user replaceable. Same questions about the F6 Pro.

    • They aren’t separate cards, so not upgradable/replaceable.

  3. So… No mx150?

  4. Trying to get one also but couldn’t find a place that ships it out of China right now. How did you manage to get your order in?

    • Ordered on Geekbuying here http://shrsl.com/qxx5 but now the shipping has been delayed a week. There is no one yet that stocks it now it seems. I think it’s shipping on the 30th in China.

  5. O M G.
    Increasing heat pipe capacity a bit doesn’t help at all. The only reason for that is it’s LENGTH. (And amount – 1)
    Longer heatpipe – heat dumps into casing under the keyboard. I don’t believe there is great heat insulation layer there.
    They needed to redesign their motherboard completely to the level of shrinked 15.6 version with 2 coolers on different sides. I don’t believe this shoddy design will be able to handle 4 core CPU. I am not sure this will keep i5 3.1ghz+mx150 at 60-65 degrees when gaming if you ask me.
    On the other hand – who in the world would buy that laptop if only thing they made better is the CPU when old will get discounts?…
    Still 8 gigs single channel. Still same MX150, not even 1050. Questionable cooling. Didn’t upgrade keyboard to 15.6 level. No increase to battery. Same stupid speaker config. Why even bother and NOT buy 15.6 version, which is better in every way and will be comparable in price..

    • I’ll hold my judgment on the cooling until I see it in action. But it will not hold 60-65 degrees c gaming, definitely not and not even the 15.6″ Pro version can. I was really hopeful of a complete redesign. Something like a Dell XPS 13 clone, but just a bump in CPU, new cooler, and color. I’m not expecting much, but will still review it and no doubt later sell it on.

      I thought it would now have two large fans. But one larger and the smaller one. Will it hit 50 degrees c surface temps on above the keyboard, I’ll find out soon.

      • please when you get it, compare the new and old cooler, and see if they can be swapped :3

        i know V2’s cooler can be found on aliexpress, if the improved one can too AND fits previous models, it sounds like a nice upgrade 😀

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