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New Gemini Lake Tech Coming – Tablets, Laptops & Mini PC’s

New Gemini Lake Tech Coming – Tablets, Laptops & Mini PC’s

Alldocube has updated their Knote, now called the KNote 5 it ships with the Gemini Lake Celeron N4100. The sad thing is they haven’t done anything else to it. I checked out this model back last year with the N3450 and it only has a Type-C port, no USB type-A. While you get the faster chipset that is really it, RAM has also dropped to 4GB, but it’s DDR4 2400Mhz vs the last gen’s DDR3 1600Mhz. The tablet has the same Wireless AC, Bt 4.1 a 1920 x 1080 11.6″ fully laminated IPS screen. And 128GB of eMMC 5.1 storage.

It’s listed on Gearbest for $345 with the keyboard or $300 without it.

The Beelink S2, this is a Pentium N5000 mini PC, it looks exactly like the Alfawise T1 I’ve ordered to review with the faster Gemini Lake. But this one has an 8GB RAM & 128GB M.2 SSD option, the rest of the spec does seem decent and it will even take a 2.5″ hard drive. It’s listed over on Geekbuying.com for $295.99 on preorder.

And the Jumper EZBook X4 – N4100 EZbook 3L Pro successor is now up for order shipping on the 12th of June, it’s priced at $319.99 which is way better than the crazy $500 price the official AliExpress Jumper store wants.

With the new faster N4100, 128GB SSD it will be faster than the EZBook 3 Pro and 3L Pro. And it has a backlit keyboard! However only 4GB of DDR4 RAM which is a shame. I really want to see at least 8GB now on the new Gemini Lake laptops. And there is a risk this screen might be a TN Panel and not an IPS (Confirmed now with Aliexpress it’s a TN Panel!) It was a lottery on the 3L Pro if you got an IPS or not. I’ll order one for review soon now the price is normal.

Chuwi’s new budget PC, this is the GBox. Celeron N4100 with 2.4Ghz max turbo. 4GB DDR4, 64GB eMMC 5.1, 1000mbps LAN, HDD support, Wireless AC and HDMI 2.0. It also comes with a remote for media use and is fanless. Gearbest is selling it for $239 shipping next week.


Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone. Samsungi8910omnia.com, Samsunggalaxysforums.com founder from way back.


  1. No my usb ports shorted out do not early appt this device. And you are stuck wth 4gb ddr4 and inferior screen. Epic fall I opened the back so I’m stuck wth the live of shit

  2. Hi Chris,

    Are you planning to do a review on Jumper EZbook X4? Do you recommend Jumper X4 or Teclast F7?

    I see the processor is powerful on Intel Gemini Lake but it has 4GB DDR4 which seems to be expensive if I have to upgrade.

    My budget is around $350 and I’m out of ideas. Main purpose it to use it for day today web development, coding related work and internet browsing etc.


  3. There’s no mention of it, but the shot of the Beelink shows two HDMI ports.

  4. The dual core N4000 will be similar to the quad core N3450 the interesting one should be the N5000 cpu.

  5. Chris, I need your opinion: How does performance compare of new miniPCs with N5000 on board and as example Hystou’s i5/i7 with ddr3/ddr4?

  6. Hi Chris,

    the GBOX description has a tiny fault or you may get an extremely fast system with the “24.Ghz max turbo” which seems to be a more realistic “2.4 Ghz max turbo”

    Regarding Jumper EZBook X4 and lottery participation:

    The gearbest side shows different products of the Jumper EZBook X4
    If you look carefully the first picture shows a BLACK keyboard while all others show a different keyboard in a kind of its cases grey.

    What kind of RAM would it take to expand to 8 GB?
    They mention in the storage section only this

    Largest RAM Capacity: 8GB
    RAM: 4GB
    RAM Slot Quantity: Two
    RAM Type: DDR4L
    Rotational Speed: 500M/S

    But what does “Rotational Speed” mean? Isn`t that a hdd related info?

    I did not want to become part of a lottery regarding panel or other components I had become familiar with during my EZ Book 3 Pro order and delivery adventures. So I hope that there will be a good F7 successor.
    Seems to me that all the enty system prices have to go up cause there is no 6 GB RAM option and due to marketing reasons for a cheaper price they will start with that step back “4 GB” offering that lets the customer make the decision and pay a higher price.

    • I could not update my comment above so here an update:
      I forgot to mention that I could not find any 4GB DDR4L offer and therefore I had asked what I have to search for to a glimpse of the price I have to expect to get a 8 GB machine cause 4Gb is a no go option coming from 6 GB of the current generation cause in this moment I am typing on a 4 GB version which is 2 years ago and after having 15 chrome tabs opened chrome simply crashes from time to time and no chance to open any other application so it is a nightmare on a 4 GB system.

    • Jumper Store on ali express has lowered the price to 330$ – first orders from russia appear.

      And it seems that you are right regarding “no IPS Panel” cause that jumper store mentions the display type in the spec section as TN.

      Finally they claim to have “humanized the design of ports to meet various needs” meaning that they have added icons next to the port to explain what a particular ports is for – what a great progress in the PC`s 37th anniversary.

      Bit I can remember that on my first EZBook the system did not charge. I was really upset until I noticed that I had accidently put the plug of the charger into the earphone slot … I was lucky that it did not damage anything. But it can happen easily if you are on the phone and talking while preparing the system for work.

      And finally the 4 GB DDR4L RAM memory expansion is even on ali express a problem cause I simply get no hit for a “4 GB DDR4L” expansion, so I am wondering what that “L” stands for that no one seems to offer right now.

      • i can confirm, there’s still no DDR4L (DDR4 Low voltage) available, still “normal” DDR4 is available. Also, from what i experienced, DDR3L laptop still supports DDR3 RAM, so it should be no problem if the laptop can use normal DDR4 RAM or not (assume if it’s really upgradeable)

      • I heard back from Jumper on their Aliexpress store. No comment from them on upgradable RAM, they did not answer but they did confirm it’s a TN panel sadly.

        • Gearbest presale says 2 ram slots 8GB max. So maybe one is empty?

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