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Deal Alert: Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro For Just $799 (Updated)

Deal Alert: Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro For Just $799 (Updated)

Update #4 – I received my order, just 12 days to Spain with the free post method and tax-free so not bad at all. The coupon also now live and working again, so if you missed out the first time around you have a second chance using the below coupon.

My order has shipped out already so the deal is 100% legit, and still working but only a few units left on this XMNB01 coupon for $799 here before the price hikes up over $1000 again.

Update #3 – The coupon is still working, if it says it’s not valid and expired try a different account or making a new account (just need a different email address) and it worked for me.

Update #2 – The coupon doesn’t seem to work anymore. If you find a new coupon, please let us know in the comments.

Update: According to the listing there are only 34 units left at this sale price it seems. So best be quick before the sale is over or they pull the coupon.

For those of you waiting for a good coupon for this one, today is the day, $799 including shipping is the lowest price I’ve seen the Mi Notebook Pro sell for since it’s launch and I’ve just confirmed that for now, the XMNB01 coupon is working still on the site here. But no idea for how long or how many units this code is limited to.

$799 / 645 euros / 574 GBP is a great price considering the spec of this laptop. 15.6″ 1080p IPS with a fast quad-core Intel 8th generation Core i5 8250U, 8GB of dual channel DDR4 2400Mhz RAM, Dedicated Nvidia MX150 GPU for 3D and gaming, 256GB NVMe Samsung MP961 SSD, Intel 8265 Wireless AC 2×2 and a 61 Wh battery. USB 3.0 x 2, 2 x Type-C and SD card reader. See my review of the laptop here. In order to get the deal, you need to use coupon XMNB01, this will take the price from $959 to $799, using this link here to the Hong Kong warehouse. If you use the free  EU Priority postage method, at least for me it will take around 2 weeks but arrive tax-free, Express shipping methods will be taxed.

These coupons or sales never last long so if you are eyeing one of these laptops, I suggest you grab it before the offer ends so you don’t miss out.

The top spec model with 16GB of RAM and the faster clocked Core i7 8550U version is also cheaper with coupon XMNB04 which lowers it to $1069, that deal is here.

Many thanks to Levi for this tip!

And it’s Nvidia MX150 GPU based on the latest Pascal architecture also games quite well, it’s basically the same GPU as the Nvidia GT 1030.

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  1. How do you guys able to dodge taxes by fx standard shipping.
    aint you customs humping what has entry to the country your in??

    Here in Denmark we got no chance in hell to dodge a +300USD on top, as the limit is sub 13USD on parcels, no matter how its shipped..
    So our best bet is sellers on aliE there is often for labeling value lower.

  2. Is it normal that GearBest shipped it on 02/04, now the shipment status is: Order information has been transmitted to DPD. I was talking with DPD customer service – they said that they didn’t get package from seller.

  3. The special price of 799 $ is finished. Is it possible to have a new offer for the Notebook pro ? Thank you

    • Not for a while yet I would imagine but when I see another offer on it I’ll be sure to post it.

  4. Ordered on 03/29, Today is packed. But now will be weekend and Easter Holiday in HK, so I believe that shipping will be delayed :/

  5. Thanks for the heads up on the deal, got mine for £593 and used standard shipping so no taxes to pay. Took 2 weeks to deliver to UK which was impressive!

    Swapped my HP Envy 13 with same processor for this and it’s quite a bit different to what I’m used to, much more ‘industrial’ look to it and quite a bit bigger and heavier. Now I’ve got used to it though and love the bigger screen and improved performance with the MX150 although shame it’s the 10W version. Fortunately it has the 0401 bios so I’ve ‘tuned’ it and it’s working great

    Once again thanks for the deal alert on this.

  6. I just took opportunity on this Deal and I’ve purchased the notebook on:
    Mar 18, 2018 17:10:22 PM Order number: WB**************** Shipping method: Correos Line

    But unlike you Chris, mine shows status = “Packed” (on a browser) and status = “Dispatched” (mobile app). I’ve sent them an email asking what was the status and I think I got a robot’s answer saying it was dispatched with the two items being sent (notebook + EU adapter).

    The weird part is that it already shows the Shipping method (Correos Line) which seems correct for Priority Line (Direct) -> Portugal, but still I haven’t got any email or status change with the Tracking Number.

    i’m really anxious about this as it is my first big purchase on this website. Maybe you guys had some experiences like this?

    I’ve also bought another unrelated product (on March 20) and in the next day was already Shipped Out with tracking number. This makes me think something is wrong with my mi notebook purchase.

    • Mine shipped ou in three days (from HK warehouse). I ordered on Mar 18, like you. So yours should ship soon too.

      I honestly wouldn’t worry if I were you, this kind of company is not your amazon-type customer-centric company. Sure, they do care, but I feel like they can’t reply very fast and tickets about worried customer not getting their stuff fast enough are probably low priority (I’m that kind of customer btw).

      Your package will ship out soon enough.

      • thanks for your reply Keven! At least they already sent a reply saying it would be shipped on the next couple of days 🙂

    • Andre, mine with Correos Line just arrived, so your one should be here very soon.

      • nice, 12 days that’s really good! i’ve been tracking mine as well. by the way I use a website that was created by some portuguese folks that tracks several types of codes from gearbest and you can also save several on the page, in casa you are interested. the page is in portuguese but its self explanatory showing all the codes from several chinese shops and at the end with the option “Adicionar” where you can add your code

      • forgot the link: https://geartrack.hdn.pt

    • Use https://www.17track.net/en to track. (select language)

  7. Thanks for posting the updates, Chris. I initially was unable to apply the coupon for the i5 version, so I settled for the i7/16GB configuration instead. However just a moment ago, the coupon worked for me. Now I just need to hope Gearbest reads my cancellation request ticket prior to shipping it out. While I do prefer the extra RAM of the i7, it’s not worth spending an extra 33.8% of the i5 version for it..

    • Not it’s not worth it for 33% more like I said in my review and here on the site to another it’s only worth getting if you know you need that 16GB for video editing etc. In the end I couldn’t justify keeping my 16GB i7 model, even if I might use 16GB of RAM for my 4k video edits, the issue is I don’t do that enough on my laptops.

      Hopefully, you got the cancelation request in time, I did that for one order and it was sent that same day just no tracking details added.

      • Unfortunately for me, they told me that both orders were already packed by the time they addressed my ticket. Now I’m just waiting to hear the details about how much it’s going to cost to return it in the unopened box..

  8. Thanks Chris, I ordered from Gearbest with the coupon, I’m very happy, can’t wait to get my hand on this laptop!

    Do you order from Lightinthebox from time to time? I ordered this laptop from them on March 8 after seeing good words about them on reddit, the product page was showing 2-4 business day for processing and shipping with DHL. After more than 10 days waiting, I had to fight with them to get a refund, and I’m still fighting as they “forgot” to refund $100. They were repeating and repeating that I should not cancel, that they would ship soon and blah blah. Now the product page shows out of stock lol. Worst experience ever with a merchant.

    • Just to clarify, 2-4 business days for processing, then 2-5 days for shipping with DHL. The processing time was over 10 business days when I started complaining and they replied they would ship +7 business days later due to “unexpected high demand”. At first they wouldn’t refund me, they closed both my ‘cancel this order’ tickets, they created new tickets in which they offered me partial refund for the wait and stuff. Pretty sure it would have ended with me waiting for nothing as they didn’t had stock and I’d still had to fight for a full refund.

    • Lightinthebox are normally good and I did have on one shipment that was delayed for quite some time and finally, it went the day I asked them for the shipping details. Also one time they refunded me the taxes I had to pay as I bought the shipping tax insurance. However, it too over 8 days for their refund “processing” But got over 80 euros back in the end.

    • Ok thanks. Great to have other feedbacks!

  9. Hi Chris,

    Would the bigger one will be good choice for graphic works in 2D (Corel Draw and web design in Adobe Photoshop)?
    8 or 16GB? Which one you recommend?

    • Yes only for the RAM, while the CPU is a little faster in my video encoding tests at least it was basically the same as the i5 8250U. When I reviewed the 16GB model it handled Photoshop and especially Premiere pro 4k video editing so much better due to the 16GB of RAM Vs 8GB. There is a coupon for that one to XMNB04 lowers the price to $1069 and it only works on the Hong Kong warehouse link https://www.gearbest.com/laptops/pp_786411.html?wid=21&lkid=13454012

      • Thanks for the tip – but if i order this from Hong Kong i will need to pay local taxes… and this cheaper option i have from a local warehouse… i dont know how it works but it works… 🙁

  10. Thanks Chris! Cant wait to upgrade from my Chuwi Lapbook Air. Hope it doesnt feel too massive going from all these ultrabooks. I had a Surface Pro 4 and a Lenovo X1 right now as well… that screen real estate will be nice and i dont do the coffee shop thing much anymore w/ kiddos in my life now so portability doesnt matter as much

    • It will at first seem quite big and heavy compared to those two, but you quickly get used to it. But it’s nice working on 15.6″ Vs 12.6″ of the Surface Pro 4 (I used to also own one) and I know about the kiddos, got two now and not a huge amount of free time!

  11. Chris huge thank you to you and Levi for the head-sup, I snatched one of them for $799 as soon as you sent the email this morning. I almost gave up after the crazy price hike in the last few weeks. That is a very reasonable price!

    • Yes, great spotting from Levi. I wasn’t even aware of this coupon (gave up looking) and thought it might be a mistake at first due to the massive difference. As prices before were crazy over $1000. But it seems GB raise the prices I think to get stock up and then do flash sales. Seems to be the case. Now I’m just waiting for a good coupon for the Mi Drone 4k which at one point was around $379 and is now $450+

      • Yes indeed, I would love to grab one of those drones for under $400 too.
        Still can’t believe we were able to get the Pro for $799 now, I was feeling bad for not getting it for $829 before, but patience pays off always.

        • I can’t believe it either, though it was an error and the coupon wouldn’t last. I ordered one for someone and it just shipped today, got the tracking number even so it looks 100% legit. I was thinking they are going to cancel and refund the order because someone priced it wrong!

          • Definitely legit, my order shipped last Saturday and today it landed in the US via DHL. Might be getting delivery tomorrow!

    • Where can I subscribe to get email alerts about deals?

  12. Still waiting for a good deal on the 13.3″!

    • None around yet that I’ve seen. But a few sites will have anniversary sales soon, so maybe then the price will drop.

  13. I snapped it up! Using your link too, so hopefully you’ll get credit for the sale Chris!

    • Thanks, enjoy the laptop. Still using mine a lot and loving it.

      • Mine arrived yesterday, talk about fast – ordered it on 3/15 and received it 3/20. I’m impressed by the quality build, reminds me of my daughter’s Macbook Pro. Touchpad is amazing, smooth and easy to use. Fingerprint reader is even faster than my Cube Thinker. Screen has narrow bezels. I really like the slightly concave keys, the design provides a tactile feel that makes typing more pleasant. The dark grey color is really cool too, you were right. I had to reinstall Windows to get it in English, I’ve downloaded your Drivers file ‘Timi TM1701’ – how do I make sure I’ve got the right drivers installed using your files?

        • Hi Kyle, yes a fantastic laptop especially for that $799 price. Love the concave keys and the feedback from them. Touchpad is one of the best I’ve used on a Windows device hands down beats pretty much everything apart from say a Macbook. Oh so you opted not to do the Windows 10 Pro upgrade and retain the drivers and recovery?

          Yes, those are the drivers I dumped from my unit. Use double driver to restore and Windows 10 update system will have all of the drivers for it anyway Ithink apart from maybe the fingerprint reader.

          Or use the drivers here: https://www.mi.com/service/bijiben/drivers/

  14. NOTE: since late February GearBest does not guaranties the “no custom fee” policy for the registered EU express shipping, neither for the new Railways express

  15. £574! That’s a steal, I can just eBay sellers buying them all up and selling them for £799 scumbags… Maybe I should do that lol, if only I could afford to.

    • Haha, well people are a bit silly buying from eBay everything there is overpriced due to eBay & Paypal fees.

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