Deals: Mi Robot Vacuum For $279 – Smart Mapping Robot Vacuum

Deals: Mi Robot Vacuum For $279 – Smart Mapping Robot Vacuum

Update: The Mi Robot Vacuum is back on sale, but now $10 lower at $279.

One of the best additions to my house has been the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 2 or the Roborock S50/V2 I got last year. No more vacuuming the house and set on a daily scheduled clean it keeps the floors looking good. This first gen model on sale is just as good with active laser mapping and all the features just missing out on the mop function and slightly less powerful. Because it has the mapping it plans where it cleans and doesn’t miss spots or any doubling up of places already cleaned. And it also means it can get around obstacles easier than most.

Unlike the iLife V8S I just reviewed, that typical type of smart vacuum tends to randomly go about cleaning bumping off everything, while they can eventually do a good job they take twice as long and can still even miss spots. That one sells for $250, it’s a no-brainer to get something like this Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum for a little extra at $279, it’s well worth the price for the mapped out routing, wifi connection with application control. The app shows you exactly where the robot vac has been and also lets you control it remotely, so you can, for example, tell it to start cleaning the house before you arrive home from work.

The deal is here, Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum V1 for $279.99 limited to 400 units left.

Below is my review of the 2nd gen model, which is very similar in features to the first gen model.

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  1. Can you confirm? Looks like it’s the International Version of First Gen that is on sale..

    • Oh it was the nearly as good first gen you talked about all alone sorry for not reading it completely..

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