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Chuwi Hi9 Air – 10.1″ With Helio X20 & 4G Dual SIM

Chuwi Hi9 Air – 10.1″ With Helio X20 & 4G Dual SIM

The Chuwi Hi9 Air went back to the drawing board it seems, I always thought it was going to be 8.4″ tablet like the Hi9. But now it’s 10.1 inches still the same 2560 x 1600 resolution, so 16:10 aspect ratio and yes it’s fully laminated. Since it’s now 10.1-inches shouldn’t it be called the Chuwi Hi10 Air? The interesting part is the chipset is a MediaTek Helio X20, deca-core with 4G support. Including LTE Band 20 and dual sim support.

4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. This tablet is Chuwi’s answer to the Teclast Master T10 which also uses this same fully laminated screen. Looking good, since the announcement of the Helio X20 and X25 I’ve always wanted to see this chipset in a tablet with 4G and finally, it’s happening.

The build is metal, in dark grey and with black bezels. The thickness is 8.2mm. And judging from the press images it has an odd MicroUSB and 3.5mm jack placement on the top, can’t say I’m too fond of that. No other specs released yet or it’s actual release date. I’m also interested on more info on Chuwi’s Surbook Pro, an updated Surbook with Gemini Lake due mid-year, but still no more details on that one yet.

Network bands supported by the modem:

  • GSM:B2/3/5/8
  • CDMA1X: BC0
  • WCDMA:B1/2/5/8
  • CDMA2000:BC0
  • TD-SDMA:B34/39
  • FDD-LTE:B1/3/4/5/7//20
  • TDD-LTE:B38 39 40 41

Chuwi Hi9 Air images:


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  1. Any hint about the Android version?

    • The GB listing states “OS: Android 7.0” … but note that those same specs recite the CPU as an MTK8173, which is wrong (should be Helio X20).

      • What about the press images? They also say 10.1 inch MTK 8173.

  2. GB has listed the Hi9 Air at USD 372.40. No listing on BG or AE, yet.

    It appears that GearBest has launch rights.

  3. This is looking promising,yet again. I’ve been very reluctant in going for Teclast Master T10 due to (1) lack of cellular support (2) colour been white – i prefer black phones & tablets. However, I’m wary of Chuwi’s quality. I had already made up my mind to go for Chuwi Lapbook Air; but now I’m reading of reports like Blue Screen of Death among others. So far the best android tablet currently is Samsung Tab S3, followed by Asus Zenpad 3s 10 – but of course, the price! Question is which brand(s), or off-brand(s) would give us substance at afford price and not just quantity! I want to be able to use my device for 24 months; or I’m asking too much?!

    • Think of the Shenzen tablets as disposable.. 24 months of use at most with Chuwi essentially tied with Alldocube and Huawei with 75% probability of lasting 24 months, and Teclast at 60%. If you want 24+ months, from a CN tablet/2-in-1/notebook, you have to pay the piper… Beijing tablets (Xiaomi, Lenovo). Huawei’s new Mediapad M5 may bump Huawei into the lead among Shenzen tablets; its M3 was certainly better than the M2, but the M3 couldn’t handle games, despite its Beijing price. Double-check 4G/LTE bands on any CN device if you plan to use the device outside China, even on “international” versions (“international” often means Africa and India, but not N.Am., S.Am., or EU).

  4. Cheers Chris. Hmm, I wonder if this newbie will pry me away from my beloved Voyo I8 Plus phablet? I totally adore it. Looking forward to learning more in due course. Thanks for the heads up.

    • There is the Voyo i8 Max too that I ordered, Helio X20 and LTE. Hopefully better than the other Voyo tech I’ve reviewed in the past. I have the Voyo i7 7500U laptop that died on me sitting in a box 🙁 The Vbook V3 was a disaster too from them. But at least the i8 series looks to have a full metal build and different ODM.

  5. With 2560 x 1600 panels on both the Chuwi Hi9 and Hi9 Pro, why is Chuwi handicapping the CoreBook with Full HD? My surmise: an CoreBook Pro version … to be announced after the Indigogo batch is done.

    • You might be right there, We have the Cube KNote 8 that has a OGS 2560 x 1600 IPS panel, at least better than fullHD.

    • My comment should read “… on both the Chuwi Hi9 and Hi9 Air…”. Chris G knew what I meant. Even on the 8.4″ Hi9, the difference between 2560×1600 and Full HD is very noticeable, esp. on ebooks and on MP4 video downsampled from BD. If you desktop screen is Full HD, perhaps the perceived difference on tablets is less. But if your desktop panel is 2560×1600 or higher… you’re eyes will rebel on Full HD tablets. [/humour]

      • They will rebel, I’m use to looking at 4k, but at 40″ so it’s not as sharp as smaller screen. Another reason I wish my Mi Notebook Pro 15.6″ had a 2560 x 1400 screen at least.

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