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Deals: Mi Notebook Pro i5 8250U $767 – Mi Gaming Laptop $1202

Deals: Mi Notebook Pro i5 8250U $767 – Mi Gaming Laptop $1202

Here are two new great deals if you’re in the market for a new 15.6″ laptop. The Mi Notebook Pro, i5 8250U model with 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD is a low $767 USD over at Banggood with coupon 1B0G85 on checkout (limited to 10 units only so be quick!). It’s one of the lowest prices I’ve seen for this great laptop go for. And it’s still one of the best I’ve used for the price. Make sure you check my review of this one.

And my next review planned is the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop the revised spec bump model with an 8th Gen Intel i7 8750H with 16GB of DDR4 2666Mhz RAM and the Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB. I already have mine, but Banggood now has it up for sale for $1202 USD with coupon 10BGDD51 this is much cheaper than Gearbest and the $1379 it was originally selling for when I bought mine.

Edit: Gearbest is now selling this exact spec for $1199 with coupon GBXMLP1060 here.

I’m currently in New Zealand with this Mi Gaming Laptop and testing it now. My review should be online next week. So far like the first release model, the build quality is great, but the fans are still a little on the loud side when gaming. But it’s very powerful with some welcomed tweaks. Just beware that both of these laptops come with Windows 10 Home in Chinese so you’ll need to do a clean new install.

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  1. Hi Chris,
    I was convinced to buy the mi gaming laptop till I saw your review. For me the laptop looks great: good thermals, nice specs, not an agresive look etc. But you said the keyboard was terrible, well, not terrible but the layout was atrocious. I can’t test it so, could I adapt myself to it? or it’s just better to get an msi or another one. Also I’m used to laptops with numpad, and this one doesn´t have a numpad (I think i can get used to that) but also the keyboard is right-sided due to the macros. What do you think? Should I buy it or skip it?

  2. @chris hello, does the base i5-8300H version have the second free ram slot and another Pci-E free SSD slot either, aside the internal HDD?

    The sale on BangGood it’s pretty convenient, with a coupon it’s under 870€ and if the ram is upgradable I believe it’s a super deal compared to the standard MI Notebook Pro I7 and Gtx revisions at that prices! Do you agree?


  3. At those prices you are not worried about warranties? From where do they get shipped? How about Import/VAT etc.?

    • Hi, normally these products are tested before they are send and with Xiaomi I’ve never had a DOA unit or a fault. Saying that you do have a warranty, however you need ship it back normally to China. But some companies do have EU return addresses. Normally the free or non-express shipping is tax-free.

  4. Oh your a kiwi?

  5. Enjoy your much deserved (working) vacation, Chris. I for one, is eagerly awaiting your review on the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop.

    • It’s in the works. Harder to do here because I don’t have a lot of my typical gear, the studio lights etc. So It will not be a flash looking review that’s for sure but cover the essentials of course. Thermals, fan noise, and performance. Shame it still has no Thunderbolt 3.

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