Jumper EZBook X4 V2 Gets A Much Needed IPS Upgrade

Jumper EZBook X4 V2 Gets A Much Needed IPS Upgrade

Jumper’s Gemini Lake Celeron N4100 14″ laptop I reviewed gets a need screen upgrade, but just the screen it seems. In my Jumper EZBook X4 review, I said all Jumper needs to do is give it an IPS panel over the TN panel and bump the RAM from DDR4 4GB to 8GB. Well, at least it seems they are listing and the new EZBook X4 model now has an IPS panel, but still just the 4GB of RAM.

The EZBook X4 also has a backlit keyboard now, which is great at this price range. So what’s the cost of an upgrade from a TN panel to IPS? Well, it’s going for $329, so $30 USD more for the better screen. It’s worth it but what a shame they didn’t go a step further with 4GB of RAM more, I guess price point was the issue keeping it as close to $300 as possible.

The rest of the system is the same, thin and light metal build, Wireless AC, precision touchpad, good keyboard, 2 x USB 3 ports, 37Wh battery and a good 25% faster than the older Apollo Lake Jumper EZBook 3L Pro or 3 Pro. Make sure you catch my review of it below if you’re looking at this model.

Source: EZBook X4 IPS listing.

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  1. Hi Chris, Do you have a link on how to unlock the thermals please, is it possible to do it in the bios
    Thank you

  2. So my options:
    Chuwi Lapbook SE
    Teclast F7
    Ezbook X4 V2

    I’m yet to be convinced I won’t be wasting my hard earned money

    • Why teclast f7 is second if it have the worst cpu of the three?

      • Oh, that list has no order in particular

      • The screen is the main reason and the RAM and CPU heat. See my full EZBook X4 to understand why I ranked it below the Teclast F7 🙂

        • Main concern is these Chinese laptops dying like crows after few months of bliss, within little or no support

  3. Just FYI, it seems GB is starting to show on presale the new Chuwi Lapbook SE: https://www.gearbest.com/laptops/pp_009234299592.html?wid=1433363

    The build quality seems to be superb as the lapbook air but, like the Jumper x4, it only brings 4gb of RAM which is simply unacceptable nowdays.

    I was looking forward to buying this new series of lapbook with gemini lake processor…but this is just so dissapointing.

    • Is Chuwi Lapbook Air still worth it? Have seen many complaints about it and people just end up with a piece of junk with no existing support from the manufacturer

    • I prefer 4 gb with ddr4 than 6gb with ddr3. Who is filling the ram with office task like surf or writte a document?

  4. Do IPS Panel consume more battery than TN? If with a IPS panel I have less battery time, then I prefer TN…

    • No it shouldn’t both should be the same unless one is a lot brighter on max brightness than the other that would be the only real factor.

  5. Yes the ram is upgradable there are two spaces in the mainboard.
    The assembly line decides if one or 2 modules are installed.
    Only a very good repair technician will be able to install a 2nd module
    you need to solder with a needle under a microscope
    look up apple repair shops on the tube

  6. memory is soldered in , no space for sockets, too high
    so v2 has now a bleeding? IPS (how bright and reflective or not?)
    v3 might address the keyboard to go from silver letters to maybe black letters
    v4 might bring a memory upgrade – remember from the intel 500 can allocate 3 GB for graphics I think the newer one will do the same

  7. Gonna keep my eye out for this one, if the listing on Gearbest is right about the Ram upgradability.

  8. If manufacturer wants to keep price low, some sodimm slots are cheap…. too bad they don’t propose them…

    • I think the main reason is because the manufacturers really do not want you to open up the device for reasons only known to them. Even now there are hardly any of the manufacturers advertising a m.2 slots even thou for many people this is more important than having up-gradable ram

  9. Yeah I’m doubtful there are ram slots. Would be great if so though.
    Btw, I know at least using Linux (not sure about Windows) this can be somewhat compensated for by creating a swap partition of 4GB to 8GB. That way when memory gets full swapping goes on to a (hopefully fast) SSD drive.
    If this configuration can be done in Windows too, that would be an interesting test for @Chris to do, which I’ve never seen him try.

  10. So true about memory size or at least an expansion slot for a BIG sodimm memory module…

    4GB in mid 2018 ?? 8GB is a minimum nowadays…. except if you don’t do any multitasking….

  11. The description now shows 4GB expandable to 8GB! In fact it shows two RAM slots! When you get your hands on one of those, please check if it’s valid and how easy it is to access those slots!

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