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Chuwi Hi9 Air’s 4G/LTE Modem Supports Common EU Bands

Chuwi Hi9 Air’s 4G/LTE Modem Supports Common EU Bands

Originally I thought they would be covering just the Chinese LTE bands like the Alldocube X1 & Voyo i8 Max. Both of those models with the same MediaTek 10 Core Helio X20 have different modems, the Chinese Helio X20 modem. Only LTE band 1 & 3 supported which are used in Europe but not by everyone, at least here in Spain, it works for me.

But the Chuwi Hi9 Air is looking like the one people in Europe should get at least.  The good news is this one supports all the major European LTE bands, even LTE band 20. Not sure how I didn’t spot this before and it’s unusual for them to have more global bands rather than the Chinese ones, but a great move I didn’t expect.

Chuwi Hi9 LTE bands: 

  • 1/2/3/5/7/8/20 (FDD:2100MHz.1900MHz.1800MHz.850MHz.2600MHz.900MHz.800MHz)
  • 40 TDD:2300MHz)

Chuwi Hi9 3G bands:

  • 1/2/5/8 (2100MHz.1900MH.850MHz.900MHz)
Chuwi Hi9 Air LTE bands

Chuwi Hi9 Air LTE bands


So make sure you check with your mobile carrier/network that the LTE frequency they use is the same as listed here. I’m not sure some of those different USA bands will be supported. The ones Verizon and others use are different from the rest of the world.

The Hi9 Air release date is the 19th and will be shipping then. It’s $199 at Banggood on flash sale for a limited time. Down from $239. I’ve just ordered one and will be reviewing it once it arrives. So look out for it towards the end of the month. On paper it looks good, GPS, fully laminated 2560 x 1600 IPS, Mali 880 GPU with 10 cores to handle games like PUBG, 4GB of RAM and 64GB eMMC. The only really missing a micro HDMI or mini HDMI out and maybe a fingerprint reader.

The Hi9 Air released date 19th April:

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  1. It doesn’t have a USB-C plug. It’s stuck with a micro-USB port. Bit of a shame really as all the other specs are top-nptch.

  2. What truly matters with these Oreo native devices is wether they are TREBLE enabled or not.

    If we can get LineageOS &co on these chinese tablets, this’ll be revolutionnary.

  3. one more question:
    it will ship with Oreo so the question is….Will it support project tremle as well?

  4. 2 things to check:
    can it use video out via the usb-C plug with a splitter?
    does it sport a digital compass (not gps compass)

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